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by: Laury Kreiger


Laury Kreiger
GPA 3.93


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Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Laury Kreiger on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ANS 3043 at University of Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see /class/206674/ans-3043-university-of-florida in Animal Science at University of Florida.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
Notes 4 Endocrinology III I III Hormone Action a Mode of action is through recognition molecules called receptors b Acts on target organs andor speci c tissues c Modi es existing reactions does not create new ones d High rate of degradation within circulation and high rate of excretion e Rate of secretion is highly variable Classes of Hormones a Proteins 7 long chains of AA b Glycoproteins 7 proteins with sugars attached c Steroids 7 cholesterol as precursor d Peptides 7 small chains of AA releasing and inhibiting hormones e Modi ed AA 7 Thyroid hormones f Fatty acid derivatives 7 prostaglandins g Synthetic hormones Disappearance rate of hormones a Biological activity is a direct function of how long the hormone circulates in body b Proteins degrade faster than steroids c Percent glycosylation of hormone 7 CH20 hormones from hypothalamus 7 In uences how long they stay in circulation d In uences how exogenous hormones are administered e Proteins like insulin and growth hormone need to be administered daily by injections and not orally Hormonal regulation of the body and tissues a Negative feedback for most hypothalamic hormones 7 Hormone inhibits the release of more hormones i Pr T GnRH secretion b Positive feedback 7 Hormone increases the release of certain hormones i Estrogen has positive feedback effect on GnRH secretion c Multiple hormone feedback 7 Several hormones are involved in the regulation of hormone secretion i Example Increased blood glucose levels have a positive feedback effect on the Pancreatic B cells to secrete insulin which drives glucose into the cell Decreased blood glucose levels have a positive feedback effect on the Pancreatic A cells to secrete glucagons which drives glucose out of the cell Hormones a Anterior Pituitary i Growth Hormone protein 1 Promotes tissue growth and metabolism of muscle and bone will have negative feedback on 2 Catabolic actions on adipose inhibiting fat deposition lipolytic 3 Growth actions mediated through insulinlike growth factorI IGFI produced primarily from liver but also from numerous cells in body Thyroid Gland i Thyroxin T4 7 Modi ed AA Enhances protein synthesis increases general metabolism ii Triiodothyronine T3 7 Modi ed AA Enhances protein synthesis increases general metabolism iii Calcitonin 7 Modi ed AA 1 Regulates calcium metabolism by decreasing calcium mobilization from bone calcium stays in bone Fquot c Parathyroid i Parathyroid Hormone 7 peptide 1 Regulates calcium and phosphorous metabolism primarily by increasing calcium mobilization from bone calcium leaves bone d Adipocyte i Leptin 7 peptide 1 Regulator of body energy stores adipose tissue 2 Modulates secretion of hormones involved in adipose tissue metabolism e Pancreas i Insulin Beta Cells 7 protein 1 Regulates carbohydrate metabolism and growth regulation by increasing storage of glucose fatty acids amino acids 2 Antilipolytic actions ii Glucagon 7 Alpha Cells Protein 1 Opposite action of insulin iii Somatostatin protein 1 Modulates Growth Hormone secretion 2 Also secreted from Anterior Pituitary f Adrenal Medulla i Epinephrine 7 modi ed AA 1 Augments sympathetic nervous system with ght or ight response 2 Catabolic effects on muscle and adipose tissue to provide energy g Adrenal cortex i Glucocorticoids cortisolmammals corticosteroid7avian steroids 1 Initiation of parturition milk synthesis decreases in ammatory and immunologic responses 2 Catabolic actions on muscle and adipose tissue to enhance energy metabolism during stress and injury h Ovary i Estrogen 7 follicles Steroid l Promotes female sex characteristics behavior maintenance of female duct system mammary gland growth and development 2 Stimulates uterine contractions and secretions 3 Stimulates calcium uptake in bones and closure of epiphyseal plate 4 Stimulates muscle growth Anabolic 7 species and gender specific 5 Facilitates fat deposition species and gender specific i Testis i Testosterone 7 steroid l Stimulates secondary sex characteristics and male mating behavior 2 Development amp maintenance of male duct system 7 spermatogenesis 3 Enhances growth and development of muscle and bone 4 Anabolic actions that inhibit deposition of fat j Placenta i Placental Lactogen 7 Glycoprotein l Stimulates mammary growth and secretions 2 Regulates nutrient ow to fetus


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