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by: Mrs. Linda Wiegand


Mrs. Linda Wiegand
GPA 3.69

Amlan Biswas

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About this Document

Amlan Biswas
Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Linda Wiegand on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 2053 at University of Florida taught by Amlan Biswas in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/206765/phy-2053-university-of-florida in Physics 2 at University of Florida.


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Date Created: 09/18/15
College Physics 1 Phy 2053 Chapter 1 Numbers and Things From Astronomical seals to planetary scales to the microscopic aller a nd 5 m tdmit stale N 102 m image of 105 rabhite taken in N m he a iswas lab Newton N was m Quantu rn hllp www ndean anmetatame momnsnstingrsninuetnenerndea nits a convey certain physical property ufan obiect Unlts orlengt meter root inches lightyears 1 asysteme internat anal MKSMetererllugramerEEDnd cos a Gausslan syste Centlmetererramerecund US customary cotaslugasecond you will need a ew more de ned un ts in PHV 2u54 Unlts can be treated as algebraic guant ties add subtract multiply div de Time remaining SD min a 2n min 3D min Area 7 width x height 4 m x 5 cm 7 2n m1 e g 31 unltof area meterz m2 31 Unlt of speed metersecond ms Dimensions Length L a Mass M a Time t emperature T Dimensional Analysis Technlque to check the correctness of an equation Both sides of equation must have the same dlrnenslo s 1 hour 35m dimensonton both sdes Area wdth x i t x 5 m u 1 c dimens on Lion both s des Significant Figures There is uncertainty in every measurement A signi cant gure is one that is reliably known 3 1415 All nonszero digits are signi cant 13 2si nircant gure 13 14 4slgnl cant gures Zeros are signi cant when between other nonszero digits 1mm 4 signi cant gures after the decimal point and another signi cant gure 1 u 3 signi cant gures can be clari ed by using scienti c notation 1 7 signi cant gures 1 on x 1m1 3 signi cant gures Rounding Off mm mammal round the result to the smallest nu ordecim al Elaces orany term in the sum irthe last dig t to be dropped is less than 5 drop the dig t irthe last dig t dropped is greater than or equal to 5 raise the last retained digitby 1 254 13 141 15681 1568 25413146 15686 1569 when cumming Dr Mull twa ar mare guantities the number a signi cant gures in the nal result is the same as the number a signi cant gures in the least accurate a the actars being mm bined 567 56 7 X 10 002 5671134 Unit Conversions Unlts can be treated like algebraic quantities that can cancel each her See the lnslde of the text front cover for an extenslve list of conversion factors Convert lnches to Cent meters 214m 150in gtltk 100m 381cm Problem Solving Summary Equations are the tools of physics nderstand what the equations mean and how to use em Carry through the algebra as far as possible Substltute numbers at the en U Be organ 2


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