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by: Mrs. Mavis Wilkinson


Mrs. Mavis Wilkinson
GPA 3.73

Ji Lee

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About this Document

Ji Lee
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Mavis Wilkinson on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MMC 1702 at University of Florida taught by Ji Lee in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 74 views. For similar materials see /class/206790/mmc-1702-university-of-florida in Mass Media Communication at University of Florida.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
MMC 1702 STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM 2 10292010 MAINSTREAM ROCK OF THE 70S Chapter 14 Know Vour names and the main reasons th Elton John Bernie Taupin Billy Joel Queen Ki Peter Frampton Meat Loaf Jim Steinman Fleetwood Mac Eagles Steely Dan Chicago David Foster Peter Cetera Aerosmith Bruce Springsteen The EStreet Band Jon Landau Allman Brothers Band Lynyrd Skynyrd Terms Things to remember Mainstream Rock Portable tapesdevices CrossMarketing RIANSoundscan GoldPlatinum Records Queen s Greatest Hits Bat Out ofHell Framptori Comes Alive Rumours Country Rock Jazz Rock Fusion The Wall of Sound Hotel California Their Greatest Hits 71 75 Southern Rock REGGAE FUNK AND DISCO Chapter 15 Know Vour names and the main reasons th Bob Marley amp The Wailers Peter Tosh ParliamentFunkadelic Earth Wind amp Fire Donna Summer Giorgio Moroder Bee Gees Chic Village People Terms Things to remember SkaRock Steady Reggae Rastafarianism Funk Disco Saturday Night Fever Disco Demolition Night PUNK AND ITS AFTERMATH Video and Chapter 16 Know Vour names and the main reasons th MC5 Iggy Pop amp The Stooges The New York Dolls Seymour Stein The Ramones Phil Spector Patti Smith Group Talking Heads Sex Pistols Malcolm McLaren The Clash ElVis Costello Terms Things to remember PunkNew Wave CBGB Sire Records MMC 1702 STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM 2 10292010 THE NEW SOUND OF POP IN THE EIGHTIES Chapter 18 p 319 412 only Know vour names and the main reasons Whv Buggles Michael Jackson Quincy Jones USA for Africa Madonna Nile Rodgers Cyndi Lauper Prince amp The Revolution Tina Turner Whitney Houston Dionne Warwick amp Friends Rick Astley Lionel Richie Commodores Hall amp Oates Steve Winwood Robert Palmer Phil Collins Peter Gabriel Terms Things to remember SynthesizerSynthpop Dance Oriented Rock MTVCD revolution ThrillerBad We Are the World Filthy Fifteen Contemporary RampB BlueEyed Soul Live Aid The terms in italics are album titles and in quote marks are song titles M MC 1702 STUDY GUIDE FOR EXAM 1 92410 DISCLAIMER This summary study guide is not 100 comprehensive but should work as a guideline to help you prepare for Exam 1 in atimely and ef cient manner Not everything from this guide may be on the exam When studying the textbook don t worry about those song analysis sections as we are not concerned with the technical aspects of music As emphasized this is a historymedia course not a music course Remembering key people events albums songs and facts are more important than anything else Good luck The terms in italics are either album or movie titles and in quote marks are song titles ROCK IN TRANSITION Lectures and Chapter 9 Know Your Names and the main reasons whv Rolling Stones John Entwistle RIP Jimmy Page Peter Grant Ronnie James Dio RIP TermsThings to Remember Stones Touring Party Tommy The Rock Opera Led Zeppelin TV Baroque The Who Paul McCartney amp Wings John Bonham RIP Pete Townshend Led Zeppelin The Honeydrippers Black SabbathHeaven amp Hell Ozzy Osbourne Deep Purple Rainbow The Glimmer Twins The Yardbirds guitar gods Stairway to Heaven Paranoid Ritchie Blackmore Marshall Stacks Swan Song Heavy Metal Smoke on the Water ROCK AS ART Lectures and Chapter 11 Know Your Names and the main reasons whv The Doors Frank Zappa RIP Marc Bolan RIP Roger Waters King Crimson Roger Dean TermsThings to Remember Art Rock The Doors lm Ziggy Stardust The Wizard of 02 lm Velvet Underground David Bowie Pink Floyd David Gilmour Yes Emerson Lake amp Palmer Progressive Rock Velvet Underground amp Nico Album Covers Artwork The Wall album and lm Andy Warhol T Rex Syd Barrett RIP Storm Thorgerson Genesis HR Giger Glam Rock Parents Music Resource Center The Dark Side ofthe Moon Owner of A Lonely Heart


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