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by: Cary Kirlin


Cary Kirlin
GPA 3.69


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cary Kirlin on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CRW 1301 at University of Florida taught by Bredthauer in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/206719/crw-1301-university-of-florida in Creative Writing at University of Florida.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
CRW 1301 Section 1652 Beginning Poetry Writing Tuesday Periods 9 11 INSTRUCTOR Bredt Bredthauer EMAIL bredtu edu PHONE 512 4263332 OFFICE Rolfs 501 OFFICE HRS T 6 15815 and By Appointment MAILBOX Turlington 4th Floor Mailroom TEXTS AND MATERIALS An Introduction to Poetry 7 Kennedy amp Gioia Elements of Style 7 Strunk and White Additional InClass Handouts COURSE DESCRIPTION This workshop concentrates on the basics of reading and writing poetry in order to write you have to read and in order to be a reader you have to be a critic As students in this class you all will write poems which will be discussed in a workshop setting C WR OVERVIEW The course will be divided into two sections reading and writing For the reading portion of the course we will learn how to critically read and write about poetry e g identify elements of poetics that make a poem work By the completion of this portion of the course you should be able to identify poetic tropes and techniques such as form meter rhyme alliteration assonance diction consonance etc and construct a wellargued reading of a poem or poems out of these elements In addition to these readings which we will debate and discuss in class you must write three 2000word critical papers wherein you analyze a poem of your own choosing pending my approval The writing section of the course is where your peers and I will workshop your poems As we will be reading for the rst 8 weeks of the course this will require one poem per week for the second half of the semester to receive credit for the course The student learning outcomes for this course are as detailed in the Undergraduate Catalog at 1 I lquot 1quot 111 39 httpWWW registrar uf l This course can satisfy the UF requirement for Writing For more information see littpWWWreoilttmrnf l J 39 I39 39 I mm This course can satisfy the UF General Education requirement for Composition or Humanities For more information see httpwww registrar ufl J cataloH quot 39 39 39 39 J html ASSIGNMENTS Assignments must be submitted at the beginning of class on the day assigned and in the assigned format Each assignment will have specific features but in general writing assignments are typed on 812quot X 11quot white smoothedged paper doublespaced with lquot margins on all sides and on one side All outofclass essays must have rough dra s that show individual revisions Assignment Descriptions More detailed assignment sheets will be handed out as needed throughout the semester Weekly Journal 15 points of nal grade You will be asked to keep a weekly journal of descriptive concrete observations of the physical world These observations should help you generate ideas for your poems I will give you prompts to get you started You should plan to buy a standard collegeruled spiral notebook at the beginning of the term You must have at least one twopage entry per class session So if you stick to the minimum you will have written a total of 30 pages by our last class I will check your journals periodically throughout the semester however you will not officially hand your joumal in for a grade until the final class Critical Papers 3 20 points each 60 points of nal grade You will be asked to write th 2000 word critical papers each one investigating a poem Your papers should demonstrate an understanding of the concepts learned inthis course as well as illuminate your chosen poem with a well thoughtout thesis I will provide you with general guidelines and a choice of prompts Your paper is expected to be free from error and professional in quality It should display the critical skills and poetryspecific vocabulary learned in this course as well as a coherent intelligent and insightful discussion of the poem you are writing about Your paper must include a clearly stated thesis and be logically organized Your paper should doublespaced in 12point Times New Roman font left justified and stapled with your name a title as well as the date on top Poems 8 5 points each 40 points of nal grade You will write atotal of eiglt assignmentbased poems for this class Poems should be written with care should be free from spelling and grammatical errors and should employ standard sentence structures ie no sentence fragments Poems will be graded on a scale from 1 to 5 with 5 indicating excellent work and 1 indicating a hastily written poem Poems should be singlespaced in 12point Times New Roman font and left justified with your name and a title at the top Final Portfolio 60 points of nal grade At the end of the term you will turn in a portfolio of thoroughly revised poems taking into account my feedback and the feedback of your peers as well as your own vigorous reexamination of each poem Keep in mind that revision means seeing again This should be hard work if it isn t you re doing something wrong Sacri cing lines can be incredibly painful but according to Auden as a good poet you must sometimes kill your darlings Additionally you must turn in your graded original poems With my comments on them with your revisions as part of your nal portfolio Therefore retain all poems you have written this term Start a folder to keep track of your graded poems and maintain it Participation 25 points of nal grade Because this is a workshopbased class you are expected to be an active participant In order to receive full participation points you should speak up at least once during each class and be a vocal but respectful participant in workshops Additionally you will be expected to read the assigned chapters from the textbook thoroughly each week as well as any supplementary poems I give you and be ready to discuss the readings actively in class Not participating in class is an indication to me that you have not done the readings Students are responsible for maintaining duplicate copies of all work submitted in this course and retaining all returned graded work until the semester is over Should the need arise for a resubmission of papers or a review of graded papers it is the student s responsibility to have and make available this material Final grade will be calculated out of atotal of 200 points Note I do not give credit for late work Grading Weekly Journal 15 points total 2 Fourpage Papers 30 points each 60 points total 8 Poem drafts 5 points each 40 points total Final Portfolio 60 points Participation 25 points A 947100 A 90793 B 87789 B 84786 B 80783 C 77779 C 74776 C 70773 D 6749 D 6446 D 6043 E 59 or below Final Grade Appeals In 1000 and 2000 level courses students may appeal afmal grade by lling out aform available from Carla Blount Program Assistant UF has recently instituted minus grades As a result letter grades now have different grade point equivalencies For more information see httpwwwregistrarufl J catalo quot39 39 quot J html TEN TATIVE SCHEDULE subject to frequent change For reading and assignment alterations it is imperative that you attend class for possible updates In addition I may also give quizzes NOT listed on the syllabus based on the reading and discussions throughout the semester so make sure to attend class every week Week 8 16 WKSP One Poem Per Week IP Introduction to Poetry ES Elements of Sty P Packets handed out in classNote Additional readings will be assigned or brought in on a weekly basis Date August 23 August 30 September 6 September 13 September 20 September 27 October 11 October 18 October 25 November 1 Class Course Introduction and Expectations InClass Diagnostic Essay Poems as Pleasure vs Poems as Academic and Critical Study All the Necessary Terminology Attitudes Values and Judgments Understanding the Distinction Between Author and Audience Beginning Points of Inspiration Subjects for Writing and Reading Word Choice Denotation vs Connotation Simile Metaphor and Other Figures of Speech The importance of the Image Style Voice Dialect and Theme Excursions in the Use of Grammar Understanding the Music of the Line Rhythm Sound and Lyric Reading Slam and Performance Exercises in Structure Meter Rhyme and Form Myth Narrative and Symbol Conversations Between the Texts Drawing Tension in the Poem Poetry and Personal Identity Writer s Block and SelfDoubt The Art and Process of Translation Poetry as Social and Cultural Identity Reading and Assignments Due IP Chapter 12 IP Chapter 34 1 Chapter 56 IP Chapter 78 IP Chapter 9 PAPER 1 DUE IP Chapter 101 1 IP Chapter 1213 IP Chapter 14 IP Chapter 1516 PAPER 2 DUE November 8 Reading Reimagining and IP Chapter 17 Resha ing Thirteen Ways of Looking at Revision November 15 Turning Abstractions Into Images Reading TBA Perspective Point of View and InClass Packets Distance November 22 Finding Your Subject Rea ng Using Biography vs Telling Lies to InClass Packets Tell the Truth November 29 Using all Your Senses December 6 Course WrapUp FINAL PORTFOLIO DUE Evaluations PAPER 3 DUE IN PORTFOLIO CLASSROOM GUIDELINES AND POLICIES Directly from the University ABSENCES Attendance is required The policy is that if you miss more than three periods during the term you will fail the entire course Only those absences involving university sponsored events such as athletics and band and religious holidays are exempt from this policy IMPORTANT You must submit assigned work on the speci ed due date even if you are absent and even if you are taking one of your allowed absences If the assignment is not submitted at the beginning of class on the day it is due then it will NOT be accepted You must take responsibility for getting any notes handouts or assignments that you miss due to absence You must inform the instructor as early as possible in advance if you will miss class due to a universityapproved reason ie varsity athletics etc or to observe a religious holiday TARDINESS For each day you arrive late ten points will be deducted from your nal course points total Classroom Courtesy and Classroom Disruptions Turn off all cell phones laptops and other intrusive electronic devices prior to the start of class If you must use one due to a disability please have the Dean of Students Office notify me UF provides an educational and working environment for its students faculty and staff that is free from sex discrimination and sexual harassment For more about UF policies regarding harassment see httpwwwdsou J 39 39 39 39 J J php s4041 POLICY STATEMENT ON ACADEMIC HONESTY All students are required to abide by the Student Honor Code For more information about academic honesty including de nitions of plagiarism and unauthorized collaboration see J httpwww dso uf l ELiuxnnl nhn STUDENT DISABILITY SERVICES The Disability Resource Center in the Dean of Students Office provides students and faculty with information and support regarding accommodations for students with disabilities in the classroom For more information see hjpwwwdsou edudrc


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