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by: Kyle Will IV


Kyle Will IV
GPA 3.67

John J. Jr Mecholsky

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About this Document

John J. Jr Mecholsky
Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kyle Will IV on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EMA 4714 at University of Florida taught by John J. Jr Mecholsky in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/206739/ema-4714-university-of-florida in Materials Engineering at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
Engineering Guest Lecture to Materials Selection and Design By Dr Amelia Dempere March 23 2007 w11quot commercialization and use of are feasible and economical while pollution at the source and minimizing the environment the responsible use of energy and a manner which does not compromise the 39 39 a 1 L y j 39jment39 or the ability of future era ons to exam M It is concerned with for example better and more effective renewable energy sources reduced energy losses in buildings new energy efficient production processes oimproved lifecycle assessment procedures omore effective transportation systems and urban planning instruments G IN THE WORLD OF ENGINEERING variety of hazardous metals such as as oxious chemicals nitor contains five to eight pounds of lead for n Thrown into landfills these substances utegroundwater ro nic Waste is growing at a rate three times greater than other solid wastes lead leaching into water supplies Europe and Japan is especially concerned about land lls because its population density is nearly 70 greater than that of the US so less space is available for garbage THE WORLD OF ENGINEERING 39 a Les Industries Association made the decision to 39electronic assemblies Goal to have half Directives from the European Union that strictly limit the use of toxic chemicals in electronics products and require hightech manufacturers to pay for collectin and ma clan used nods Some estimates place the cost of complying with the new EU rules as high as 20 billion over a decade came even more important under Europe39s of Hazardous Waste RoHS i rule bans the use of six chemicals r x l and chromium76 in almost all military and medical systems as well as for a l products but the ban will affect hundreds at fig fi 135 PCs consumer electronics and home appliances In Flu human Manning 1 I x mnnlmnumum w u La1IIJn mm in lm Inqu I HTH EIIHW MIME m mllmoa i February 17 2007 r 39 arm to phase out some reproo ng chemicals sfoeuees on deca which Ecology Director and they39re seeping into our soil into our it i 39 am into our bodiesquot Hunter said quotAnd more Uh l h WJEFL 1 mattresses with deca would be banned and the date for banning the eubetanee in residential upholstered furniture televisions or mmputers with electronic enclosures would be Jan 1 201 1 DEP urges legislative ban on re retardant By Friday February 16 2007 State environmental regulators began making a case Thursday for a legislative ban on a common chemical flame retardant in televisions that recent studies have linked to brain development problems in laboratory mice Staff with Maine s Center for Disease Control and the Department of Environmental Protection told lawmakers that the chemical compound decaBDE while an effective flame retardant is leaching potential toxins into the air and the environment PROPERTIES WE E IWEW IBOTTOM LINE OF SUSTAINABILITY ENVIRONMENTAL Design of Materials for Sustainable Engineering Marketian Enginee ng Se a fe Pa ibfe 3 39 FEHEWE Usefuf E 555mm Design Global Warming


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