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by: Mr. Deanna Sawayn


Mr. Deanna Sawayn
GPA 3.81

Christine Stopka

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About this Document

Christine Stopka
Class Notes
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This 31 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Deanna Sawayn on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HSC 3537 at University of Florida taught by Christine Stopka in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 265 views. For similar materials see /class/206861/hsc-3537-university-of-florida in Health Sciences at University of Florida.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
The diagnostic term ExlastOSis means E 3 disease ofthe bone condition of bone growing outward B through muscles and other tissues tumor or swelling of bone in ammation of the bone l 2 Feto means early Petus Fetometry lC False 3 True l 3 Ortho means large or huge Orthblpnea Ortholdontic lC False 3 True l 4 Entero means intestine or small intestine Enter tis Dyslentery IE False 3 True l 5 Bronchi means pipe Bronchial Branchitis lE True E False l 6 Scolio meansswaybaqk Scolilosis Scoliolmeter lE False C True I 7 The urineproducing functional unit within39the kidney is called the C urethra E nephron E ureter E neuron l 8 Rub Rubella and Rubero means rusty Rubor Rublella Rubeola lU True E False I 9 ism means abnormal or different Hirs ut sm Dwarfism ll False C True l 10 Infarctn means increased flow Infarction Infarctectomly False E True l 11 The medical term that means pertaining to below the rib is E infraclavicular C subcostal or infracostal E submandibular E subscapular l 12 The term that means paralysis near breakdown to disablequot of one limb E hemiplegia E tetraplegia E monoplegia E hemiparesis l 13 Kerato means cornea or horny Kerat tis Keratoma l 3 False E True I 14 Photo means green Photodermitis Photophobia l 3 False E True I 15 Melano and Nigra mean gray Melankzma Nigra Bodies l C False E True I 16 NPO means Nothing By Mouth E True I False l 17 The muscle term profundus means B surface E deep E back 3 top 18 esis and osis mean condition or disease Hematop oilelsis HidrOsis l E True I False l 19 C39onio means dust Conilosis Pneumonolconiolsis l E False E True I 20 Apo meanswaxorto stick Apoplexy Apolorine lE True 3 False l 21 Embryo means young Embryonlic Embrylopathic l C True I False l 22 cicatrix means scar or normal scar Cicatrlizati on Dermocicatrix l 3 False E True l 23 The combining form ce lo means 3 ileum E blind pouch C colon E ilium l 24 Mal means bad Mal gnant Maladjustment l C False E True I 25 Bruxi means to grind Bruxlism Duralbrux sm l E False E True l 26 Palpebro mean ear Palpebritis Palpebroptosis ll False 3 True l 27 Cec means blind pdu h C ecbptosis Ceclostbmy l 3 True 3 False l 28 PruriIand Psori mean wh eal Pruriltus Psorilasis l E True 3 False l 29 Litho and Petro mean hard Litho ltripsy 8 Osteopetrlbsis False E True l 30 penia means increase Erythrolpenia Leucopenia I lE True C False l 31 icle iole and ellum mean small Ossicle Bronch o39le Cerebellum l l E True I False l 32 The combining form auri and oto mean I 3 hearing I ear 3 sight I eye l 33 A diagnostic term for a nosebleed is usually I E epistaXis E rhinoplasia C nasofusion E corpulmonale l 34 Rhytido means wrinkles Rhytidlectomly Rhytidoltherapy l l 3 False E True 35 A Chiropractorspecializes in the repositioning of bones with adjustments in order to relieve nerve and tissue pressure caused by bone E subluxations E luxations E ossi cations C spurs l 36 Angio means vessel Angiolgram Angiloma l l E False E True l 37 Xero means dry Xerolderma Xerolgraphy l l 3 True I False l 38 Splanchno means vertebrae Splanch nOIQQY SplanchnoIith l True I False l 39 Di DipIIo and Gq mean two 39or both Digestlion Dipllopia Coladaptive l C True I False l 40 Contra means to speed up or rush Contraindicated Contraception l 3 False E True I 41 oma means SWelling or tumor GIau39coma Garcinloma l E True E False l 42 cis39 means to out or cut into Incision Inlc islor l E False E True I 43 Avulsfl meansto tear or tear away Avulslion Avulsioplasty lE True 3 False l 44 scope means using an instrument to examineor view Nas olscope Otolsco ple l 3 False E True l 45 The surgical procedure for female sterilization is called 3 tubal ligation E laparoscopy E dilation and curettage E tuborrhagia l 46 The firstsseven bones of the vertebral column forming the neck are the E cervical E sacrum C thoracic C lumbar l 47 Eso means toward Esophagus Esogastritis l C True 3 False l 48 Nephr o and Reno mean kidney Nephr tis Renal E True The inability ofthe heart to pump enough blood through the body to supply the tiss ues39and False 65 organs is called C congenital heart disease E congestive heart failure E coronary occlusion E coronary thrombosis l 66 crine means to secrete Endolcrine Hololcri ne EXoorine l 3 False E True l 67 orrhaphy means to suture or sew Dermatlorrhaphy Mylo rrhaphy l E True E False l 68 Carbunculo means glowing ember Carbuncule Carbuncjulosis l 3 False E True I 69 A ankle sprain is often characterized by C weakness U hemorrhaging hematoma formation torn tissues and is E E numbness worse than an ankle stra1n l 70 Hormone means to stimulateor change Hormonlal Hormonopoi sis ll False 3 True l 71 Spiro means breatheor breathing Spirometer Spiromany True 3 False The suffiXes algia and dynia mean pain Neurlalgia Gas trodynia True C False The visual examination of the abdominal cavity through the belly Wall is called laparoscopy U anterior and posterior colporrhaphy dilation and curettage E tubal ligation l 74 The surgical term that actually means quotsurgically breaking joint apartquot is l E arthroclasia E synovectomy C osteoclasia C arthrotomy l 75 The opening through which food passes into the alimentary to nourish canal is the l C pharynx E esophagus I palate E mouth I 76 Menin go and Meningio mean membrane Mening tis Meninglioma l l 3 True C False l 77 A muscleterm for large is l C serratus E magnus C profundus E minimus l 78 The diagnostic term Arrhythmia means I I heart abnormality present at birth E any vanatlim from a normal heart rhythm or contraction E obstruction of an artery in the heart E vascular in ammatory disorder l 79 Adeno means gland Adenitis Adenoma l l U True 3 False l 80 Salpingo means tube or canal Salpingfltis Salpingoplasty l l C True C False 81 The diagnostic term given to the condition characterized by the enlargement of therthyroid gland and means throat is C gout E ketosis E goiter C cretinism M alaclo means hard Osteolmalacia Chrondolmalac39ia True 3 False Galactn and Lacto mean sugar Glactlorrh39ea Lactlase True E False l 84 metrly means the process or procedure of measuring Optolmetriy Fetometry l E True I False l 85 ose means sugar Fructlose Sucrlose l C False E True l 86 Carcinlo means erab39or crablike Carcinloma Carcinlogenlc l 3 False E True l 87 Ar means fast 39ArIrhythmia Arkansas l C True I False l 88 The medical term that refers to extremity blood vessels is C vasoconstrictor C peripheral vascular E auscultation E manometer l 89 Peri means through or across Pericarditis Perildqntal False E True Retino means eye or eyeball Retin tis Retinoscopy False 3 True l 91 lleicl means flank lleum lle tis ll True E False Sarco means fleshy Sarcoma SaraDid True 3 False l 93 Sagitto means arrow or arrowlike Sagittlal Plane Sagittallis l E False E True l 94 M39eta means change or beyond Metalbolism Metacarpal l E True I False The word part in its combining form that means quotfirstquot is E prim0 E octo HOVO mono Gryo means hidden Erynsurgery Cryolgenic False 3 True I 97 Clino means together CIinodac tylia Clinecephaly lg True I False l 98 Cau and Gausto mean tq burn Qaulterization Caustflc True E False l 99 centesis means a surgical puncture to drain fluid Abdomenocentesis Thoracolcentesis lE False E True l 100 Colo means big intestine or large intestine Colostorny Collitis l 1 True 3 False l 101 Gero or39Geront o mean oi d Geriatrics or Gerontologly True I False CP means Cerebral Palsy l 3 False 3 True l 103 Homo and Homeo m ean same Homograph Homeolp athic l E True E False l 104 Strepto means chain twistedchain Streptolcoccus Streptoldermatitis l E True I False l 105 The diagnostic term that means skin or tissuebruise is C laceration E furuncle C contusion E eczema l 106 Chiro and Manp mean hand Chirolpractor amp Sphygmolma nometer l 3 True 3 False l 107 The muscular hollow organ that temporarily holds the urine is the C nephron E urinary bladder quotVesiclo or cyst0quot 3 urethra U prostate l 103 Aneurysm meansvein Aneurysmectomy Aneurysmlorrhaphy ll True 3 False l 109 Partlo and Toci mean pregancy Parturlation DyStoclia l U False 3 True l 110 Vito and Bio mean to record Vitlal Signs Biological l E False 3 True l 111 Somo and Corpo mean total Somlatic amp Corpus True E False Meno and Menstro mean weekly Menolpause Menstration IE False C True l 113 Lymphlo means node or swelling Lymphledema Lymphadenitis l E False 3 True l 114 latro means to treatment or cure latrogenic PedliatricS l E True 3 False l 115 Both food and air39ytr avel through the U trachea E larynx E mouth and pharynx or throat E esophagus l 116 The small organs that produceand drain tears from the eye are the E meibomian glands and ducts E lacrimal glands and ducts E sebaceus glands and ducts E optic glands and ducts l 117 The diagnostic term Myxoma means a tumor or swelling of E oil I lymph E mucus E sweat l 113 The procedural term for Xray of the veins after an injection of contrast medium dye is E venography E echocardiogram C venogram E electrocardio graph y l 119 Spondylo means organ or intestine Spondylitis Spondyloma l C True I False l 120 Osmlo and OIfacto mean nose Osmlia Olfactlory False E True l 121 stalsis and spasm means to contract Peristalsis Laryngospasm lE False 3 True l 122 Herpetlo means to creep Herpes Herpet c Herpet f o rm l C True I False l 123 e means instrument Stetholsc ople Otolscope l 3 True I False l 124 Volvo and Volvullb means to twist or roll Volvulus Volyulosi s l 3 False E True I 125 Actino means heat Actingdermatlitis Actinolther apy l 3 False C True I 126 Linguand Glosso mean tongue Lingual 8c GIossitis l E True E False l 127 Helminthlo and Vermi mean worm Helminthic Vermilform l C False E True I 128 E means out or outward Elv icerate Elversion l E False E True l 129 Irida lridci and Irid mean raian w Irid tijs Iridolrrhexis l 3 True 3 False l 130 gen means to developer begin Carcinolgen Leucocytolgenlesis False E True l 131 y ation and ing mean probedure of or process of Psy39 hliatry Lactiation MaSsaging l l 3 False E True l 132 The diagnostic term Keratitis39actually means I E in ammation of the ear E in ammation of the eyes cornea C in amed membrane E in amed eyeball l 133 Semiand Hemi mean whole Semimembraneous Hemilsphere l l 3 True E False l 134 Estro means menstration Estrogen Estrolgenic l l C False E True 135 The medical term that means discharge of a mnionic fluid from the uterus during pregnancy is C amniorrhexis C hysterorrhexis E amniochorial E amniorrhea l 136 The medical term that means Without feeling or without sensation is l E aphoria E anesthesia U psychosomatic E euphoria l 137 Me so and Medi mean side or edge Mesolderm Medial l l E True I False l 138 Re meansagain Reproduction Relgeneration I lE False E True I 139 Presbyo meansnew Presbyopia Presbyacuria l True False E l 140 The medical term that means lack Of muScle coordination is E pyosis E syncope I ataxia E stenosis I 141 Pharmaco means drug Pharmacology Pharmacom ania l 3 False E True l 142 Psycho and noia mean mind Psychelegy Paralnoia l 3 True E False l 143 The suffix poiesis means C hardening E formation or development 3 pain 3 to mix l 144 Dipso means to thirst Aldipsia Polydipsia l 3 False E True l 145 Lienoand Sp leno mean spleen Li39enlomaand Spleno lmegaly lE False 3 True l 146 Bulimo means hungry or excessive appetite Bulimlia Bulim c l U True E False l 147 Post means after or behind Postpartum Posterolanterior l 3 True E False l 148 TeIe Telo and Tel mean end Telemetry Telophase Television lE True 3 False l 149 The term quothyperplasiaquot means I C increase in development I to begin development decrease in development 3 to stop development l 150 The suffix ician or in Phys cian is naturall39 literally means E doctor B one Who E director I specialist l 151 lr means lack of or not Irregular lrlradiation l 3 False E True l 152 05 means mouth or mouth likeiopening osltomy Os Uteri l 3 False E True l 153 CholeCysto means gall bladder Cholelcystitis Cholecystopexy l E True 3 False l 154 The medical term Stematolgastric means 3 pertaining to the stomach and its contents E pertaining to the nose and stomach E pertaining to the mouth and stomach I pertaining to the abdomen l 155 The medical term Concussion means E to disorient E to cause mental pain E to shake violently causing brain bleeding E to confuse l 156 The Eye Chart that measuresvisual acuity is C XChart E EChart E D Chart 3 AChart l 157 The jellylike liquid located in the posterior chamber of the eye isthe C vitreous uid C conjunctiva uid C aqueous uid 3 lacrimal uid Myco and Ti nea means fungus My cdlstatin Ti neja COrpOris True I False Ergn and Dynamo mean work Erglometer Dynamlic True 3 False An quot is a noninvasive roentgenolgraphy diagnostic technique Computerized Axial Tomography CAT E scan I Xero gram 3 PET scan I angiogram l 161 Tricho Trichino and Pilo mean hair Trichloma Trichinosis Pilloma l 3 True I False l 162 My and Myos mean ligaments and tendons Myloma Myoslitis l C False C True l 163 Procto means to probe Proctlology Proctols cope l C True E False l 164 The combining form that means vision or sight is E kerato E dacryo U ophthalmo E opto l 165 The TIA refers to a E temporary blood clot E sudden heart attack C lingering stroke C transient ischemic attack I 166 The diagnostic term Al dac tyllia means I extra digitsrefers to U refers to missing toes ngers or digits 3 spider like ngers and toescondition of E jointed ngers and toespertains to l 167 Conjunctivo meansj o39in d together Conjunctivitis Conijunctivoma l 3 True E False l 163 Sebo means sweat Sebaceous Seborrhea l E True E False l 169 Naso and Rhino mean horn Nasal Rhinoplasty l E False E True l 170 Ana means to combine Anatomly Anaphase l 3 False E True l 171 gnosis means knowledge Dialgnosis Prolgnosis l E False E True l 172 Phyto and Lichen mean plant Phytodermitis Lichen fication l C False E True I 173 Bi and Bin means two Bilateral Binocular l C True I False l 174 A procedure of making a record of muscle activity is called I electromyo graph y E electro myo lith otom y C electromyo graph E electromyo gram l 175 The anatomical terms Symphysis Pubis literally mean U pain in the joint late I difficult movement early E growng together at private parts 3 bone cell growth at birth l 176 The surgical term that actually means male sterilization is E vesiculectomy E tubal ligation E vasostomy E vasectomy l 177 Dromo means to run Dramamania Syndrome l E False 3 True l 178 White Blon Cells WBCs are called 3 plate lets E leukocytes or leucocytes C erythrocytes E thrombocytes l 179 The term that means fingerlikeend of the fallopian tube is the C fossae E fundus E mbria E fascia l 180 Arth ro meansvbone39 Arth rlit is Arthrold esis l 3 False E True I 181 Pep and Pepso mean digestion Pepltic Pepsin lU False U True I 182 PQIlD means white POIiomyel tis PoliomyellOpathy l 3 False E True l 183 Audi means to hear Audilplogly Audipgram l E False E True l 184 Pneumo and Pulmono mean lung Pneumonia Pulmonlary l E False 3 True l 185 Kelo means raised red hard scar Kelloid Keloidlectomy l 3 False E True l 186 Amphi literally means across Amphicentric Amphilarthrosis l 3 False 3 True l 187 Masto and Mammo mean chest Mastitis MammoQram l E False E True l 188 physis means growth Symlphysis Epiphysis l E False E True l 189 oid means faulty 39or false material Lipold Lymphold l 3 False E True l 19039 Nucleo and Karyo mean nut or nucleus Nuclelar Karyolkinesis l E False E True l 191 The medical term that means containing both mucus and pus is C sputum E mucopurulent C sputum and mucus E spittle l 192 TID means two times per day l E True I False l 193 The suffix uria means E gout E urine 3 urgent E spondylosis l 194 Oligo means scanty slight or few Oligo lspermia Oligomenorrhea lE True 3 False l 195 Lacrimo and Dacryo mean fluid Lacrimlorrhea DacryladenIitis l C True I False l 196 Cranio means head eranial Craniloplasty l 3 False E True l 197 Immediately after the filtrate passes through the Bowman39s capsule it enters the E capillaries E renal collecting tubule C arteriole E glomerulus l 198 The anatomical term Thymus literally means I chest or cavity E owers spirit or soul I lymph or lymphoid I gumma or gum l 199 The term for abnormal collection of fluid in the peritoneal cavity is U gavage E ascites E feces E vomit l 200 Lord039 meanshunchback Lordosis LordolscolioIsis l C True E False l 201 Kypho means laterally crooked Kyphloais Kyphos c olios is l C False E True l 202 Candidi means glowing white Gandidilasis Candida l E True I False l 203 The term Dilgestion literally means E three parts C to move forward I the process oftwoseparations 3 double compression cyto sis means a decrease in cells Leuc oC39yto sis Thrombocytlosis False E True l 205 Sino and Sinus means cavity or hollow Sinus Sinusitis l 3 True E False l 206 The Endocrine and Nervous Systems are referred to as E physiological systems 3 chemical systems C structural systems E master body systems 207 The diagnostic term Beriberi refers to and is caused by the lack of thiamine part of B Complex 81 in the diet E body sores soressores E body chilling chillchill 3 body weakness quotweaknessweaknessquot 3 body skin cracking crackingcracking l 203 The diagnostic term Pyloric Stenosis literally means C condition of narrowing the gate keeper B one who binds together emptying the stomach E compressing the stomach The diagnostic term for a chronic respiratory disease characterized by paroxysms of 209 coughing wheezing panting with shortness of breath is C croup E asthma B pertussis E in uenza l 210 The muscle term fascia means E tunnel C band that separates E membrane E covering l 211 Docho and Ducto mean duct or canal Dochloma Ductus l 3 False 3 True 212 The surgical term that means surgical eXcision of the thickened interior plaque of an artery is E pericardio stomy E end art e ctomy C phlebectomy C angioplasty l 21339 The oval or almond shaped male sex organs are the E testes E semen 1 sperm E ovary l 214 The use of a medication to dissolve blood clots in a blocked coronary vessel is called 3 laser angioplasty E intracoronary thrombolytic therapy D de brillation E mitral commissurism l 215 Theo means God Theotherapy Theoiphobia l C True 3 False l 216 Colpo means penis Colpitis Colposcopy l 3 True 3 False l 217 The termdefined as the process of drawing away from the midline or middle is E inversion E circumduction C abduction E adduction l 218 An meanswithout or lack of An lemi a Anorexia l C True I False l 219 Fx means Fatique l E True E False l 220 The combining forms that mean movement or motion are E kyphio and lordo C kinesio and praXia E uro and steno E scolio and cervico l 221 A form of depression often seen immediately after childbirth is I D primary E postpartum l U gravido puerperal E dorsocyesic l 222 Ceru Caraand C erumeno mean fat Cerumen Ce rumenollysis l l E False E True l 223 A means complete Almenolrrhea Alfibrile l l C False 3 True l 224 Pyreto and Pyre means cold Pyretic Pyreltherapy l l E True 3 False l 225 Tachy means fast orrapid T achycardia Tachylpnea I l C True E False 226 The myeloid tissue in cancellous bone is semiliquidrand produces most RBCs WBCs and Platelets is usually referred to as 3 bone marrow or red marrow C osteoclastic tissue 3 osteoblastic tissue E fatty yellow marrow adult long bone medullary caV1ty l 227 Omo means shoulder Omobrachial Omectomy l ll True I False l 223 Oculo and Ophthalmo mean to see Ocullar OphthalmOIOgy l l U False 3 True 229 The blood vessel that carries blood containing oxygen and nutrientsaway from the heart to the body tissues except the lungs isthe E venule E duct C vein E aorta l 23039 A Pulmonary Infarction lung to stuff into actually means I l C pulmonary valve incompetence E pulmonary incompetence l U slowed blood ow 3 lung blood ow blockage l 231 Bacillo mean s rod 0r rodshaped BaGillus Bacilllemia l E False E True l 232 The diagnostic term Thrush isyusually 39a fungus infection of the C ear or eustachian ear tube 3 throat or vagina 3 skin or lungs E mouth or gums l 23157 Pan means total all 39or complete Pandemic Panleteas l 3 True E False l 234 Crypto means c39fold Cryptlorchidism Cryptolmnesia l E False 3 True I 235 Com and Con mean together Ccmlpressioni conJun39ctivia l 3 False E True l 236 The term that means pertaining to the flow force of urine within the urinary tract is C micturate quotwater makingprocess E urodynamjcs quoturinewor quot E ful gur ati on E urinalysis l 237 Thoraco Pecto and Stetho mean rib T herax Pectoral Stethoscope lE False E True I 238 The surgical term for cutting of certain branches of the vagus nerve is E vagotomy E abdominoperineal resection E uvulectomy E anastomosis 239 The diagnostic term Incontinentquot literally means and is seen with the lack of control of the bladder andor rectum good movement E open water E uid ow E not contained l 240 Utero Metro Hystero mean cervix Uterla Endometrfltis Hysterlectomy l E True E False l 241 The suffix quotorrheaquot means I to burse forth I ow or discharge C excision or surgical removal I plastic or surgical repair I 242 The medical term Huntington Chorea is characterized by E neural palsy C excessive eating and hyperactivity C an excessive startle re ex E shaking or bizarre involuntary movement with dementia quotawaymindquot l 243 Echlo and Sonlo mean to Xray Echogram or So nogram l E True E False l 244 Sinistro means right Sinistrolcardia Sinistrlocular l E False E True I 245 The diagnostic term Hirsut sm literally means E huge limbs E the state of being hairy E condition of waits E resembling sh skin 246 Ankylo means fuse or bind AnkyIosis Anklyosing l 3 False 3 True l 247 desis and Liga mean 39to loosen Arthroldesis Ligalment Ligalfur e l C False 3 True l 248 Fistuio means pipe stem Fistulloplastly Fistullectomly l E True I False l 249 The pelvicrfloor anus39to vagina or scrotum in both males and females is called the E vulva C genital area B perineum E endometrium l 250 Dys means faulty difficult or39painful Dyslmenorrhea DysIurea l E False E True I 251 Ch eilo meanslip Cheilitis 39Oh39eilolrrhaphy l 3 True 3 False l 252 Lat and Latero mean side Lateral Laterolflexion l C False E True l 253 PQd and quo mean child Pdd atry and Podoldynia l 3 False E True I 254 Hidro and Suderli mean pil Hidrlesis Suderilferous l E True 3 False l 255 Oap horo meansovary Oophorfltis Oophorloma ll False 3 True l 256 Sym and Syn mean together Symphy sis Syndrome l 3 False 3 True I 257 The diagnostic term Bunion turnip sac actually means I in amed heal bursa E bursa hypotrophy in amed bursa of the big toes E metatarsophalangeal joint in amed foot wart l 253 PYEID means pelvis Of kidney 39or organ Py elonephritis Pyelogram l l 3 True E False l 259 The combining form phaslo means I E mind E speech C gray matter E eating l 260 Balano meansglans clitoris or glans penis 39Balan tis Balanlorrhagia l l 3 True E False l 261 The combining form dheillo means l C lip E gall bile U abdomen 3 tongue l 262 Onycho and unguinb mean skin Ony39chitis Unguinal l l 3 True E False l 263 Alveoli or Alveolo mean hollow or cavity Alveolitis Alveoloplasty l l 3 False 3 True I l 264 Laceroe means to tear or accidental cut Lacerlation Lacerlate l ll True 3 False l l 265 Cata means down orto break down Databelism Cat ailepsy l l U False 3 True l l The diagnostic term Fifth Disease39causes a slight red skin flush similar to l E 9 day measles rubeola E polycythemia vera E 3 day measles rubella C erysipelas l 267 The disease of Cryptolcocclolsis is a that can infect the lungs skin brain I CNS bones and urinary tract causing death E yeastlike budding fungus quotno sporesquot E bacterial E Viral E rickettsial l 268 Anthraco means coal or carbuncle like Anthrac c Anthrla x l C False E True l 269 V0 means Verbal Order I 3 True E False l 270 Onco means cancer Onoelegy Onclologist l C True I False l 271 poiesis means to make or produce Hematolpoiesis Erythropoiesis l 3 False 3 True I 272 Gravido means pregnant or heavy Multigravida Gravida l 3 True E False l 27339 Ascari means worm or nematode Ascariasis Ascarilcide l Ci True E False I The Endocrine Gland is referred to as the Master Gland because it secretes 274 multiple hormones that influencemultiple body function and coordinates many body functions is the U Parathyroid C Pituitary E Thyroid C Adrenal l 275 Ca taracto means waterfall or cloudy Cataractectomy cataractolgenic l C False 3 True l 276 Athero means pOrridge or yellow fat Atherolsclero sis Atherloma False E True l 277 Brady means short Bradycardi39a Bradykinesia lE False C True I 278 la p s e and ptosis means fall slip or39dro op Prolapse Uteroptcsis l C False C True l 279 Edema means bad or harmful Edematlous Lymphedema l 3 True I False l 280 The diagnostic term rectdlcele means 3 in ammation of the uvula E protrusion of the rectum C prolapse of the rectum E in ammation of the stomach l 281 Myxlo and Blenno mean to muc us Myxloma Blennoma l E True E False l 282 The largest lymphatic organ in the body39 is the E thymus E kidney E liver E lungs l 283 A patient that has blood in thei39chest has I hemothoraX E hematocardia E pyretothoraX E pyothoraX l 284 Pyo means to itch Pylorrhea Pongenic l C False 3 True l 285 Sphygmo means pulse Sphygmolgram Sphygmometer True I False Surg and Surglo mean working by hand Surgilcal Surgeon lE False C True I 287 Etio means eating EtipIogy Eti39oltropic l E True I False l 288 The muscle term peroneus means 3 tip I pin 3 posterior I point l 289 An instrument that examines the interior of the eye is called an E ophthalmoscope E pupilloscope C tonometry E optomyometry l 290 Occulto means bad S p ina Bifida Odculta OCGUItologly l 3 False E True l 291 Culdo means blind pouch or sac Culdocentesis Guidoscope l E True I False l 292 Hallux means thumb Microhallex Hallux Valgus lE True 3 False l 293 An Autopathic condition is a diSease that E is an idiopathic State U starts Iautornatieyally With no apparent cause Within pat1en E is caused by gasoline exhaust E relates to one person l 294 A procedural term that means to measure pulsexwaves and heart beats is I E stethoscopy E venogram l U sphygmocardio graph y E aorto gram I 295 Dermato CoriO Cutio mean skin Dermat tis Corium Cutisle l E False E True l 296 The medical term Glos solpathy means C inability to swallow E without digestion 3 disease of the tongue I pertaining to the mouth 297 The diagnostic term for acongenital defect in which the urinary meatus is located on the upper surface of the penis is U epispadias E hypospadias C poly cystic kidney E urinary retention l 298 Menisco means crescent or semilunar shaped Meniscectomy Menisclotomy l C True E False l 299 Dolo means swelling Dolor Doldrilmeter l E True E False l 300 A quotanometerquot measures pressure within the E eye E colon 3 heart E lung


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