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by: Dr. Jeffrey Goldner


Dr. Jeffrey Goldner
GPA 3.61

Keith Yearwood

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About this Document

Keith Yearwood
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Jeffrey Goldner on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to URP 3001 at University of Florida taught by Keith Yearwood in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/206916/urp-3001-university-of-florida in Human Development at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
Test 3 Review Garbage disposal in Tokyo Solid waste management in Curitiba Methods used to promote the use of public transit in Curitiba Land ll issue in new york city Def39me the following terms 0 O O 0 Environmental justice 7 the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless or race color national origin or income with respect to the development implementation and enforcement of environmental laws regulations and policies Ghetto the section of a European city to which Jews were restricted Today commonly defined as a section of a city occupied by members of a minority group who live there because of social restrictions on their residential choice Sustainability Sustainable development Ways in which groundwater is contaminated Landfills leach harmful things into the water highways generate pollutants from motor vehicle use are washed away by rain All water shortage problemissues in reference to O O O Lagos Nigeria 7 expensive lots of leaks and pipes are damaged from people illegally tapping into them Jakarta 7 E coli contaminated with salt water brine Mexico city 7 water manes bust from the water pressure the city is sinking because of the water being taken from the ground Negative impacts of the overuse of Mexico city s groundwater supplies 0 The city is sinking and causing sinkholes Strategies used and what can be used to conserve water in Fac O O 0 Mexico city Las Vegas 7 people are fined for watering their lawns during peak sun hours Nigeria tors responsible for the current state of the Nile Delta 0 O O Aswan High Dam 7 blocks silt which goes to the Nile Delta to replenish it for farming Fertilizers is used but it pollutes the water and damages the environment Without silt the Nile Delta is sinking and water level is rising Reason why the Aswan High Dam was built 0 To harness hydro electric power for Egypt Environmental and physical problems associated with the presence of the Aswan High dam Rising sea levels 959 959 0 Sources of additional water that add to volume of the sea causing slr 0 Reason why the land sinks oil extraction groundwater extraction compaction of coastal mud starvation of land deposits of silt sand mining 0 hard solutions and soft solutions sea walls rockslides are big groups of rocks 100 feet out in the ocean that break up waves Groyne elds are rock walls that trap sand moved by the current beach nourishment to bring sand back to the beaches beach dunes o What they are what they look like how they work City of Venice Problems plaguing the city city oods city is sinking overuse of groundwater salt water intrusion is decaying and corroding the foundations of the buildings water backs up into the houses through the sewer system sometimes there is too much water pollution that the tides cant ush out the canals boats have destroyed some marine life Solutions used and proposed for solving these problems 1 dredge and make canals wider and deeper 2 raise the levels of the streets 3 build massive oodgates at 3 entrances to control high tides 4 drain the canals x the walls and re ll the canals bP N P P


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