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by: Mrs. Linda Wiegand


Marketplace > University of Florida > Physics 2 > PHY 2048 > PHYSICS WITH CALC 1
Mrs. Linda Wiegand
GPA 3.69


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 24 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Linda Wiegand on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 2048 at University of Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/206767/phy-2048-university-of-florida in Physics 2 at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
Review of Chap rer39 17 Dec 7 rh 2004 The speed of sound TABLE 131 Medium The Speed 01 So Yases Air 00C Air 20 C Helium Hydrogen Liquidx Waier 0 C Water 20 C Seawater SoiLlS Aluminum Steel Granhe quotAl 0 C and I aim pressure where noted l Al 20 C and 35 salinily und Speed 1113 33 343 965 284 1402 1482 1522 6420 5941 6000 except umpi C5310 0 A V r Expmisimi I T should noT surprise you ThaT The speed of sound is given by a similar expression To The one for a wave on a sTring B v 0 where B is The bulk modulus of The medium as defined in chapTer 12 page 318 and p is The densiTy or mass per uniT volume Traveling sound waves m Longi rudinal displacement Pressure varia rion Pressure ampli rude f 397 A A 7 T7 scillating uid clrmem 7 Hi Equiliblium positinn sxt 2 sm coskx wt Apxt Apm sinkx wt Apm vasm Sound wave inTensiTy Sound waves radiaTe in all direcTions Wavefroms from a poinT source 39WavefronTs are surfaces over which gt The phase displacemenT or pressure of Ray The wave is consTanT Ray InTensiTy Izm PS unit area 47H 2 P5 is The power produced a The source The wavefronTs are spherical close To a poinT source AT large disTances The wavefronTs are approximaTely planar In analogy To waves on a sTring 1 22 1 7pm Sm Interference spaTial L I A 39 r lrt ig x f g 539 My The waves reaching P from 51 and 52 Nerf will have Traveled differenT disTances Eff quot lie They will noT be in phase 5 ff However if Their phase difference is a muITipIe of 27 The waves will inTerfere consTrucTively On The oTher hand if Their phase difference is an odd inTeger mulTiple of 7c The waves will inTerfere desTrucTiver AL 0132 ConsTrucTive inTerference AL 53 15 25 DesTrucTive inTerference InTerference Temporal or beaTs s 2 25m 0030 39tcosat A maximum ampliTude occurs whenever oft has The value 1 or 1 This happens Twice in each Time period of The cosine funcTion Therefore The beaT frequency is Twice The frequency a lie 39 wbeat 20 01 a2 fbeaIZZf39Zfl fZ Link 2 n Sfanding waves in air columns A harmonic series A 2L 2L1 ME I ICU 41 out Sfanding waves in air columns A different harmonic series I J a fr 11 7 r xm 1V gt A 3 J 39 V if 042 quot 99 t 5101M Doppler effect We use to denote the source and D to denote the detector 391 We then assume that and 0 move either directly towards each other or directly away from each other along a straight line at speeds less than the sound velocity then vivD general Doppler formula v i VS f 39 f 3912 is the sound velocity VS ilS the source velocity and VD is the detector velocity all velocities are measured relative to stationary observers 3 towards The oTher The 3ng on JTS Speed rJlLJST give cm upward Shi fT In ft echJerle When The IIJQTJQIJ of The deTeeToh or source 13 awa from The oT her The 3ng oh its soeer mLJST QJVe cm downward Shl fT T11 frequency Chapter 1 4 review Conversion of units Motion with constant acceleration 1d 2d 3d Circular motion Relative motion Example Convert mph to kmls Convert Thrust in Imperial Units lbzftlsz to Thrust in SI units kgzmsz Example You drop a pebble in a well and hear a splash 2 s later How far down is the water Example Your friend drops a stone from a cliff of height h500 m You throw your stone 2 s later At what velocity pointing down you need to throw you stone so that it hits the ground first Example A highspeed passenger train traveling at speed 160 mph rounds a bend The engineer and is shocked to see 05 mile ahead a slow locomotive moving with a speed of 30 mph moving away The engineer hits the brakes which deaccelerates the train at 019 Will be the collision avoided Example Draw two vectors Find length of each of the two vectors Find sum of the two vectors 5 2 51 Find their scalar product 5 513 Find the vector of their crossproduct 5 W I Example m 2 31 2 2 1 Find vector of velocity at t1 s magnitude direction Find magnitude of average velocity between t0 and 2 s Example A pilot is tested in a centrifuge of radius 5 m The centrifuge makes 20 turns per min What is the centripetal acceleration experienced by the pilot Relative motion 170A position of object O in coordinate system A r0 rAB position of coordinate system A origin in coordinate system B AB FOB position of object O X in coordinate system B Blue coordinate system A a a a Yellow coordinate system B 7 03 7A3 70A VOBZVABVOA Example River flows south with speed vIr You swim west toward sunset with speed vo How long will it take you to cross the river How far downstream will you land HTT quiz There are 2 possible semicircular turns for the train with radii rArB2 Train can enter the turn A at speed vA and the turn B at speed vI3 so that VAvB2 What is the ratio of centripetal A accelerations experienced by passengers on such turns aAaB a 4 b 2 c 1 d 05 e 025 Class 12 9 Fame and Motim II Chapter 6 Monday September 19th Review Chap rer39 5 sample problems Fricfion ample problems I r Reading JDCIJLS llJ J hr u lZZ Chup fa 3 in HEW Assigned problems from chup far Review Newton39s lsT law If no force ocTs on a body Then The body39s velociTy connoT change ThoT is iT connoT occeleroTe 1 Newton is ThoT force required To occeleroTe our39 sTondor39dized mass 1 Kg IT a r39oTe of 1 msz Mass is simply The chor39ocTer39isTic of a body ThoT r39eloTes a force on The body To The r39esulTing occeleroTion gt NewTon39s 2nd law Fnet ma Freebody diagrams 5 av 21320267 A F2


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