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by: Darrion Oberbrunner


Darrion Oberbrunner
GPA 3.62

John Maze

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About this Document

John Maze
Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Darrion Oberbrunner on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARC 2180 at University of Florida taught by John Maze in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/206658/arc-2180-university-of-florida in Architecture at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
ANIMATFD SNOW RAIN lCreate a plane under standard primitives Whatever dimension 2 In the quot0de drop down menu select noise 3 In the parameters subobject menu check on fractal and in strength give XYZ a value of25 4 Go into the material editor menu in blinn basic parameters make the disuse color White and raise the self illumination to 25 5 In Maps select the none button next to specular level then select splat In the menu that appears splat parameters make color 1 black and color 2 White and size 05 6 Select the go toparent icon 9 raise the specular level in maps to 25 7 Now select another material ball In blinn basic parameters select the empty box next to the diffuse color In the material map browser select noise 8In the menu that appears for noise go to noise parameters Give the noise level fractal size a value of20 levels 48 phase 03 and low 044 asa ulm 31 u 9 Go back to parent menu and name it snow bump wot ux or w o a In Mil Kim quot z 10 Now select the white material we did previously Under Maps choose bump browse from material editor and select map 2 noise Select instance when dialogue appears In Maps give the bump a value of 12 1 1 Apply the material to the plane and check out the results You might need to twick the values of noise and specular level until you re satis ed That should produce the snow ground material 12 Now lets make it snow Under the create menu choose particles then blizzard Open it on the top menu Then in your side view port elevation move the blizzard up till you are satis ed with the height a 1 n i E s a x A 396 s r 13 In the modify panel particle generation particle quantity give the total about 5000 14 Under particle timing Emit start 100 Emit stop 200 life of 60 a tramwaim rl ram 15 Now go to the create menu and select spacewarpslt forces ltwind 16 Drag the Wind in the le View port and point it towards the blizzard 17 Select Bind to space warpfc quotZ E and drag the line from the Wind to the blizzard to select it 18 You can control the Wind in the modify panel by playing With the strength levels 19 Select the blizzard and in the modify panellt particle type select sphere 20 Then With the blizzard selected go to the material editor In blinnbasic parameters make the diffuse color White and raise the self illumination to 48 21 Right click on the snow particles in the View port and W m mquot M select properties MM Under motion blur select object E 22 To animate the motion select render E In time output select range then scroll down to render output and safe the le as a MOV for quicktime or AVI Scene With Snow RAIN This same effecth be used for a rain scene The only changes would be in the matenal For a rain maten39al used a White matenal with the opacity at 30 And change the sphere to ticks LIGHT TRACER 3ds max 5 has new Advanced Lighting features such as the Light Tracer In this exercise you ll use a Skylight and Light Tracer to add realism to an outdoor scene This is an intermediate level tutorial You should be familiar with standard lights and shadows in 3ds max before doing this exercise 1 Download the file harnessing 123zip and unzip it this file is provided in the cd in back of the tutorials manual created for prof Maze Open the file FountainNewmax in 3ds max 5 Currently there is no lighting in the scene 2 To keep render times reasonable render the following exercise at 320 x 240 Render the camera view It appears flat and uninteresting 3 Create a Target Direct light in the Top viewport Position the light so it is shining down on the scene from the left as shown in the following l l l 0 El n r l T anEQea I Standard v Ubiecl Type autoarlj l Target Spot Free Spot Target Direct Free Direct Umni Skylight mr Area Elmni mrArea Spot Name and Color Multiple Selected select target direct 4 Enable Ray Traced Shadows for the Direct light Turn on the overshoot option Increase the Falloff parameter 39 L quot 39 e elywllele th g l RAY TRACED SHADOWS MAKE SURE TO CHECK 0N TURN ON OVERSHOOTIN THE DIRECTIONAL PARAMETERS ROLLOUT IN THAT SAME BOX YOU WILL FIND THE FALLOFF IN THE FALLOFF YOU WILL INCREASE THE NUMBERS IN ORDER TO COVER THE WHOLE SEEN TRY TO LOOK AT THE SCENE IN SIDE VIEW IN ORDER TO KNOW WHEN IT HAS BEEN COMPLETELY COVERED LIKE IN THE EXAMPLES BELOW famplr l T Modifier List I 4 4m7 F3 I I3 I I I Exclude I Inlensilyz CoImJAltenualiun Multiplier III Q I Decay Type INone v Start400 g F Show Near Attenuation I Use Slartl I Show End 400 Far Attenuation 39 use StarIBUEI I Show End 2000 LW m Directional Parameters Light Zone I Show Cone I7 Uvershoot HotspotB earn I 430 iI FalluffJField4 5D 3 03 Circle 5quot Rectangle Aspect i 0 gaiimap Fit 5 Rerender the scene The Direct light alone gives a poor approximation of sunlight 6 Turn olfthe Direct light Create a Skylight offto the side ofthe scene geometry The location ofthe Skylight does not affect the rendering wMMW T T vgel Spat F122 5W avgel Due c pea Due c mm W mum Drum vavea Spy 4amp CREATEASKYLIGHT MAKE SURE vou HAVE ALREADV TURNED OFF VOUR TARGET DIRECTLIGHT n hMmMnH 39 39 39 se ect hITrzcer Leave 3 mm se mgs a m dEVauHs hung in m m m mgnm may 1 m Er q BRerenderlhe mane kI39 M Aquot 39 39 uenueuinglime ks like a completely overcast day because there are no hard shadows Also there are no peculal 39 39 quotmenial Iur the fnlmlain n w 39 39 realistic ambience 9 Reduce the Multi er value oflhe Skylight to 05 bli ghll ll TI 3le I Moddlaled ll ll ldal a I7 In MWlul Is 3 0 stSm Enviwlnenl E SW Enhl 17 m l lmn 3 Non r WWW RawaamplelTj m r39rmw y ms Case scene and twou d omy mcrease rendemmes unnecessamy 10 Turn the D rect hgm back on and rerrender the Scene mghngms and me smgm renders reahsuc dmse surfaces FmaHy you Wm msh thejob by enabhng dmse re ecuons M m the Advanced ngmmg dwa og mcreaseme Bounces vane 01 Rerrenderme scene Elmer s samusswamma J m m Wm M y w r m burl Jquot c r WW WWI M s a a Nohee how 5 ofthe amuse surfaces are shghw bnghter Arse shadow areas are hued w more p easant y The LrghtTraeerrs srrhuxahhg the bounced hght from nearby amuse surfaces 12 Save the rendered rrhage as FountainLightTracertga H v yourfo der 13 Save the Scene as FountainLightTracermax w your fo der


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