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by: Mrs. Linda Wiegand


Mrs. Linda Wiegand
GPA 3.69

Stephen Hagen

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About this Document

Stephen Hagen
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Linda Wiegand on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 3323 at University of Florida taught by Stephen Hagen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/206756/phy-3323-university-of-florida in Physics 2 at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
A a A3 A13 A3 CylindlicaleAlaaZ BA BBAS BAZ 1BSA Mk Vfsf izi S Z BZ BS BS E 5 EM 32 laiai 3 BS 3 B 7 B2 18 BV 1an W A A A V2V Sa z 3 dldrrrdggrsingd Polar2d dardrd0 I Spherical v lmlaiw 1 if da d0 sin0d d1 dr da dr d0 mew Br r B0 rsin0 B S VA drsdsd dz dasd dz dlds sd d22 VXA isinaAfa 91 1 BAr iaAp LOAN 34 rst B0 B r st B Br r Br B0 BA VAiir24 isin0A9 r2 Br rst B0 rst B 2 y 2 Cartesian vAaAraAyaAz Vf ai ai ai VxA B B B dTdxdxdz Bx By Bz Bx By Bz Bx By B2 A Ay AZ dldx dyydzg Laplacz39art V2VVrVV A 1 A a Electrostatics E q L VZV E VV E IiiKr dz39 where Q 1 r 47590 r2 so 47L0 g w B Va 1 0 dd Va 2 1 I LOW Vr6 24 111 1 c056 470 surface r r 47190 WW r r 10 7 2 2 2 V2V03idfi7d i7d o dqpdro39dakdx W IEZdT X dx Y dy Z dz 5 WW Gauss s Law V gtE VVb VVa IE39dl Eabovz El7210w g 80 a L i 8 Magnetostatics 1w K039v Jpv KbMgtltn JbcurlM B 0 BVgtltA H M VgtltHme amp Id gtlt amp Jx D 2 0 Br 4 J g2 4 J g2 d7 where g r r V A y0J Im dea VB0 07 A A VXB yOJ gt Brd u01m Bow 4 3 20050rsm66 7D FQvgtltB dFId gtltBdaKgtltBergtltB 1 w 1 n prf Dlpoles etc p W prd7 Zlr1qx Vr 4WD 50 Pncos0pr lepalgr4 7 0r Z FP39 pb V39P NpgtltEorNmgtltBFVpEorVmB Emp 42 COS 0f Sin 0 9 Linear dielectric P Xe a E wherep P d7 7E0 D 0EP VD pm P 301212 linear dielectrics D so 12 E 3E 80 885 x 103912 02mm2 0 47 x 10397 NA2 A2 32 C2 7 2 B C COS9 jVAdr Agtda A volume surface B Divergence Theorem Theorems constants etc Stokes Theorem 91VXA da A d1 Pox1 131xx P2x3x2 11 C Some integrals Ir 01fm l Idcos 0Pm cos 9131 cos 6 2 if m 1 0 2m1 Isin3 xdx lcosxsin2x 2 Isin x 3 x Sm2x Sln4x 3 8 4 32 dx x mzx mizx 0 ifth s1n sm dx x2a212 azlxza2 I a a 612 z39fnm J sin6d6 1 1 Slnlocdxcoskx m 2 1 cos6 jcosaocwxjsmaoc


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