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by: Petra Hansen


Marketplace > University of Florida > OTHER > SPA 4321 > AUDIOLOGIC REHAB
Petra Hansen
GPA 3.55

Michelle Colburn

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About this Document

Michelle Colburn
Class Notes
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This 21 page Class Notes was uploaded by Petra Hansen on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPA 4321 at University of Florida taught by Michelle Colburn in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see /class/206795/spa-4321-university-of-florida in OTHER at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
SPA 4321 Audiologic Rehabilitation 3 If i r What is Audiologic Rehabilitation Intervention aimed at and the associated with Goals of AR i the related to hearing loss 2quot 15 Compoiients of Audiologic Rehabilitation E and of hearing loss and related and difficulties I and counseling Ti and in sessions I and of listening deVices i I Take whole and their into consideration AR Components Cont E services for prescribed listening devices I 5 training I Formal training C quot39 the protection Company programs personal counseling on m management Maskers and counseling AR Components cont E therapy 1 promotion on management E Controlling the to facilitate learning Speech instruction 1 39 2 g c a Adult AR Ci training Important for person with the as well as M counseling i counseling protection E Family and H Speech training Audiologic Habilitation i Intervention for persons who have not listening speech and language skills 554 quot quotnquot 1igcmr 39 Audiologic Habilitation U Q i Speech and training if and achievement H Family F Audiologic VS Aural Rehabilitation Audiologic Rehab Q Aural Rehab Settings H Speech and hearing clinic if Audiology private practice it Hearing aid dispensing practice 71 Hospital Ti Longterm care facility 3 School 7 Otolaryngologist s offlce Settings Cont i Speechlanguage pathologist s office i Consumer organization meeting Military clinic or hospital i Home F kit 2 m 554quot Who provides Audiologic Rehabilitation 3 Audiologist E SpeechLanguage Pathologist Ti Teacher of the hardof heating and deaf F 339le v r a r 41 V E K 7 u 5 Dimensions of Hearing Loss i of Heating Loss ii of Heating Loss of Heating Loss Terms Degree of loss Hardofhearing i deaf Deaf 39 f fig3943fl ij21a Terms Onset Terms Time Course Progressive D Sudden AR Diversity I m Newborns A Infants and Toddlers SchoolAge Adults Older Adults Incidence of Hearing Loss Approximately million Americans report hearing dif culty 7 Approx of the US population E in 10 persons over the age of I in 6 baby boomers ages l I in 14 Gen Xers ages 3 Approximately million children age 18 or younger i 3 children in are born with severe to profound deafness An additional i children in 1000 will acquire deafness in early childhood ichild in every 50 discharged from NICU will have hearing impairment the most common infectious childhood disease are associated with Why Don t MorelPeople eeEAm AR They are of the HL HAs are i HAs have the stigma of being for i Their has and they i They assume people will think they are i They are not for HAs F jag r as 7 441 7 4 2 ALA am Is AR cost effective AR can promote the individual s AR can increase AR can promote F AR in a Nutshell i There is a direct relationship between and Effective communication is a process of exchanging and I By improving a persons ability to effectively we are improving their AR Journals Am Ann Deaf l J Acad Rehab Am J Audiology AlldiOlOgy Ti Am J sp1ang Path Volta Review E Brit J Audiology 391 J Sp Lang Hear 3339 Scand Audiology ReseaICh 3 Ear and Hearing TC J Am Acad Audiology Conversational Behaviors of Individuals with HL Audiological Rehabilitation Improving Improves Factors for Successful Communication I Effectiveness of their I skills I Amount of I Good use of Conversation I There are many reasons why we I There are implicit of that should be followed I Communication with a person who has may involve or rules of conversation These may lead to increased and I Rules of Conversation Agree to share one another s l Share the of talking Participate in and the topic I I Keep to the Provide without being Rules of Conversation Modified Disruption of I SWIG I shifts I MOdiflECl I Violation of Communication Strategies Strategies Strategies I Strategies Factors That Influence Reception of a Spoken Message I The Delivery with appropriate I The Use of I The areas with a good of the speaker I The Appropriate use of to the speaker and a good sentences Facilitative Strategies I Strategies that influence the Strategies I Strategies that influence the Strategies Facilitative Strategies cont d I Strategies that influence the Strategy I Strategies that influence the Strategy Strategy Strategy Receptive Repair Strategies repair strategy repair strategy repair strategy repair strategy repair strategy vs repair strategies Maladaptive Strategies the Conversation I I I Becoming increasingly Stages in Repairing a Communication Breakdown I Stage 1 of a communication breakdown I Stage 2 with a communication breakdown Conversational Styles from conversations and interactions rather than others for the I Takes for the communication in a way that is of communication partner Research Specific Vs Nonspecific Repair Strategies Which are used I What happens after a repair strategy is used I What is the to using repair strategies Which will most likely lead to of a message Research Who Uses Repair Strategies I VS I What are the of those who communication strategies I Who is likely to use repair strategies What Are the Important Components of an AR Program I in using repair strategies Practice using communication strategies with and Increase the amount of for persons with hearing loss and those who are receiving from listening devices


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