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by: Cale Klocko


Cale Klocko
GPA 3.9

Charles Kibert

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About this Document

Charles Kibert
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cale Klocko on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BCN 4712 at University of Florida taught by Charles Kibert in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/206879/bcn-4712-university-of-florida in Civil Engineering at University of Florida.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
i Ethics Dilemmas 1 BCN 4712 Leading amp Managing Construction Operations Determining an ethical action Is the action legal How will it make me feel about myself Is it fair to all concerned Is it the truth Will it cause anyone personal loss or pain or violate confidentiality or harm somebody in any other way Is there a conflict of interest Case 1 Situation Brian is a sales rep for Samson Elevator He has been working 2 years to acquire a maintenance servuce contract for Towne Center Allen is the senior property manager for Towne Center Brian knows Allen s mother is ailin and offers Allen an elevator for his home if A en gives him the contract Choices if you were Allen would you Not accept the fit but invite Brian to submit a bid Take the gift and award the contract to him Other Case 2 Situation Martin manages a 30000 SF office building He has sent RFPs to five contractors for an 800000 tenant finish contract Jim represents one of the five contractors and offers Martin an all expenses paid trip for two to Hawaii if Jim s company is selected Choices if you were Martin would you Accept the gift and give Jim the contract Ignore the offer and proceed with the bid process Remove Jim from the bid list Other Case 3 Situation Rick is the new property manager for Keg Management a new high rise office buil ing He is a big sports fan and tells vendors approaching him for product and service contracts whoever provides him baseball tickets will gain an advantage in the bidding process Choices As a potential bidder would you Give him the tickets and get the contract Refuse to collaborate Blow the whistle on Rick Other Case 4 Situation During construction of an exclusive Ritz Club the fire marshall introduces himself to the Superintendent Alice Chambers He give he an envelope and says quot ll be back on Wednesday to pick it up You have a nice project here and I d hate to delay the opening by not taking care of each other She had previously heard of this sort of issue with the fire marshall where when he got the envelope back empty hed piceE the project to death by inspection delaying it six wee Choices Should Alice Give the envelope back immediately Accept the envelope and return it empty Report the re marshall to the Mayor s office Other Case 5 Situation Two years ago ABC Management hired Bill Jones at the Chief Engineer for the XYZ National Pottery Company in Chicago ABC has a third party contract for 3 years with XYZ Jones does an outstandin job with XYZ and becomes buddies with Sall Brown VP Purc asing and they do family activities on weeken 5 Bill tells Sally that he intends to start his own company and that e can do the property management for 33 o less by using ABCs asic materials He tells her she will probably receive a large bonus for saving so much money for ABC and urges her to hire him Choices Should Sally Take Bill up on his offer Reject his offer and report him to ABC Other C ase 6 Situation Ch Harold Billboard is the director of property management for a large real estate firm in NYC The company had a recent hiring freeze due to poor economic conditions Harold39s son Harold Jr recently graduated with a degree in psychology Harold Sr suggests to his field engineers that his son needs work theyI hire him and the engineer who hired him gets the largest bonus at t e end of the year Harold Sr thanks him and tells him to keep the bonus to himself oices Should the engineer have Hired his son Point out the problems with this request Hire his son but gracefully turn down the bonus Other g Case 7 Situ Cho ation Turbo is hired meave Malley as chief engineer in a paper company She 39red over Bobby alker who it was thou ht needed more experience and who the major client did not want managing t eir work She brings six outstanding em loyees from her previous job but cannot pay them ch They are loyal and ollow her to the new job She does outstanding but 12 months out Dave receives a phone call from Bobby saying Kathy is having employees write down false hours on time car 5 When confronted she says she did it so they could make up the pay difference compared to their old job which she promised them She has the top producing team the client loves her and wants to expand business with the company Bobby Malley will get her job if she is fired and the client wil be lost ices Should David Fire Kathleen Place Kathleen on probation and require to pay back the over billed hours Other


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