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by: Mrs. Linda Wiegand


Mrs. Linda Wiegand
GPA 3.69

Gary Ihas

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About this Document

Gary Ihas
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Linda Wiegand on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 4550 at University of Florida taught by Gary Ihas in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/206752/phy-4550-university-of-florida in Physics 2 at University of Florida.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
Welcome to the Wonderful Milestones in Civilization World of Cryogenics from the Hrrr student response system am a Class of 2007 A Physics Major B Physics Graduate Student c Engineering Student Grad or Undergrad D Otherwise engaged nlmur39 anml lmtwm 7 H WU l HEM Ul lmx l mupvz ulw v Wurst Galileo s Alr Thermuscope m l m 7 nu I I Pushnnluhelmams luuperiulhmmelube 1 quotFquot 39 abomhalvwaymlulhnnask muss m K WWmnrmmm memrwene lmuabcakmnrc my he a mbblnuyourhanaimgulheranaman r huldtnglhennsk Asllmllaskr nuns rut mum cmmvahncrNudm uthanqmdwmvlssmKm u mumn wnnnsmmun wlm am un presume Wu mu deslnm Ice comes from Re lgeratlon From the Simpsons featuring the cultivation of ice from the North Pole When the ice deliveryman arrives at the Quik E 7 Mart with his cargo he says to Apu you ve got to start Christian Licona Gome 1 8 50 Lynsey Breton Matthew Spencer Jennifer Storbeck charging more than a dollar a bag We lost four more men on this expedition to which Apu replies If you can think of a better way to get ice I d like to hear it If the ice crop was poor the price rose to the exorbitant rate of 1 25 apourld In today s dollar this price corresponds to over 150 for a typical 31b bag ofice 3 Ferdinand Carre developed successful Ice Business Cold Beer LOX1877 Daniel M Pajerowski Condenser may be c watercooled Dr omnressor 39rcoolad Vap Arthur Ianuzzi V V in French Louls Paul Callletet 5 Raoul Plctet 4 Evaporator Condenser mm W WM 1873 Carl von Linde Valve TYPICAL SINGLESTAGE VAPOR COMPRESSION REFRIGERATION difmethyl ether refrigerantmade Spatenbrau beer Callletet amp Plctet39s oxygen llquefacuon process 5 Space Shuttle Mam Englne 1 Bret Adams Dewar FlaSk Vlv k GOWda Jules Violle in 1882 Chrlstopher Conlan Erica Redmond Dewar s improvement in 1892 Vacuum insulation and silvering Father of Rocketry 39 i Konstantin Tsiolkovsky 1903 Identi ed LHZ and LOX as the respective fuel and oxidizer of choice and also suggested use of multistage rockets Liquefaction of helium 1908 Kamerlingh Onne in Leiden Shuchen Liu loulerThomson Effect Michael Zglinicki Gas Flow Cryostat crosssection Heat exchanger Blood Storage and Handling Evan Kim In 1915 Dr Richard Weil discovered that refrigeration in conjunction with citration to prevent blood clotting allowed for the storage of blood for several days Until then blood transfusions needed to be made directly from donor to recipient Refrigerated Percipitation of blood also developed Cryogenics and Rocketry Brook Baker Ella Kinberg Nika Merta Renji Thomas Wemher Von Braun 39 V2 Rocket er man Oberth Freon Refrigerants Jacob Papp halogenated hydrocarbon Formerly used toxic refrigerants included ammonia butane methyl chloride or bromide and sulfur dioxide Charles Kettering and Thomas Midgle invented the nontoxic freons in about 19 5 Cryocoolers K J Thompson Based on Sterling engine first introduced to cryogenics at 1956 Cryogenic Engineering Conference by JWLKohler Idea Surth Remggauan cm Pmnsxes 1 analt m mammal n V m 12 r constant Cmnlnumn pmcns autumn mat 121mm QC on Expanxm pmeesi aw absnrhrd at law temp


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