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by: Sierra Gorczany


Sierra Gorczany
GPA 3.9


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 23 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sierra Gorczany on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CAP 6685 at University of Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/206727/cap-6685-university-of-florida in System Engineering at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
Development Stages and Evaluation Process 1 Top Level Design 2 Implement Prototype 3 Refine System Stages and Evaluation Process cont 4 Structured Evaluation 5 Structured Evaluation of User Acceptability 6 Service in Prototype Environment Stages and Evaluation Process cont 7 Followup Studies to Demonstrate Large Scale Usefulness 8 Make System Changes to Allow Wide Distribution 9 General Release Evaluation of Mycin 10 cases were selected with the actual therapies that were used Mycin created a recommendation for each 5 faculty 1 infectious disease fellow 1 resident and 1 student each developed their own therapies All 10 therapies for each case were presented to 8 experts who rated each as equivalent to what they would do acceptable alternative unacceptable Individual Mycin Faculty1 Faculty2 Fellow Faculty3 Actual Therapy Faculty4 Resident Faculty5 Student Demonstration Results accpt 52 65 50 625 48 60 48 60 46 575 46 575 44 55 36 45 34 425 24 so maj M 7 70 5 50 5 50 5 50 4 40 7 70 5 50 3 so 3 so 1 10 Prototype Stages Convince funding source Typically Research Displays credible performance Fragile Typically Failed to Cover 0 OAOOOAAA Prototype Stages cont Field Tested on real problems Moderate reliability friendly interface Typically Production Extensive field testing Reimplemented Typically Prototype Stages cont Commercial System Used on a regular basis Many rules Highly accurate gt 5 years Maxims Task Suitability Building the Prototype MaXimS cont Building the Prototype cont VlaXimS cont Extending the Prototype Finding and Writing Rules MaXimS cont Maintain Expert s Interest Going Beyond the Prototype VlaXimS cont Evaluation I I General I I Knowledge Engineering The process of building an expert system Expert System Domain Expert Knowledge Engineering The process of building an expert system Expert System Knowledge Engineer Domain Expert Knowledge Engineer s Frame of Mind The difference between ls roughly the difference between What are we building Corpus of Knowledge This collection of knowledge has four important aspects Corpus of Knowledge Highlevel Expertise Predictive Modeling Power Corpus of Knowledge cont Institutional Memory Training Facility Views of an Expert System Enduser 1 Intelligent Program User User Interface A Data Base Views of an Expert System Knowledge Engineer Rules Semantic Networks Frames Intelligent and Facts Program General Problem Solving Knowledge Knowledge 39 Base Separate for easier Inference Engine Views of an Expert System Knowledge Engineer Development Shell Knowledge Acquisition Intelligent Program Tool Test Case Data Base Developer s Interface Knowledge Base Inference Engine Views of an Expert System Tool Builder Development Intelligent Shell Program Knowledge Knowledge Acquisition Base Tool Test Case Data Base Inference Engine Developer s Interface People Involved Expert System Building Tool Knowledge Engineer Expert System Inference Engine Knowledge Base Domain Expert Semantic Networks Originally developed as a psychological model of human memory Now is a standard representation of Al Networks consist of Some arcs establish property inheritance Good for First Grade Animal Knowledge eagles are birds snakes are reptiles elephants are mammals dogs are mammals cat are mammals cows are mammals cows are farm animals chickens are farm animals horses are farm animals cats are house pets dogs are house pets chickens are birds snakes are house pets horses are mammals parakeets are birds parakeets are house pets First Grade Animal Knowledge As Rules eagles are birds lF animal is a snake snakes are reptiIes THEN animal is a reptile elephants are mammals lF animal is an eagle dogs are mammals THEN animal is a bird cat are mammals lF animal is an elephant COWS are mammals THEN animal is a mammal cows are farm anImals chickens are farm animals IF an39ma39 l5 a dog horses are farm animals THEN anmal Is a mammal cats are house pets lF animal is a dog dogs are house pets THEN animal is a house pet chickens are birds snakes are house pets horses are mammals 0f animals are parakeets are birds both mammals and parakeets are house pets house pets First Grade Animal Knowledge As Semantic Network eagles are birds snakes are reptiles mammaI eagle elephants are mammals dogs are mammals dog cat are mammals 390de cat cows are mammals cows are farm animals eephant chIckens are farm animals reptile horses are farm anImals chicken cats are house pets dogs are house pets Parakeet chickens are birds house Pet snakes are house pets snake horses are mammals horse parakeets are birds farm animal parakeets are house pets cow First Grade Animal Knowledge As Semantic Network What kind of animals mammaI are both mammals do and house pets b d 9 Ir cat elephant reptile chlcken parakeet house pet snake horse farm animal cow Ross Quillian 196869 Interested in natural language understanding Developed the concept of semantic networks Examined the concept of Spreading Activation Start with a large network representing words and their various meanings Activate two of these concepts Expand spread out from these concepts until connection is found Once connection is located make inferences about the interconnections Associative Links of Quillian A names a class of which B is a subclass only t where A is a type node B I B modifies A only where A is a token node B OR A B and C form a disjunctive set M A B C AND A B and C form a conjunctive set M A B C B a subject is related to C an object in the manner specified by A the relation B Either the link to B or to C may be omitted in a plane which implies that A s normal subject to object is to be assumed x n Associative link tokentotype used only between planes A is a token forA Food 1 That which living being has to take to keep it living and for growth Things forming meals especially other than drink V OR A THING I i FORM OTHERTHAN HASKTVO BBEINGZ A F V MEAL DRI NK gtTAKE11 I i INTO a A To 7 LgtB I AND A LyiKEEP GROW A gtB gtB LIVE V 2 i K HAVE MAKE GIVE 5 MAKE 5 L SOUND 3 lLEss 2 SAD SAD First Grade Automobile Repair lF voltage at battery AND no voltage at condenser THEN broken wire between battery and condenser lF voltage at condenser AND no voltage at spark plugs THEN broken wire between condenser and spark plug lF engine block removed THEN cylinders removed lF engine block removed THEN spark plugs removed A PhysicalCausal Model part electrical w part part part part I battery gtcondenseI gtspark plugs VVll39e VVll39e Advantages Semantic Network Lisp Code DEFUN INITIALIZATION LET COMMUTFACTS MATCHER 39COMMUTATIVE KNOWNFACTS SETQ KNOWNFACTS APPEND KNOWNFACTS APPLY 39APPEND MAPCAR 39LAM BDA ITM COMMUT MATCHER LIST CADR 11V 39 39 KNOWNFACTS COMMUTFACTS DEFUN COMMUT LST MAPCAR 39LAMBDA ITM LIST CAR TMCADDR 11VCADR 11V LST Semantic Network Lisp Code cont DEFUN MATCHER PAT FLIST APPLY 39APPEND MAPCAR 39LAMBDA ITEM COND MATCHFACT PAT ITEM LIST ITEM FLST DEFUN FINDFACTS PLIST COND NULL PLIST T EQUAL CAR PLIST 39AND ANDLST MAPCAR 39EVALCLAUSE CDR PLIST DUPL NIL LENGTH CDR PLIST EQUAL CAR PLIST 39OR ORLST MAPCAR 39EVALCLAUSE CDR PLIST DUPL NIL LENGTH CDR PLIST ATOM CAR PLIST PRINTC quotERROR BAD LISTquot NIL T ANDLST MAPCAR 39EVALCLAUSE PLIST DUPL NIL LENGTH PLIST Semantic Network Lisp Code cont DEFUN MATCHFACT PAT DATA COND AND NULL PAT NULL DATA T oR NULL PAT NULL DATA NIL oR EQUAL CAR PAT 39 EQUAL CAR PAT CAR DATA MATCHFACT CDR PAT CDR DATA DEFUN MODIFY LST ITM MAPCAR 39LAM BDA LSTl11Vl LIST CAR LSTl11Vl CADDR LSTl11Vl 11V ST Semantic Network Lisp Code cont DEFUN EVALCLAUSE CLAUSE DEPTHLIST COND EQUAL CAR CLAUSE 39AND ANDLST MAPCAR 39EVALCLAUSE CDR CLAUSE DUPL NIL LENGTH CDR CLAUSE EQUAL CAR CLAUSE 39OR ORLST MAPCAR 39EVALCLAUSE CDR CLAUSE DUPL NIL LENGTH CDR CLAUSE MATCHER CLAUSE KNOWNFACTS AND MATCHER LIST 39TRANSITIVE CAR CLAUSE KNOWNFACTS NOT MEMBER CADR CLAUSE DEPTHLIST TRANSEVALCLAUSE CLAUSE DEPTHLIST T NIL DEFUN TRANSEVALCLAUSE CLAUSE DEPTHLIST LET FACTS MATCHER LIST CAR CLAUSE CADR CLAUSE 39 KNOWNFACTS ORLST MAPCAR 39EVALCLAUSE MODIFY FACTS CADDR CLAUSE DUPL C0NS CADR CLAUSE DEPTHLIST LENGTH FACTS


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