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by: Sierra Gorczany


Sierra Gorczany
GPA 3.9

David Small

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About this Document

David Small
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 19 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sierra Gorczany on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CAP 3020 at University of Florida taught by David Small in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/206723/cap-3020-university-of-florida in System Engineering at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
Umbra Pnsun Tune The player shame feel uncumfunable Culurs Dark Nut washed uutwhde nut exeeeamgly neh Earthy tunes gvmg aluuk Lhatthe zreahad been burned Dr utherwxse cleared uflee spmes Umbrapnsun buildmgs wnh sputhguts Dead 121350ng small and dump dead gees sml barbed we Dark Wands Tune Flayens annuyed by me munuluny Cums Cuntmsungand nah but nut bngul ms am will seem bngul cumpared wnh me pnsun Dn farant greens Wm add mterest spmes Treessmall dumps Gmssozu dark light Stream Bushes Clmne Tone It stoo fancy We don t feel athome here but lt snothard on the eyes Colors Brlght and nch butnot as nlce as JaclnLh Featunng the colors otheclmne Jem a range ofreds oranges and yellows Spmes Sldewalk Grass Bush Tree come slame Houses Shops Clere Temple Gravel Catacombs Tone It s dank and unused Colors Cool Grey andblue Relatively dark but not washed out wah shadow Spmes Pews Alter Cross Pnest smmesmormal crumbled Pnson bars Budge same oor Turquoise Caverns Tone Continuation of the catacombs Lonely Color Turquoise variations Cool colors Not too bright It should seem very bright when we emerge from the cave Sprites J em wall ground stalagmites pillar Earth Water pool mm a m 7 M u wanna w USE my Wm wpr vale PeIidot Stronghold Tone Uptight The player is uncomfortable about the militaristic attitude in the town and e attack from the Umbra Colors Sandy colored rock raw ground and mountain faces Highlights With the color of the PeIidot jem green and greenish yellow Sprites RockWalls ground structures PeIidot statue Earthen oor Stray rocks PeIidot pavement 6 4 t 3 3 1 mm wwx gram Caverns Tone Empty and Wide Player feels vulnemble as though you couldbe ambushed at any Colors Base color is light blue Highlights are pink deep blue and orange The objects should seem to be shimmering from contrast and brightness Sprites Quartz oor Walls growths pillars Light beams Diamond Ruins Tone Depressed unsettling A feeling of death and rebirth Colors Washed out and grey Sprites Rubblehouses statue randomness Treesdead dieing Crows GrassesDead ieing greenish Pebbles Light beams Dmmund cnadel Dmmund wnh Fuwer Tune Tummy gal Larger man Me angmand cuntmsung n duem39t needm seem like u ms mm me m1 vmdd bemuse we39re nut Suppused m be m me ml mm c um 13 um almust being washed nut wnh bnghmess nghlxgqls ur diamund cum Sakum blussumtrees m make a dreamy atmusphere spmes Gem Encru ed citadel Nmehuuse Sakum Fluwers Statue Duves Treemn Umbra Tone Cold angry annoyingly monotonous Colors Dark but rich Mostly black some eann colors and deep re Spn39tes Statues Tile Walls Fires Causeways Flags Stone Intenors Tone corresponds to respecLNe area Color corresponds no respeeuve area Barrels Boxes Treasure chest Bookcase Table Potted plants Rug uh Spmes Pots Cmpem Hardwood Stone Beds Wmdows Hangmg pmmres Cabmets K apphanees Weapon racks Shop dxsplays Doors leadmg out Power Tone Color Foggy Orangewth alpha Spntes Colors The forms beeome sharp when only about 3 eolors are used for eaeh hue ngh contrast promotes easy reeogmu on Idle amm au ons ean make characters apparent Characters Hero Slsterevll good goodln evll elolhrng Father Mother Glrlfnend Glrlfnend s parents1aclnth chlef Jaclnth s son shop owner 10 cluzens aclnth pendot cltnne Umbra oyerlord Umbra banle meehamsms Umbra hulk Umbra sclentest og Frog ylng regular Bat Boaruek Snake Tlger Dayesmall Wolf Gargoyle Ent p der Skeleton Cinemas quotquot 39 dazzlingche viewer Dark Wood to Ciuine Tone We are happy to emerge from the monotony ofthe woods The camera raises above the woods and excites the player who sees the ciuine 5pm M mm Jacinch Market Tone 39 39 Awarmfeeling Exmhg B mack lnto Pendot cl Tone Slmllarto the clmhe lntro Here we 3le the darkness lnto the llght Then we pull backto show the overall Orientation ofthe town m the mountams Dlamond Cltadel Tone Thls sequehee shouldbe neattoo look at The vlewer shouldbe exaltedto see whatthe Dlamond Rums wlll transform lnto Umbra Tone Imphesvasmess Referto thchBlack39 Therewxllbevastnumbersofsolduers lmed up THE M 8 mm H a M ML ml wum s w 5 Eu 3253 1m 5 ML F 39 EMT MK NVf M r m umka h W Tohe The mewehhas ho hohohs about the game This eohveys the hue m stone The zoom m Wm give the xdeathat the world s superblg The clouds help


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