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by: Darrion Oberbrunner


Darrion Oberbrunner
GPA 3.62

John Maze

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About this Document

John Maze
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Darrion Oberbrunner on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARC 2180 at University of Florida taught by John Maze in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/206658/arc-2180-university-of-florida in Architecture at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
Tweaking Radiositx Settings Radiosity override materials are also known as Advanced Lighting Override Materials in Max This is a certain characteristic given to a material that overrides the Radiosity solution s preset data You can read more about this in the help menu Lets continue with the tutorial We left off twing to x the bumps where the walls come together at the roof There is a material bump problem that has been created by the Radiosity solution that can easily be fixed Click the material editor button to get a list of materials that are used in the scene Click on the material for the wall Now click on the standard button located on the right side of the material editor This will open the material map browser Now click Radiosity Override Click OK You will then be prompted to replace the material or use the existing material as a sub material We want to use the existing material You will now get a Radiosity override material dialog box Under special effects change the value of the Indirect Light Bump Scale from 10 to 04 This will reduce the material bump that was generated by the Radiosity solution We must then rerun the solution and then render Notice the bump has been taken away from the ceiling Now it is time to tweak the settings of everything The way that l have found that is easiest to work is to start with brightness of the scene and then narrow down the problems So first want to introduce more ambient light into the scene This can be done by increasing the skylight multiplier in the modify tab while selected on the sun The value in the previous renderings displayed here was on l I changed the value to lo reran the solu i endered Here is the result We now nolice lhdl lhe scene could be loo brig hl for lhe ided we del lo convey Go bdck inlo lhe exposure conlrol didlog box This Cdn be dccessed dl dnylime by selecling lhe rendering drop down menu dnd selecling lhe environmenl oplion We previously sel lhe sunlighl lo 80000 Now enler lhis number inlo lhe PhysiCdl SCdle box This is 0 good hdbil lo gel inlo bec0use if olher lighls were lo be ddded inlo lhe scene lhey would possibly be incorrecl due lo lhe stle of lhe ldrgesl lighl lhe sun Nexl we will chdnge lhe righlness ydlue from 65 lo 55 This will of course ddrken lhe scene bul il will dllow lhe conlrdsl needed for lhe nexl slep Go inlo lhe Rddiosily didlog box click on Rddiosily Meshing Pdrms Chdnge lhe mesh size from 24 lo l2 This will bredk down lhe meshing lo 0 finer dred dnd will dllow lhe lig hl lo hil lhe Wdlls lhe Wdy il is supposed lo be Keep in mind lhdl lhis will drdsliCdlly incredse lhe solulion lime bul il will nol incredse lhe render lime The resull is d more dccurdle lig hl enlering lhe window Nolice lhe brighler dreds dbove lhe window where lhe lighl would be coming in The floor gels d lillle ddrker bec0use lhe lighl is nol shining direclly inlo lhe window lnsledd il is bouncing off lhe ground oulside dnd re ecling bdck inside Nexl we nolice lhdl lhe shddows dre nol ds dccurdle ds lhey should be Pdrliculdrly lhe one Cdsl from lhe window on lhe lefl onlo lhe floor nexl lo lhe bdll While hdving lhe sunlighl selecled click lhe modify ldb Under shodow mop pormsquot chohge The sompTe rohge from 10 To 5 ThTs WTH shorpeh The shodow o TTTTTe more so ThoT TT TS hoT bTurred The ThTerTor Tooks obouT rTghT how Now We seT The RodTosTTysoTuTToh 0p 0 TTTTTe thher To soy 85 ohd oT The uses decreTToh We coh Turh The meshThg from 12quot To 6quot or Tower How much TTme do you hove LeTs see The TThoT FThoT seTTThgs RodTosTTysoTuTToh85 Re hed TTeroTTom oHobTecT51 10 FTTTerTh 3 RodTosTTy MeshThg STze 6quot BrTghThess 55 CohTrosT 50 Mo Tohes T 0 PhysTcoT ScoTe 80000 DoyTTghT checked ExTerTor checked Findl render time 13 seconds Note to students Every situotion requires different conditions twedking etc There is no possible woy thdt you will get it right on the first try No one con The important thing is to keep trying and sove ds mony copies ds you con of your work


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