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Art and Society renaissance to modern.pdf

by: Gabirela

Art and Society renaissance to modern.pdf

Marketplace > University of Houston > Art History > Art and Society renaissance to modern pdf
GPA 3.4

Dr. Sandra Zalman

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About this Document

Lecture Notes
Dr. Sandra Zalman
Class Notes
Art and Society renaissance to modern
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gabirela on Thursday September 4, 2014. The Class Notes belongs to a course at University of Houston taught by a professor in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 148 views.


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Date Created: 09/04/14
Early Renaissance in southern and northern Europe an emphasis on education and on expanding knowledge the exploration on individual potential esp of classical antiquity and a commitment to civic responsibility and moral duty Writes quot2 first recoded art history Writes that 2 was the first major artist of the renaissance 1310 paints an altar piece named Fist to o Show Madonna39s body more o Uses shading light o Does not stack the angles I Gives more prospective o Angles are more engaged in the space Is a Floringten artist from Florence Italy Padua 1305 o Privately owned by Enrico Scrovegni I Rich Banker I Thought as a way to repent Made of fresco painting on wet plaster Subject matter I The lives of the Virgin and Christ the last Judgment Virtues and Vices o He combines the chapel with the blues unity I Contrast to the gold used previously o Lamentation Arena Chapel north wall I Does not place Christ in the center as commonly would I Draws attention throw prospective I Uses other figures reaction to show emotion I Uses more realism I Gives a since of you being there ex Seeing peoples backs o Technique shading aspect from light to dark 1305 More cyanotic then Duccio quotrealistic seen Everyone on same plain no staking Shows backs of people to seem as if you were their seeing this happen OOOO Blue sky compared to Duccios gold sky o Shows engagement o Not much concern for architecture 13081311 o Is the altar piece of Siena Cathedral o Stacks the saints people classic style I To see every single saints faces o Does not show as much shading in Marry o Is more conservative I Mainly because it s not for personal use but for the entire population of Siena o Size is 7 x 13 ft o Back of Virgin and child enthroned with saints 1309 0 We see Chiaroscuro light to dark 0 Uses overlapping prospective 1305 o Shows everyone o Shows greatness of architecture 1413 o Done in oil paint It is a I Consists of three pieces 0 The portrait of the person he is painting for dressed like a priest nun looking in to the room 0 Marry and Gabriel main piece 0 David in work shop setting contemporary back round o Subject I When Gabriel come to tell Marry to have the baby Marry and Gabriel are prorated as very big for the setting Placed in a contemporary setting but uses quotbiblical clothing Everything is really details and realistic OOOO Was painted for 1433 o Oil painting size 33 2 X23 2 in o Framing said quotAs I can I Thought to be a portrait of himself because of writing to show his customers what he can do o The painting is very detailed down to the red veins in the eye o First portrait that was looking at you 1434 o Aka Portrait ofGiovanni Arnolfini and his Bride Uses the same amount of detailing in the portrait as his last work ex The mirror in the back if seen close up shows three people witnessing it including himself o He signs it Jon van EYCK was here I People didn t usually sign their paintings at that time o Oil on Panel o Patron Archers Guild of Louvain o The figures in the painting are quotcrammed into a space I Compared to Giotto he would not have done so instead he would have made a crowd It also does not contain a back or convey dept through prospective It is considered to be set more like a quotstage there is no real back round the figures is all you see He is an Italian Invented perspective o Introduces a vanishing point I A tool artists can use to convey a more realistic proportional representation I Used by drawing lines in a triangular form with the lines leading to one point vanishing point I Usually the center of the peace master of perspective worked whit fresco 142327 Located in Brancacci Chapel St Maria del Carmine He was the master of perspective He also has the objects fad while they get further way He still has Hallow but they are flouting over their heads instead of a usual clear cut cercal around it 142427 o It is a fresco o o o Uses the technique of a light source coming form one location o o o Located at Santa Maria Novella Florence o At the horizon line of 5 ft it has a writing I quotI was once what you are now and what I am you will become I This saying is place right above a skeleton implying that he was once alive and he died and so will you I With God and Christ place above the grave Skeleton it also implies that God and Christ are everlasting and that they are your saviors o This piece is also an extremely accurately mathematically drawn piece I Every section can be recreated and shown as a room and its depth and length I Giving the piece a since that it is coming out at you Brunelleschi and Ghibertis compotation pieces Both created an Image of the that would be place on the chapels door 2 o medium gilded bronze I bronze casting lostwax method I wax model of sculpture or part of sculpture made I wax spouts known as runners and risers are attached to the model to serve as pour channels for the molten metal and as vents to expel wax gas and air I entire mold is encased in clay and the bronze an alloy of copper and tin is heated and poured I molten bronze fills the cavities in the clay left by the melted wax I when cooled the outer clay case is removed revealing the finished work I individual pieces welded together I the surface is worked with files fine abrasives punches and burins to bring it to a sheen and to incise delicate surface work I a patina may be applied to give a consistent color I very expensive material very difficult technique o Did not contain a lot of perspective o Implied perspective through lateral moves in the depiction and foreshortening I Example 0 Angle trying to stop the sacrifice o It does not give a since of action I The story is very straight forward o He references antiquity I ThornPuller Ancient Roman Bronze o Material is gilt bronze cheaper material o Wines the commotion o Foreshortenings with dynamic lateral angle I Giving the depiction more emotion 0 You don t really know if the angel is going to get there in time 0 And Isaac has this frightened look o When compared to Brunelleschi it is very dull and straight forward Gates of Paradise 142552 o Was made of gilt bronze I Much cheeped material to use at the time Is located in Baptistery Florence Consists of 10 separate depiction form they bible O O I One of them is Isaac and His sons 0 He uses prospective and dynamic composition o It is three dimensional


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