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by: Mrs. Markus Jones


Mrs. Markus Jones
GPA 3.82


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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Markus Jones on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECH 4404 at University of Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/206877/ech-4404-university-of-florida in Engineering Chemical at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
Department of Chemical Engineering UNIVERSITY of UP I Unit Operations Laboratory LiquidLiquid Extraction Overview Liquidliquid extraction LLE is an important unit operation that allows one to separate uids based on solubility differences of solutes in different solvents In this experiment acetone is extracted from a butyl acetate BA stream by contact with water An important fundamental assumption of the system is that water and butyl acetate are immiscible Sample compositions will be determined using Titration Methodology as outlined on the LiquidLiquid Extraction Theory handout This handout provides an overview of the following topics as they relate to the LiquidLiquid Extraction project urpose Concepts to Review Study Questions Prediction of Planned Runs Useful Apparatus Data Possible Objectives In addition you should download and review the handout provided by your faculty advisor if it is provided Purpose 0 To study the performance of a liquidliquid extraction column 0 To examine parameters such as the composition of the top and bottom products at various feed rates and compositions These parameters should be calculated theoretically and determined experimentally from the column Concepts to Review In order to satisfactorily complete this laboratory exercise it is important to have a thorough understanding of the following concepts Liquidliquid extraction HTU NTU HETP NTS methods Liquidliquid equilibrium diagrams The effect of ow rate on overhead and bottoms products Column ooding conditions Rigorous plate to plate calculating procedures Modi ed 4192007 Kevin M Sapp page 13 Original Document Jullie Lawson 2007 Department of Chemical Engineering UNIVERSITY of UP I Unit Operations Laboratory Study Questions Provide justi cation for the fundamental assumption that water and butyl acetate are irnrnisci e 2 For the observed separations how does the number of theoretical stages vary With ow rates Consider both the graphical and analytical methods for stage determination 3 How does the height equivalent to a theoretical plate HETP vary With ow rates 4 Justify your use of a linear operating line if employed Does the operating line change With different ow rates 5 What differences do you nd in the results between the graphical and analytical methods Which is more accurate 6 Is droplet size affected by ow rate If so is this important 7 What really causes the column to ood at the highest ow rates How do you rationalize steady state ow rates and water holdup in the column 8 Will the extraction be run With constant temperature Explain What if the temperature of the water and butylacetate feeds are at different temperatures Adapted in part from Chemical Engineering Lab II Department of Chemical Engineering Chemistry and Environmental Science New Jersey Institute of Technology Newark NJ 2000 Prediction ofPlanned Runs The project planning process should include determination of a set of operating conditions to be analyzed Note that it is easy to choose conditions that are outside of the performance limits of the apparatus are insensitive to the different initial conditions or for Which no meaningful parameter values can be determined Carefully study the limitations of the existing experimental apparatus as a part of the planning process rather than nding out in the laboratory run that the experimental values obtained are useless Modi ed 4192007 Kevin M Sapp page 23 Original Document Jullie Lawson 2007 UP I UNIVERSITY of Department of Chemical Engineering Unit Operations Laboratory Useful Apparatus Data There are 4 columns available for the extraction experiment 3inch column With Rachig rings 3inch column With Fall Rings 4inch column With Rachig rings 6inch column With Rachig rings 59 If you have any question about Where a line goes trace it The rotameters used for measuring the BA and water ows are calibrated for water Also look on the rotarneter to discover that a 08 reading on the water rotarneter is 0834 gpm Determine the density for the BA stream and calibrate the rotarneter accordingly The Rotarneter Handout Will be useful in this task Possible Objectives Several tasks that have been the basis of previous projects include Study the effect of column size While retaining the same packing on outlet compositions Study the effect of packing type While retaining the column size on outlet compositions Study the effect of feed ow rates of the water andor the BA streams on outlet compositions Propose an experiment to test the fundamental assumption that water and butyl acetate are insoluble in one another Note that your project may cover more than one of these objectives or additional objectives of your own design Check With your faculty advisor for further objectives Modi ed 4192007 Kevin M Sapp page 33 Original Document Jullie Lawson 2007


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