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Sustainability Notes 7

by: Paige Holub

Sustainability Notes 7 ENVS 1342

Paige Holub

GPA 3.731
Environment, Society & Sustainability
Amanda Weaver

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About this Document

Hello everyone! Included in this note packet are discussions facilitated by the professor and the T.A. of our Environment, Soc. Sustainability class. Enjoy!
Environment, Society & Sustainability
Amanda Weaver
Class Notes
Environment, environmental, sustainability, Environmental Sustainability, Society, Cultures
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This 0 page Class Notes was uploaded by Paige Holub on Friday March 11, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to ENVS 1342 at University of Colorado Denver taught by Amanda Weaver in Winter 2016. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see Environment, Society & Sustainability in Physical Education at University of Colorado Denver.

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Date Created: 03/11/16
Paige DeWittHolub Outlines of a Research Project through a national grant polluting quotcook stove projectsquot Climate Conferences in France can use cookstoves as a means of calculating the output of pollution sustainabiity noting of all the world more wood needs to be provided might take up to two hours to boil rice air qualityabout half of the world cannot even support sustainably making all the trips and providing the resources to make dinner quotGlobal Alliance for Clean Cookstovesquot can reduce C02 emissions long lifetime in the earth s atmosphere quotblack carbonquot 25 thirdworld stove methods 25 quotDeforestation clean cookstoves save 19 billion trees in 5 years1 quotExposure to cookstove smoke kills nearly 2 million people every yearquot negatives of using a dirty re usually feminine role of preparing the children lung cancer cardiovascular disease immune system compromised positives people can save time energy money fuel creates an industry negating of violence against women proposed by the amount of effect required to collect fuel socialization aspects are strengthened forests can be saved arguably Shell the oil company supported the efforts of this global alliance publicity Sensationalizing philanthropy for the bene t of the corporation quotmoreef cient biomass But why gradua transition to develop a culture is a question of the rst world s desire to encompass their in uence into such technologies as electricity Cultural question of readiness lsm ways to nance and maintain this sustainable stove include CDM Clean Development Mechanization lndia cap and trade US did not of cially agree to the Kyoto protocol if you reduce the amount of output it is only out of generosity or happenstance NGO s sell credit to forpro t companies recently voluntary credits 10 Euros like oil companies which have voluntarily lessened since the stock market decline in the world particularly America one stove saves 3 tons of credit is about 15 a ton offset calculations use is factored into a community sustainabiity intersects with many cultural public medical quotAre offsets through clean cookstoves a positive thingquot quotWhat are some potential problems with these types of emission offset programsquot 1 All quotes are taken from the board of the professor deveopment initiatives especially of NGOs private organizations emission reductions purposes vs NGOs business standard can detract from the reality people could utilize this technology in a way that is not projected practices gender fuel use localized practices vs a mass model with projectedlexact numbers that are innacurate ecoogicaly negative impacts about the human interactions of the amount of pollution biomass that is leaving an area interactions of the environment stove stacking more stoves More dinner Going to stop a tradition of threestones and dirty res companies can abuse their global outward appearance and actually destroy ecosystemscultures when you provide these companies with emission programs they can procrastinate as long as they look good quotthere are bene ts to the old stove smoke for avor pest control drying of seeds warmth during the rainy season easy maintenanceuser familiarity culturalreligious signi cance of old stovequot reduce bedbugs insects in wood practices where people pray around stoves etc only about 35 of total global emissions are totally eradicated by the implementation of sustainable stoves in this age deforestation is primarily sustainable in purpose by collecting the residue raw drift wood etc stove has to be about 85 to x everything and usually stoves are about 40 stoves are industrially assembled and thus might be made in Europe or America not locally produced generally caste system might alter the caste system setup sociocultural environmentaleconomical aso dif cult that this does not encourage women s empowerment in a more economically sustainable way Paige DeWittHolub 39 when you cook on a grill you are still releasing carbon dioxide wood is still a hot commodity 70 of the earth is covered in water the understanding of water varies from place to place ie the east vs Colorado peope rely on technological infrastructures water systems might lead to poor air quality no water to wash hands goba perspectives of water in relationship to local perspectives why should we care water is all already here finite amounts of clean water might occur during a natural disaster ood waters might have sewage etc smaltowns in California fracking measures require the purchasing of water someone will have to eventually begin thinking of a better system modern developed rst world rights are constructed to include quotcleanquot water grow in Colorado and California demanding almonds avocados and yet this is the driest place to also produce dry commodity crops all states east of Mississippi are riparian states Hawaii riparian rights rain falls out of the sky and you don t have to water that much however the southeast north midwest had a drought recently then also these 19 states relying on Colorado water mostly Alaska prior appropriation and water rights so new rights created a new system where the water is separate from the lake Denver is in a quothighaltitude steppe zonequot desertlike Mexico needs water Well America s water rights don t necessarily cover them waste water systems were created when water was plentiful as well much of the industrious byproduct has exacerbated the quality and waste toiettotap systems minerals from toilet to tap water might be bad to get rid of but this water is highly cleaned uoride initiatives prevent tooth decay desalinization is a difficult process watering the desert quotFertile Crescentquot to irrigate turns into a desert again plus they drained the nearby sea Coorado River will probably be drained within that time all initiatives that take priority currently are not sustainable some of the best agricultural places are cities not viable all year round but a permanent summer is ideal for creating and keeping a demand for almost all crops plus this kind of food demand pays high amounts quotgreyquot water shower water hotter summers equate to more evaporation that might not necessarily be back to Colorado quotIn Colorado temperatures increased approx 2degrees F between 1977 and 2006quot Witte USDA 2011 quotif you don t use it you will lose itquot problem with water rights probems with riparian include wanting to utilize as much as possible as well Patte River in Colorado fuels the agricultural industry sometimes there s ecoli contaminants so high that the lettuce must be having a problem with heavy metals etc Giardia is usually caused by pollution agricultural problems pesticides might even end up in the drinking water the more you put antibiotics in the water the more you cannot get rid of them without costly processes quot The right to divert the unappropriated waters of any natural stream to bene cial uses shall never be denied Colorado Constitution Art XVI Sec 6 1877quot water lawyer osmosis gets rid of some crucial minerals Britta lters are relatively unnecessary in most parts of Colorado quotsoft waterquot versus quothard waterquot add salt to the water


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