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by: Jacynthe Schulist III


Jacynthe Schulist III
GPA 3.66


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jacynthe Schulist III on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CWR 4542 at University of Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/206743/cwr-4542-university-of-florida in Civil Water Resources at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
CWR 4542 7 Water Resources Engineering Department of Civil amp Coastal Engineering CWR 4542 Water Resources Engineering Lecture Packet 6 Groundwater Hydrology Course website httpwwwceu edumarknCWR4542 Groundwater Hydrology Topics covered in this lecture packet Groundwater formations Unconfined vs Con ned Subsurface geology Darcy Equation Threedimensional ow in porous media Flow to a well in a con ned aquifer This material is covered in Chapter 6 of the text book CWR 4542 7 Water Resources Engineering Department of Civil amp Coastal Engineering Groundwater Hydrology Groundwater is predominant source of fresh water in Florida The study of groundwater is focused on the flow of uids within a porous medium Subsurface environment consists of porous medium in which the void spaces have varying degrees of saturation for this class we will focus on confined saturated conditions Groundwater Geologic Formations Aguife a geologic formation containing water that can be withdrawn in significant quantities Aguiclude a geologic formation that contains water but is incapable of transmitting water in significant quantities e g clay layer Hawthorn Formation Aguifuge a geologic formation that neither contains nor transmits water eg solid rock granite CWR 4542 7 Water Resources Engineering Department of Civil amp Coastal Engineering Unconfined vs Confined Aquifers UnLnfined unconfined aquifers are exposed to the atmosphere see Figure l Confined water in the saturated zone of unconfined aquifers is bounded above and below by impervious or semipervious formations e g solid rock or clay with very low permeability see Figure 2 Piezometers Piezometers observation wells with short screened openings that are used to measure the piezometric head within an aquifer CWR 4542 7 Water Resources Engineering Department of Civil amp Coastal Engineering Porosity void ratio The portion of rock formation or soil that is not occupied by solid material Moisture content CWR 4542 7 Water Resources Engineering Department of Civil amp Coastal Engineering Unconfined Aquifer water table Stdwall 70m Vadose zone Jemima ilnlum mwrcmhe p lt 0 L apx lau ZEN 4 Zane d Aqu mr ielurnmn mpmm 5 Figure 1 Generalized crosssection ofan uncon ned aquifer Chin 2006 Uncon ned Saturated and Unsaturated Conditions zone of saturation 7 The void spaces within this zone are completely lled saturated with water capilla zon 7 Soil suction draws water above the saturated zone The exten of capillary rise is dependent upon the pore size of the soil The capillary rise can vary from cm to meters depending on the soil The water level in a well intersecting an uncon ned aquifer will typically correspond closely with the water table p 0 0r atmospheric CWR 4542 7 Water Resources Engineering Department of civil amp Coastal Engineering Con ned Aquifer limestone Figure 2 Genex lzed aassrsechan of a cm md iqiufcrclun 2on6 Con ned Saturated and Unsatumted Conditions The mter level in a con ned well rises to match the piezonietric head at the well opening well screen anesian e an aquifer that produces flowing water when the upper confining unit is penetrated springs 7 locations where anesian aquifers intersect land surface recharge zone 7 land surface areas that supply water to a confined aquifer recharges the aquifer CWR 4542 7 Water Resources Engineering Department of Civil amp Coastal Engineering Well Construction and Subsurface Geology Figure 3 Florida stra graphy lithology and hydrostratigraphy Chin 2006 Well Construction and Subsurface Geology Stratigraphy 7 layering of deposits Lithology 7 description of rocks soil with depth Hydrostratigraphy 7 description of geologic layering formations that have distinct hydrologic properties


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