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by: Laury Kreiger


Laury Kreiger
GPA 3.93


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Laury Kreiger on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANS 4245C at University of Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/206672/ans-4245c-university-of-florida in Animal Science at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
Myrame 39Mmhzd Wleth may 9mm zkmyrofozoz and u ngw hve here mm The mnen n hkez zrge ennenbmgn when feed szz es are s ow y broken down and nutnents behind or use by vezmmz R an new between 25 to 75 ngohs ofwzter HUMEN Q orne word Rummznf means quotto zhewzgzm arm s ansz m ve urnen upto 10 noun unm tyzreWmm or esszhd ense enough to oat out the rumth My Mama by rcrmenhhohzre bdsz 5004000 dey Re culorrumen o mstne Hz 02 sonar H o Waferzhd mmem s are absorbed here a We stomen o mgemonoum here a Sends enzymeszndzuds o Pzrhdes ninth mnen fogdherw v szhvz o 52m he ps mzmhm eondmons m ve mm in u be or dwgcshoh o Rummz on udr mm 2Hows the e m We mnento be propeHed hzkup mto tne mom to be be newed szz es o cod bezome smzHer l Mkrobhl Praeeln The Omasum Absorbs Microbial protein Secretion otHCl acid and digestive enzymes 9 Absorption olf Water Minerals Ammo ands Glumse Fatty ands mmg 0 When Feed reaches the cecum and large intestine Absorpt on onater DCCLH39S g Feces are Formedl Feeding Management for Steer Performance and Value Tim Marshall Professor Beef Cattle Management What should your steers be able to do Performance Indicators 0 Feed Intake Daily Dry Matter a er 30 days 1625 23 to 30 of Body Weight lt25 poor 25 730 average gt35 good 0 Feed Conversion DM 55 to 65 good 6 to 8 normal 0 Feed Cost of Gain cwt feedyard 38 to 55 1 2 Cost of Gain O Feed cost per pound X Feed conversion 6 EX 012 X 6 72cwt or 72 cents per pound Hint Live cattle now trade in the 805 Factors Affecting Performance 39 t Age calves vs yearlings young cattle get sick easier than older cattle young cattle take longer to start on feed Weight light weight cattle take longer to get to full fee light weight cattle are more efficient feed converters Starting Cattle on Feed o Depends on weight age previous management Start at 5 ofpalatable milled feed poured on good hay 0 Remove hay alter a few days 0 Increase 1atd until consuming 27 ofbody wt or he leaves some feed 0 Increase ad alter four days ofeleanup Water t Large Volume ofcool clean water at all times t Check at every feeding even ifyou have a float on the trough t Caution electric fence near metal water trough t Caution a large trough is better in the case that something happens to water supply frozen pipes broken pipes May want to start with high Crude Fiber diet starter diet until 10 days on feed 0 Need a finishing diet thatis high in energy 115 to 135c1 lt15 CF palatable no dust molasses is goodin small amounts will not be sorted In bunk Numian 7 Stress lnteractluns Percentage ut Lightweight Stressed Calves Eating During The FlrstWEEk Feed Delivery 0 Twice is probably minimum 0 Three times is great but may notbe practical 0 Make sure that you feed within an hour omre same time every day some targetwithin 15 min 0 Bunk space is Very important iflimit feeding 0 Must have clean bunk and area around bunk Feed bun k Management Managing the Amount of Feed Offered to the Amount Consumed Majority Of Problems Are Not Nutritional In Nature Instead They Are Management Associated xample s Management Associated Acidosis Founder Overconsumption Yield Grade 4 amp 5 s Death Loss First Week Nutritional Consultant s Management Overview Cattle Receiving and Processing Bringing Cattle Up On Feed Water and Water Management Feeding Management Lo 1 Marketing Fat Catt e General Considerations


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