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by: Mrs. Linda Wiegand


Marketplace > University of Florida > Physics 2 > PHY 2061 > ENRICHED PHY W CAL 2
Mrs. Linda Wiegand
GPA 3.69

Darin Acosta

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About this Document

Darin Acosta
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Linda Wiegand on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 2061 at University of Florida taught by Darin Acosta in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see /class/206758/phy-2061-university-of-florida in Physics 2 at University of Florida.


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Date Created: 09/18/15
PHY2061 Ennehed Physics 2 Leemre Notes r Relativity 1 RelatIVIty 1 Diselaimer Theselecmrenotes are not meant to replaee the coursetextbook The e e professor Newtonian RelatIVIty reference frame which is basically a coordinate system attachedto apamcular observer 39 39 39 TM frame mans not aeeeieraang Newtnnian Principle er Relativity G aiiiean Invariance KNewton39s Laws 1101an one inemai frame they also 1101an areferenee frame inemal frame We ean see this ifwe make a Galilean transformation Galilean Transformation Consider areferenee frame 539 moving at a constant velocity with respectto aframe s referenee frame to the equivalent coordinate in me otherreference frame Impliciter a D Acosta Page 1 8172004 PHY2061 Enriched Physics 2 Lecture Notes Relativity 1 Now consider the action of a force in one reference frame For example the force of gravity causes a dropped ball to accelerate y component dzy39 dt39z But since y39 y and t39 t t 39 Fy may m t 39 ay ay andFy Fy x component dzx39 d2 dzx F ma m7 m 2x vt m dt dt v t a ax andE Fx dtz ZF Since the acceleration of the ball is the same in each reference frame and thus the force acting on the ball Newton s Laws are valid in both frames Each is an inertial frame Note that since the force is identical in each frame there is no way to detect which frame is moving and which is not You can only detect relative motion For example if a jet ies west at 1000 mph at the equator is the jet moving or is the Earth moving The jet ies over the surface of the Earth but with respect to the Sun the jet is not moving and the Earth is turning beneath it The fact that we cannot detect absolute motion is known as Relativity It is only relative motion that matters Example Consider tossing a ball forward from a moving car at a velocity v with respect to the reference frame of the car What is the velocity of the ball with respect to the sidewalk along the road We need to know how to transform velocities If we assume that the car is moving along the x axis at a velocity v with respect to the reference frame of the road then x x39 Vt according to a Galilean Transformation If we differentiate this with respect to time we get dx dx dt So the velocity ofthe ball is v v It is the sum ofthe car s velocity and the velocity of the ball with respect to the car This should agree with our common sense Now suppose that instead of a ball we throw a light beam forward from the car Light is an electromagnetic wave and according to Maxwell s Equations it travels at a velocity 0 30 X 108 m s in vacuum For example you could derive the following equation D Acosta Page 2 8172004


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