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by: Levi Tromp


Levi Tromp
GPA 3.7


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Levi Tromp on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HAI 1130 at University of Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see /class/206700/hai-1130-university-of-florida in Haitian Creole Language at University of Florida.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
Kreyol ayisyen I HAI 1130 Egzamen II I Ki sentences Combine the two sentences provided into 1 complex sentence containing a kisentence in grammatical terminology a kisentence is called a relative clause Study the examples carefully and be sure to distinguish between INDEFINITE yon noun and DEFINITE noun laalannaran contructions 3 pts each 15 pts EXAMPLE Li gen yon chen lakay li Li mechan Li gen von chen ki mechan lakaV Ii EXAMPLE Li aprann sije a nan lekol la Sije a di sil Li aprann sije ki di sil la nan lekol la STUDY PAGES 8586 review your class notes II Days of the week and related words In this section you will be asked to provide the appropriate day of the week Based on the information provided indicate what day is being asked about 2 pts 8 pts EXAMPLE Jodi a se lendi Epi demen Se madi STUDY PAGE 98 YOU NEED TO KNOW DAYS OF THE WEEK PLUS THE TIME EXPRESSIONS STARTING WITHjodi 111 Using the past tense Tell me what you were doing when the given action or event occurred Make use of the past tense marker in the rst clause Study the example 6 pts 2 pts each EXAMPLE M wen t a2 do mz39 nan klas la le pwofese a rele non mwen WE WILL REVIEW THIS IN CLASS ON WED IV Listening Listen to the dialogue and ll in the blanks with the expressions that you hear 10 pts 1 pt each Study Ann Pale Kreyol CHAPTERS l3 14 YOU WILL NEED TO READ AND REREAD THOSE CHAPTERS MEMORIZE VOCABULARY BECOME FAMILIAR WITH THE CONTENT V Giving directions in Haitian Creole Match the expressions in column 1 with their English equivalents 14 pts 2 pts each Example L ap pran lari Bonfwa She is taking the road Bfmfwa STUDY DIALOGUE 12 IN CHAPTER 12 OF ANN PALE KREYOL READ THE DIALOGUE SEVERAL TIMES AND BECOME FAMILIAR WITH THE GIVING DIRECTIONS VOCAB VII Where can you buy the following products Write a COMPLETE SENTENCE based on the model provided 8 pts 2 pts each EXAMPLE 1 manje kuit Mwen achte l nan yon restoran STUDY THE VOCAB ON PAGE 73 KNOW THE NAMES OF SHOPS AND WHAT THEY SELL IN THEM THIS SECTION IS SIMILAR TO P 74 ANNOU PRATIKE A DO THE ACTIVITY FOR PRACTICE VIII Emphatic se ye construction Your friend is asking you a question Use the emphatic se ye construction to provide con rmation 10 pts 2 pts each EXAMPLE Se yon ti gason Wia se yon ti gason li ye STUDY PAGES 8788 DO ANNOU PRATIKE A TO GET READY WATCH OUT FOR THE PRONOUN ie mwenoulinouyo Yo se timoun gtgt Se timoun yo ye Nou se timoun gtgt Se timoun nou ye IX Caribbean Nationalities Please indicate the nationality of the named country Be sure to capitalize the nationality since it is being used as a noun here 10 pts 2 pts each EXAMPLE Yo viv nan Trinidad yo se Iinidadyen STUDY PAGES 82 84 YOU WILL HAVE TO MEMORIZE THEM AND BE ABLE TO WRITE THEM X Writing Yesterday was a busy day for Ti Djo Describe Ti Djo s morning activities based on the pictures provided Make sure you use the past tense marker re to place the description in the past Try to be as descriptive as possible Write at least 7 sentences 10 pts STUDY THE VOCABULARY ON PAGE 95 BY LOOKING AT A PICTURE YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO DESCRIBE WHAT TI DJO IS DOING IN THE MORNING


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