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Intro Aesthetc Comput

by: Sierra Gorczany

Intro Aesthetc Comput CAP 4403

Sierra Gorczany
GPA 3.9


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sierra Gorczany on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CAP 4403 at University of Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/206728/cap-4403-university-of-florida in System Engineering at University of Florida.


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Date Created: 09/18/15
2D Cosine Circle Function CAP 4403 Matt Perryman March 03 2006 Suhiect A duplacmg srdes ofthe comespondmg eosrhe The errele fuhehoh equahoh rs 4amp1 e1 cusA 7 e2 b7 eelquot ofwhmh I have ehoseh to representln a 2D ahrrhahoh Idea orworksheet Drsplayedrs aratherbonng loomhg dAagram 5 However soon the text fades away and you see just the errele xtself A er a bnef so ar its edges anymore At ths pomt the ammahor brahehes from reality showmg a ndmulous maehrhequot an elaborate senes ofmechamcal components thatreally do w Mm equals component thatthe maehrhe seems to be dnvmg Itproduces arotatmg beam oflxght that extends outbeyond your mew The vrewer ear mferthat all these meehamsm Explamvim Themes mums arms equauun appears hare lam mug mechamml cumpmems m represem ach men arms equaum The EIva appmnce 15 Smllar m that Ufa ndlculuus darnu39hmg machme m uvady alaburale muuselmp c mstanls are represented as a sySLEm ufpulleys wnh me numba39 ufpullsys tu39zlmg me numbEr mm mng mam Tms Was Simple duetu me fan that the only integer constant in this equation was 4 If we were to use this same system of components for a large number another method would need to be used such as one series of pulleys for each digit placeones tens hundreds etc Variables are represented by solid discs These may take the form of various gear housings or pulleys Each individual variable is assigned a different color This was chosen due to it being relatively generic as the most frequently occurring element A variable squared is represented by the stacking of the discs while maintaining the same visible color This can be established by compound gears or pulleys or just multiple plates Ifa larger power such as a cube is needed we could theoretically keep stacking plates though it may become impractical in large numbers The trig function cosine is represented by a crank and slider mechanism The disc representing the angle variable differs from other variables by its perforated structure The connecting rod and slider creates a cyclical motion that mirrors that of a wave function making it an ideal representation Multiplication between various elements since its high frequency is only visually represented by the meshing of gear structures This can be done by the meshing of ordinary gears gears in a chain or bevel gears Parenthesis are displayed by taking the entire interior of the parenthesis and representing them as normal and attaching it to the rest of the equation via bevel gears The reasoning behind this is the nature of a bevel gear Since they can change the direction of a mechanical system by 90 degrees but still remain integrated it parallels the use of parenthesis In a typical equation the parenthesis become a subequation that is inserted to the remainder while keeping itself visibly separate In our case the separation would be apparent by it breaking the XY plane A good method for squaring the entire parenthetical subequation did not present itself so the subequation was displayed twice and multiplied together which is mathematically equivalent Addition is represented by a belt or rubber band being cycled by pulley discs and division is displayed by a simple rotating bar The equals function is displayed as a unique structure that is driven by the rest of the components In this case it has taken the form of an emitter that produces a laser beam This beam rotates 360 degrees as ifto produce the icon ofthe circle itself SourcesNotes I have used both Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Flash MX to construct the project Being a novice at Flash I used bits and pieces from several tutorials from multiple sites One noteworthy resource for modeling the components came from httpwwwtechnologystudentcom Several mechanical elements remain unused to incorporate into different types of equations My limited background in Flash prevented me from really exploring the tricks of the software Ideally I would like to be able to toggle the symbol for each component rather than simply mousing over them I think this is would greatly enhance the understanding of the system by allowing the viewer to better identify each component 2D7Final is the name of the project movie


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