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by: Eugene Nicolas III


Eugene Nicolas III
GPA 3.94


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Eugene Nicolas III on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BSC 2010 at University of Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/206664/bsc-2010-university-of-florida in Biological Sciences at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
BSC 2010 7 Exam I Lectures and Text Pages lntm m Elulugy 2729 9 S 5 iv lntruductury iucnemistry 7 WW cellularResvimmnm Dlm mmmtss m 2m Energy amp Metabolism Metabal in Energy and fa abolism all of an organism s chemical rxns and energy convers ons r Metabolism transforms the energy and mat 39 I resources ofa cell 7 Cells use energy to perform various types fwork 7 Metabolic reactions occur in s per lo pathways catalyzed by speci c enzymes proteins The Energy or Lil39e The nan cell is a mimeluve iamuvywhevelhuusands mi veacliuns uccm such as acme lianspun Same uvgamsmscunven enevgylu lighl as m biulummescence Flgue x 1 Organization of the Chemistry of Life into Metabolic Pathways A metabolic pathway has many steps 7 That begin with a specific molecule and end with a product 7 That are each catalyzed by a specific enzyme c l Catabolic Pathways 7 Break down larger molecules into smaller ones 7 Release energy that can be captured in the bonds of ATP 7 Example Cellular Respiration glucose co2 H20 ATP Anabolic Pathways 7 Synthesize complicated molecules from simpler ones 7 Consume energy use ATP or another E source 7 are biosynthetic pathways use energy Example Photosynthesis CO2 H20 sunlight energy a 02 glucose Emery Coupling Anabolism is fueled by the energy released from catabolism 7 Anabolic pathways use the energy produced by catabolic pathways The transfer of energy is accomplished by ATP Forms of Energy Energy 7 Is the capacity to cause change to do work to move or rearrange matter 7 Exists in various forms of which some can perform wor Kinetic Energy 7 Is the energy associated with motionwork 7 Ex leg muscles turning a bike wheel 7 Heat thermal energy kinetic energy assoc w random movement of molecules 7 Moving matter does work by transferring its motion to other matter Potential Energy 7 Is energy stored in the location or structure of matter 7 Includes chemical energy potential energy available from arrangement of atoms in molecules Energy Can Be can and 7 From one form to another mam 3mm laxmamvnlmlulm 7 Plants convertll m energy klnetlc lnto alen potentlal m sugars mm mummm manurearm o I a i o mwwmm lmmmatum Wmmmquot wwnmuuy Ewen ammum Metabolism is Subject m the Laws of Thermndynamics An 39 nd energy into various forms but always subject to the laws of thermodynamics The Laws of Energy Transformation Thermodynamics 7 Is the study of energytransformations A System matter under study 7 a Closed system i5 isoiated trom Surroundings s b Open system energycan be transterred between the system amp surroundings Ex organisms The First Law of Thermodynamics According to the rst law of thermodynamics energy cannot be created or destroyed The energy ofthe universe is constant This is the principle of the conservation of energy 80 energy can be transferred amp transformed but NOT created or destroyed Ewen The setand I w of spontaneous changes that do not require outside energy increase the entropy or disorder ofthe universe mm x 3 The qel nnd I w of 39 Every energy 39 entropy disorder of the universe Nu energy transreris mm EmEiEHL some is aiways unvened to heat Heat Kinetic energy has a high entropy vaiue it is the ieast urdered mm or energy Order can increase localy Energyinputibutis constantiy decreasing giopaiiy oiganisrns aie iuwrentmgx isiands in an incieasingiyiandorn uniyeise Tneyine attneexpenseu ree energy Organisms aie open systems and can became inoie utdEYEd but oniniin the input or energy and that is at the expense oi ne sunoundings energy and put nut neaiiwaieii and cavbun dioyide Biological Order and Disorder Living systems 7 Increase the entropy ofthe universe 7 Use energyto maintain order 5 v mew meme 39 39 when e III The reactions in our bodies use up energy Reactiuns Wiii oniy run Withouttne input or additionai outside energy iF they are spontaneous reactions Nunrsp ntaneuus reactions require the input or Dutside energy a Reactions that happen o i input are spontaneous Spuntaneuus processes aivvays increase entropy b How do we know ira rxn is spontaneousquot it occurs Without the input or externai energy and ityyiii oniy do so it it decreases the tree energy ortne systern


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