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by: Sherwood Hartmann PhD


Sherwood Hartmann PhD
GPA 3.75

Christopher Sessums

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About this Document

Christopher Sessums
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sherwood Hartmann PhD on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EME 4406 at University of Florida taught by Christopher Sessums in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 38 views. For similar materials see /class/206895/eme-4406-university-of-florida in Media Arts and Design at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
EME 4406 Day 2 Technology Standards Brief Review What are 3 uses of technology and one example for each Think pair share Kid Pix Example of slide show How to save and load slides Technology standards 0 Role of standards What do you think 0 Sources of standards for technology and young children 1 02 03 NAEYC Position statement Developed by subset of NAEYC and passed by the Board of Directors Serves as a basis for 7 Making technology decisions 7 Professional development a Teacher and child aaivities 7 Inclusion 7 Cultural sensitivity a Parent involvement Has 7 sections Position Paper activity and Web CT 0 WebCT orientation Activity directions Each section of NAEYC position paper is assigned to 3 of you Brie y review your section and post a comment in yourWebCT Discussion Board thread Your thread will have 3 comments When finished refresh the page read all comments in your thread and close WebCT NAEYC Statement 0 Role of the teacher 0 Issues regarding how appropriate computer use in uences children s development 0 Issues of diversity 0 Software 0 Professional development Another Weth posting 0 Now that we ve had some time to consider the position statement please post another comment only in your thread Respond to other people by commenting or asking a question or elaborate on your former posting WebCT assignment 0 See assignment description and rubric httpWWWcoeu educourseseecsO4thurs dayWebCThtml ISTE 0 International Society for Technology in Education 0 Standards for Students and Teachers 0 tipcnetsisteorgintrohtml NETS S 0 National Educational Technology Standards for Students NET S S 1 Basic operations 4 Technology and concep s communications tools 2 Social ethical and 5 Technology human issues research tools 3 Technolo y 6 Technology productivity tools problemisolVing and decisionemaking tools Break into groups of 3 4 0 Review your standard and find an example 0 Report back to the group NET S T 0 National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers performancebased technology foundation standards for all teachers de ne essential conditions for teacher preparation and school learning environments necessary for effective use of technology NETS T continued develop standardsbased performance assessment tools for measuring the achievement of the technology foundation establish a National Center for Preparing Tomorrow39s Teachers to Use Technology NCPT3 More next week For next time 0 Finish Kid Pix 0 WebCT discussion board posting Determine Who your miniepracticum partner Will be 0 Have a super Martin Luther King weekend Do something to increase your appreciation for diversity your own or others


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