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by: Kellie Johnson Sr.


Kellie Johnson Sr.
GPA 3.87

James Mueller

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James Mueller
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This 35 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kellie Johnson Sr. on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to REL 2240 at University of Florida taught by James Mueller in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/206925/rel-2240-university-of-florida in Religion at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
HistoricalTheological Background 342010 100100 AM Historical Background August 26I 2009 Hebrew Bible essentially the same as the Old Testament in a different order Genesis 12 Abraham Abraham is picked by God o Made many promises to Abraham Every time Abraham does something on his own God reiterates the promise o Not really any repercussions for not trusting in God since he is chosen o Same goes for his sons Isaac and Jacob when they don t follow God s plan This is a different kind of ideology that we are used to Joseph Series Genesis 37ish Sold into slavery by brothers Favorite son Becomes Chief Advisor to Pharaoh Moving away from the do whatever you want ideology Showing development Exodus 1250 BCE Judges caused anarchy and chaos o Movement toward a central government Saul o Tragic figure o Pegged to lead the people First monarch in 1050 BCE David comes along in 1000 BCE United Monarchy Solomon dies Monarchy splits JudahSouth s theology God appointed the Monarch IsraelNorth s theology 2 Kings 17 Assyrian Conquest Deportation of the 10 Northern tribes to Assyria and repopulation of the area with people from other parts of the Assyrian Empire First great empire of the East Judah s account in 2 Kings o The Israelites did wrong o Served idols o Sinned o That s why they were conquered God allowed the North to be conquered God likes us better we re the chosen people Judah August 31I 2009 Alexander The Great Defeats the Persians and takes over all their land Dies young When he dies none of his Generals are strong enough to take over the kingdom so they separate it into three parts What Defines Being Jewish How to be Jewish in foreign landsculture Outside the land of Israel Circumcision Kosher Daniel 1 Sabbath observance Traditions Septuagint LXX o Translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek o More books than the Hebrew Bible Inside the land of Israel 13 above Temple Nationhood Letter of Aristeas How the Septuagint came into existence 72 scholars sit down in separate rooms to translate the Hebrew Bible came out the same every time Antiochus IV Epiphanies The Syrian monarch who attempted to force the Jews of Palestine to adopt Greek culture leading to the Maccabean revolt in 167 BCE Outlawed speaking Hebrew Hellenization imposition of Greek culture Made it illegal for Jews to circumcise their baby boys Converts the Jewish Temple into a pagan sanctuary Requires Jews to sacrifice to the pagan gods Judas Maccabeus Family of Jewish priests Maccabeans Revolt against Syrian overlords Rededicated the Temple and appointed a new High Priest Ruled the land until the Roman general Pompey conquered it Allowed the high priest to remain in office Romans Now Ruling Appointed a king to rule the Jews of Palestine Herod the Great Romans considered Herod Jewish but the locals didn t Not accepted by the people traitorous halfJew at best Married a Maccabean woman o Killed her because he thought she was cheating on him Killed a lot of rich people and took their money Great builder expanded the temple walls of Jerusalem Western Wall Taxed the people After he died in 4 BCE Judea ruled by Herod s son Archelaus 4 6 BCE Galilee ruled by Herod s son Antipas 4 39 BCE Judea governed by Roman Prefects Pontius Pilate 6 41 BCE First Jewish Revolt 66 CE 70 CE September 2I 2009 70 CE Temple gets destroyed Pseudepigrapha spurious or pseudonymous writings esp Jewish writings ascribed to various biblical patriarchs and prophets but composed within approximately 200 years of the birth of Jesus Christ Apocalypse means revelation Masada All try to make known what is unknowable otherwise 1St Jewish Revolt Herod built a multilevel palace down the side of the plateau Storehouses for food Also a fort with a wall Hundreds of meters above the Dead Sea Romans build 7 forts all around the mountain Built a ramp up to the plateau where Masada was 0 Took 3 years to built so Masada knew where they were gonna attack at Final group of Jewish people not seiged by the Romans The night before the planned Roman siege all Jewish people commit suicide so when the Romans get in they find everyone dead Diaspora Jews scatter all over No longer one form of Judaism many scattered forms Theological Background Pharisees How do we know about them 0 Title means seperatists o Probably came about in the Maccabean period 0 Josephus 1St century Jewish historian Apologist for the Jews to the Romans Rewrites the Old Testament so it makes a little more sense 0 New Testament o Rabbinic Writings Writing down of oral stories Mishnah committed to the notion that the Bible tells them things but not plainly and also that the Bible interprets itself Talmud includes the mishnah with more commentary Midrash means a looking into sermonic Targums Aramaic translations of the Hebrew Bible a Not straight translations a They have some interpretations o Major Beliefs o Torah plus oral tradition o Resurrection of the body 0 Divine providence mercy God has revealed to us what a perfect humanity should be which we are incapable of being Mercy is how you can do it you should try as hard as you can but God s mercy is how you will win 0 Angels and demons God has distanced himself from the earth The further God is from the Earth the more opportunity for wrongbad to occur The spread between God and Earth gradually At the end things will get worse and worse and worse and God will finally come back 0 Adaptable 0 Passive resistance to foreign rulers September 4 2009 Began at the Major Beliefs of Pharisees above Sadducees Major Beliefs o Power brokers top dogs Torah alone no oral tradition 0 Because they are the preists o Liturgy is often the last thing that changes in a relgion Everything about how you do the temple services is all in the Torah so they follow that Superior 0 Lorded over everyone 0 Temple often very wealthy when the area around is not Therefore priests have access to the temple funds 0 As long as they do everything they are supposed to in the temple the people won t throw them out Traditionalists rewardspunisments in this life No resurrection Angels and demons not prominent 0 Why do we need angels and demons as intermediaries when that is what the priests do Freedom of will capable of obeying God s laws 0 Conservative in that they believed that if you weren t successful it was because you are just lazy In 70 CE when the temple is destroyed the people don t like that the temple is gone but don t quite mind that the Sadducees had disappeared Essenes Dead Sea Scrolls Origins Priestly group left Jerusalem Temple during Maccabean Period 0 Physically left in 150140 BCE Led by the Teacher of Righteousness to whom God made known all the mysteries of His servants the prophets lQpHab 7 0 Don t use names just titles 0 God had revealed to the Teacher of Righteousness all the mysteries Opposed by the Wicked Priest 0 Disagreed about what calendar should be used 0 Group fled to the wilderness to prepare the way of the Lord Isaiah 40 Qumran o Very close to Masada o Where Dead Sea Scrolls found o Thousands found in Cave 4 Literary Remains o Biblical books all except Esther 0 Esther is the only book in the Hebrew bible that doesn t mention God 0 Shows that it is completely anachronistic A thing belonging or appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists esp a thing that is conspicuously oldfashioned o Biblical interpretation pesharim o Extra biblical Pseudepigrapha o Spurious or pseudonymous writings esp Jewish writings ascribed to various biblical patriarchs and prophets but composed within approximately 200 years of the birth of Jesus Christ o Sectarian composed by the Essenes Sectarian Writings o Rule of the Community 1 QS o Cairo Damascus Document CD o War Scroll 1 QM o Hymn Scroll 1 QH o Temple Scroll 11 QTemple o Cave 11 o All the ways the temple needs to be reformed o Commentary on Habakkuk 1 QpHab Major Beliefs o Torah plus oral tradition not same as Pharisees oral tradition o Effective afterlife not clear if immortality of the soul or resurrection o Predestination with a mixture of grace also o Dominant presence of angels and demons o Emphasis on strict following of the religious Law o Held all goods in common September 9I 2009 Essenes Major Beliefs o See above o Held all goods in common 0 As in the book of Acts 0 Near the Dead Sea o Highly dualistic everything black and white 0 If your not with us your against us o Eschatological living in the end times 0 Eschatological Urgency o All of their books were about how they were living in the end times 0 Thought of themselves as fighting the good side of the final battle on the side of the angels o Messianic waiting for 23 different Messiahs o Messiah of Aaron Priestly Messiah who would bring about the reformation of the temple 0 Messiah of David Warlike Kingly Messiah who will bring about political power 0 Prophetic Messiah o In a time where there are all kinds of expectations of the end times 0 All kinds of different people Other Groups o Zealots revolutionaries guerilla fighters 0 Keep separate those called zealous for the law 0 Fighting against Rome and reestablish independence for Israel o Samaritans lived in old kingdom of Israel 0 Focused around Mount Gerizim 0 Where they believed that s where God said they should worship him o Am haaretz people of the land just plain folks 90 of the population 0 Just getting by from one year to the next one harvest to the next etc o Other groups zealots and Samaritans only make up 10 of the population combined Almost every religion is diversified There were many judiasms kind of similar to denominations in current day they believed in the same thing but in different ways Test 1 10 OF FINAL GRADE 4 sections 50 points total 40 questions Multiple Choice 20 points Dates TrueFalse 20 points Lectures and Ehrman Fill in the blanks 5 points People etc Matching 5 points Dates Memorize the handout New Testament Preconceptions and BiaseS342010 100100 AM We will study the Gospels first which are not the first books written in the NT Talking about someone who spoke in Hebrew and Aramaic But everything recorded is written in Greek Text Criticism Not just a matter of what s oldest The original has been copied many times and spread across the lands The earliest known copies are probably around 3005 Sometimes a newer copy could have preserved the original context better than the oldest copy Bart Ehrman began as a Text Critic 0 Believe that if we can somehow compile all of the copies we might be able to figure out a more original form of the text and then everything will be OK Sthmeber 1 1 2009 The Synoptic Problem Synoptic gospels are Matthew Mark and Luke Harper Collins pg 1653 Matthew wasn t the first gospel to be written there is no chronological order in the arrangement of the books of the Bible 0 Most Biblical scholars say that Mark wrote first 0 There are several who will say Matthew wrote first Some scholars believe that there was a Q document 0 A theoretical collection of Jesus sayings Gospel of Thomas 0 Primative forms of stories that we find in the gospels 0 Not in the Bible 0 Gnostic references 0 Looks like what we think Q would look like A lot of Jesus said Jesus said Infancy Gospel of Thomas Mark has a hurried style to his writing Looked at the Baptism of Jesus Etc Matthew 313 Mark 19 Luke 321 Redaction criticism comparing the synoptic gospels word forword to see what overlaps o Mark Messianic Secret 0 O O 0 September 16I 2009 Gospel of Mark 0 Mark 1115 o Mark is very eschatological o Very hurried writing 0 Uses the word immediately translated to just as or just then sometimes Gets done with John the Baptist in 11 verses The Baptism is short The Temptation of Jesus only takes 2 verses whereas Matthew takes 11 verses o In a hurry to get to a series of things to make clear a problem 0 Doesn t expand on much in the beginning All gospels show the time of John the Baptist and an abrupt change to the time of Jesus Jesus acts with charisma and people respond to it 0 That s why the first disciples follow him so willingly Miracles and disputes fill the first 8 chapters of Mark Mark 12128 0 Man with an Unclean Spirit 0 Jesus commands the demon inside the man to quotBe silent and come out of himquot 0 I know who you are implies the Messianic Secret Mark 12934 0 Jesus Heals Many at Simon s House 0 Shows that his quotfamequot is that he can cast out demons Mark 13539 0 A Preaching Tour in Galilee O O o A tug between Jesus s intentions to preach the message and what he is known for healingcasting out demons 0 Mark 14045 0 Jesus Cleanses a Leper 0 quotmoved with pityquot often footnoted that pity could also mean anger o Frustration of Jesus is beginning to grow why do people keep coming for healing He just wants to preach and keeps telling his followers that quotsee that you say nothing to anyonequot Messianic Secret The leper went out and began to proclaim it freely 0 Mark 2112 0 Jesus Heals a Paralytic dug through the roof Saying that Mark is from around Palestine because they had thatched roofs with mud that you would have to dig through a Luke references a tiled roof which is more applicable to a greek audience Jesus not getting many followers out of these healings people are being selfish coming to the gatherings for heaHng 0 September 18I 2009 Son of Man Eschatological reference Mark 2112 o Jesus Heals a Paralytic o Son of Man o Blasphemy 0 Because Jesus says he can forgive sins o Transitional story Mark 21317 o Jesus Calls Levi o Levi later becomes Matthew Mark 21822 45 o The Question about Fasting o John39s disciples o A lot of people thought John was the guy worthy of following the teachings of John the Baptist 0 Exist to present day Called Mandeans o Bridegroom is taken away 0 Hints at eschatology o Forshadowing toward the crucifixion Mark 22328 o Pronouncement about the Sabbath Tendency to clump like things together in a narrative 0 Le Reading a bunch of agricultural narratives together so you remember key things from story to story Mark 316 The Man with a Withered Hand Dispute about doing something on the Sabbath 0 Is Jesus going to do work on the Sabbath Heal someone on the Sabbath 0 cure him on the Sabbath o hardness of heart 0 The disciples will be hardened of heart o how to destroy him 0 Conflict growing against Jesus Mark 3712 o A Multitude at the Lakeside o Wherever Jesus goes there is a lot of sick people waiting to be cured 0 followed him hearing all that he was doing o Tyre and Sidon o How did Jesus become known outside of Jewish areas 0 Hints that Mark39s audience is not Jewish in orientation but Gentile o Messianic Secret 0 Whenever the unclean spirits saw him they fell down before him and shouted You are the Son of God But he sternly ordered them not to make him known 0 Will show us how the other characters in the Gospel come to know who Jesus really is Mark 32030 o Jesus and Beelzebul o Jesus spoke to them in parables 0 To outsiders Mark 33135 o The True Kindred of Jesus o Brothers and Sisters in Christ Mark 4120 o The Parable of the Sower o Parables comes from the word that means riddle in the Hebrew Bible 0 Let anyone with ears to hear listen Listening in a certain way to understand Making sure the people actually understand the teaching 0 Everyday language used in a way that you don t expect If theres a little aspect where you scratch your head at people are going to think about it He wants people to realize that the way they think the world operates is not how God39s world operates a They all think they get it but they don t Jesus is trying to enlighten his followers in an intellectual way o The Purpose of Parables o If you look it up in the Gospel Parallel it s not the same in the different Gospels 0 quotsecret of the kingdom of Godquot 7quot reference LIE 4a 0 Mark trying to get t that 39riuvriidi r will never get the other 2 actually understand Jesus meaning September 21I 2009 Mark 6113 o The Rejection of Jesus at Nazareth 0 Home town 0 and he could do no deed of power Matthew terms this did do no deed of power Mark 63056 o Feeding the Five Thousand o Emphasis that they were in the middle of nowhere deserted place o Jesus Walks on the Water 0 Il mm 51 0 People in the story are terrified a lot but Jesus message is to not be afraid o quotutterly astounded for loaves but their hearts were hardenedquot The disciples just don t get it ta hill about the Mark 7123 o The Tradition of the Elders 0 Mark is explaining to his audience why the Pharisees and the Jews wash their hands and food before eating This shows that Mark39s audience was not Jewish And all foods were made clean also in a later verse in Acts involving a vision not clear on when exactly foods were made clean and the Jewish dietary laws were abandoned but it happened 0 0 Mark 72437 o The Syrophoenician Woman s Faith 0 In the region of Tyre a largely gentile region 0 Let the children be fed first for it is not fair to take the children s food and throw it to the dogs o Jesus Cures a Deaf Man Mark 8121 o Feeding the Four Thousand o The disciples still don t get it o The Demand for a Sign o Sighed o The Yeast of the Pharisees and of Herod o Disciples forgot to bring any bread 0 quotDo you still not L inquot u Mi tanil Are your ll lquot Do you have eyes and fail to see Do you have ears and fail to hear And do you not remember Mark 82238 o Jesus Cures a Blind Man at Bethsaida 0 Many see this story not only as a miracle but also a parable 0 Two stage miracle o Peter s Declaration about Jesus 0 Messianic Secret Peter answered You are the Messiah And ml iiiwii i39iii l liilri il l39l natal lie i ll iiri39xmmnr C jili i bl i hi rri 0 Prime example of saying the right words but what Peter thinks Messiah is is not what Jesus thinks it means o Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection o Mark s people are in a very uncomfortable place 0 Peter rebukes Jesus for saying that he will be killed as the Messiah Jesus then rebukes Peter and tells him Get behind me Satan 0 What do the disciples have to do to truly follow Jesus You will have to undergo persecution You can try to save yourselves by opting out now but in the end you will loose Mark 9113 o Intro 0 Mark really thinks the endtimes are really coming soon 0 Told his audience that some standing there would not see death until the il lxlrl1ill39l39li ri o The Transfiguration 0 Going up on the mountain with Elijah and Moses 0 All Jesus garments turn to white o The Coming of Elijah l He ordered them to tell no one about what they had seen Mark 91432 o The Healing of a Boy with a Spirit 0 The disciples couldn t cast out the spirit but Jesus did it o Jesus Again Foretells His Death and Resurrection Mark 10116 o Teaching about Divorce o Jesus Blesses Little Children 0 Jesus was indignant Mark 101731 o The Rich Man 0 Jesus tells him he must know the commandments 0 Also that he must give money to the poor and sell all that he owns 0 Mark doesn t say whether the rich man actually goes and sells everything Mark is just trying to emphasize the decision and that it is hard Saying that you are going to be persecuted being a follower of Jesus but you have to stick with it and you will be rewarded by entering the kingdom of heaven It39s really hard to follow Jesus Mark 101845 o A Third Time Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection o amazed and afraid o Tells the twelve for the third time what is going to happen in Jerusalem o The Request of James and John 0 James and John ask to sit at his right hand in heaven 4 nle what Jesus is going to go through 0 The other 10 get mad Mark 1046 1111 o The Healing of Blind Bartimaeus o Jesus Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem 0 Very prophetic similar across all 4 gospels Mark 111233 o Jesus Curses the Fig Tree Mark 12 0 0 Mark 13 0 0 0 Mark 13 0 0 Mark 14 O 0 Mark 14 o Mark s purpose in telling this story is an 39 purpose 117 The Parable of the Wicked Tenants The Question about Paying Taxes 123 Mark 13 The Little 395 39i The Destruction of the Temple Foretold Persecution Foretold 0 Defining who the family is The Desolating Sacrilege 2437 The Coming of the Son of Man The Lesson of the Fig Tree The Necessity for Watchfulness 0 Stay awake in anticipation of the Son returning because the Father is the only one that knows when he is returning 142 The Plot to Kill Jesus The Anointing at Bethany Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus The Passover with the Disciples The Institution of the Lord s Supper Peter s Denial Foretold Jesus Prays in Gethsemane o Abba Father 0 His disciples don t stay watch 5365 The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus one of those who stood near drew his sword and struck the slave of the high priest cutting off his ear Turns into right ear in other gospels A certain young man was following him wearing nothing but a linen cloth They caught hold of him but he left the linen cloth and ran off naked 0 Some people think this is Mark inserting himself into the story Some people think we may have seen this young man before The rich young man who was asked to give up everything but he didn t give up his life So now it could be the same guy who only has a linen cloth left and runs away when he is recognized as a follower of Jesus Have been reading about giving up everything throughout the gospel this man gives up literally everything he has but when it comes to giving up his life to follow Jesus he can t do it o Jesus before the Council 0 Setting up the disjunction between Jesus claim and what they are persecuting him of Mark 1466 1515 o Peter Denies Jesus o Jesus before Pilate o Asks if Jesus is the King of the Jews 0 Doesn t answer and Pilate is amazed o Pilate Hands Jesus over to Be Crucified o The Soldiers Mock Jesus Mark 152141 o The Soldiers Mock Jesus o The Crucifixion of Jesus o The Death of Jesus o The Burial of Jesus 0 Then Pilate wondered if he were already dead Usually takes several days to die of crucifixion The account NEEDS something saying that he s really really dead to allow the resurrection Mark 1618 o The Resurrection ofJesus o The Shorter Ending of Mark o The many different endings to Mark o In John they go to the tomb in the dark but Mark doesn t want to regard time in the same way John did John might have meant they went in the dark because they were still in the dark didn t know what was going on MARK and his COMMUNITY Tradition of the Early Church Nothing in Mark that says quotMarkquot other than the title on the first page 0 So we try to look at who they say wrote it and the audience who they are writing to seem to match up Papias 130 CE And the Elder said this also Mark having become the interpreter of Peter Wrote down accurately all that he remembered of the things said and done by the Lord but not however in order For neither did he Mark hear the Lord nor did he follow him but afterwards as I said Peter who adapted his teaching to the needs of the hearers but not as though he were drawing up a connected account of the Lord s oracles Peter 9 Mark 9 Gospel Peter in tradition travels to Greekspeaking and Latinspeaking areas thus need for interpreter Peter martyred in Rome tradition during the reign of and persecution of Christians by Nero 64 CE Gospel of Matthew 342010 100100 AM September 28 2009 Matthean Emphasis Where to look 1 Stories pericopes not found in Mark including both material shared with Luke Q material and stories that only appear in Matthew special Matthew ie flight to Egypt Parallels 1011 guards at the tomb 351MT 276266 3522818 354281115 Editorial changes to Mark and Q if possible to determine ie baptism story 18 N Guards at the Tomb MT 27622815 o Matthew is the only gospel you find the story about guards at the tomb Baptism of Jesus 18 o Parallel to other gospels Jesus as the quotNew Mosesquot o Special Matthew o 1 Infancy Narrative MT 21321 0 The Escape to Egypt 0 The Massacre of the Infants 0 The Return from Egypt 0 Fulfillment is a large recurring theme in Matthew o 2 Sermon on the Mount MT 57 primarily Q material see 50 0 Setting happens on a plain in Luke So it is called the Sermon on the Plain in Luke 0 Matthew 51ff 0 Luke 612ff o Organization of the book When Jesus had finished 0 Higher Righteousness 31 729 54 Fulfillment of all righteousness is not just doing all the stuff O O O O n Matthew s idea of righteousness is to completely surpass the requirements of the law so that you have gone so far past those requirements that they don t really matter anymore True Discipleship 81 111 Kingdom of Heaven 112 1353 Matthew is very interested in the Jewish background a Most likely is himself of the Jewish background Forgiving Church 1354 192 Judgment 193 261 September 30I 2009 Higher Righteousness 31729 Baptism of Jesus 18 The Law an the Prophets no real parallel 54 Concerning Anger 55 True Discipleship 81111 The Harvest is Great the Laborers Few 98 The Twelve Apostles 99 The Mission of the Twelve 99 O O 0 Jesus came and lived and only went in and around the area of Palestine Very strong notion that Jesus and his mission was for the Jews Later becomes expanded Later in Matthew comparison of Jesus mission for the Jews and Christianity s spread to the rest of the world MT 10515 Go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel Only disciple to the Jews Coming Persecutions 100103 Rewards 104 Kingdom of Heaven 1121353 Woes to Unrepentant Cities 108 0 Day of Judgment o For if the deeds of power done in you had been done in Sodom it would have remained until this day But I tell you that on the day ofjudgment it will be more tolerable for the land of Sodom than for you Only in Matthew o Purpose of the Parables 123 o The Parable of Weeds among the Wheat no parallel 127 o Jesus Explains the Parable of the Weeds no parallel 131 0 Son of Man o Three Parables 132 133 o All about the kingdom of heaven o Treasures New and Old no parallel 134 0 Have you understood all this They answered Yes Wouldn t have happened in Mark Forgiving Church 1354192 o The only gospel that uses the technical term Church 0 Interesting what is being talked about when the church is being talked about o Peter39s Declaration about Jesus 158 0 Who do people say I am Son of Man Some say John the Baptist Elijah or Jeremiah 0 Simon Peter says The Messiah The Son of the living God o Parable of the Lost Sheep 169 o Reproving Another Who Sins 170 o The only time church comes up is in discussion of how the church needs discipline o Forgiveness 172 Judgment 193261 MT 19312 56 and 150 o MK 10212 o Whoever divorces his wife Mark says and if she divorces her husband can only happen in the Gentile world a Shows that Mark is writing to a Gentile audience o The Parable of the Two Sons no parallel 277 o The Parable of the Wicked Tenants 278 o The Parable of the Wedding Banquet 279 0 Matthew is really allegorizing this King is God Son is Jesus Wedding banquet is the Messianic Banquet judgment day October 2I 2009 Take notes later studying for SIFE presentation Gospel of Luke 342010 100100 AM October 4 2009 Lukan Emphases Where to look 1 Stories pericopes not found in Mark including both material shared with Matthew Q material and stories that only appear in Luke special Luke ie birth of John the Baptist 5 circumcision and presentation in the Temple 9 Jesus in the Temple at 12 years of age 12 2 Editorial changes to Mark and Q if possible to determine ie baptism story 18 Jesus is sent before Herod o Jesus delivered to Pilate then Herod LK 23116 334338 o Jesus or Barabbas LK 231723 339 o Luke 2317 Now he was obliged to release one man to them at the festival 0 Textual problem 1 Luke s Two Volumes o Prologue Luke 114 no parallel 1 0 Many have undertaken to set down an orderly account of the events that have been fulfilled among us just as they were handed on to us by those who from the beginning were eyewitnesses and servants of the word Lots of other people have tried to do this Luke is aware of multiple other versions of this story I too decided after investigating everything carefully from the very first to write an orderly account for you most excellent Theophilus so that you may know the truth concerning the things about which you have been instructed All these other people messed it up I m going to fix it He is going to write the gospel in the style of Greek Historiography Is Theophilus just a general term meaning quotfriend of God being symbolic or is it an actual guy named Theophilus we just don t know o Book of Acts Acts 15 0 o The Holy Spirit is going to come upon the Disciples and expand upon what they have already experienced and been taught o Wider scope in Acts the Holy Spirit is going to come and invigorate them and help them go out and do all these great new things o Josephus Against Apion 0 Luke is writing like Josephus Josephus is writing to try to defend Judaism Luke is going to be writing to defend this new group of people o Thucydides History of the Peolopenesian War 0 Notion that people took a direct record of speeches is not likely o Probably just make up the speeches 2 Delay of the Parousia The Second Coming o Thing to remember when talking about Luke it s not just Luke it s LukeActs o One of the reasons people think he wrote Acts in the way he wrote Acts is because there is some sort of reason for this delay o People questioning Luke quotWhy are we still herequot why has the end time not occurred yet o Cross between the question of why the end hasn t happened yet and the story why it isn t going to happen for a while o Jerusalem is all over the place in Luke and Acts o Parable of the Pounds Luke 191127 266 o Resurrected Jesus with Disciples Acts 1614 0 Women play a more important role in these two books 0 Women in the early church it s pretty clear in most reconstructions that women started to gain great prominence in the early church and then men fired back hard and suppressed it Luke is very much on the side of Women being coequals He has a very interesting play on not only women but others who are disenfranchised Most liberal of the writers 3 Universalism Genealogy of Jesus LK 32338 6 0 Luke starts with Adam First Human 0 Matthew starts with Abraham First Jew October 7I 2009 Circumcision and Presentation in the Temple LK 22140 no parallel 9 Baptism of Jesus LK 32122 18 Parable of the Lamp LK 1133 192 Jesus last words LK 244449 365 Mission in Acts Acts 18 4 Jerusalem To Rome Book of Acts Promise of the birth of John the Baptist LK 1517 2 Circumcision and Presentation in the Temple LK 22140 no parallel 9 Jesus in the Temple at 12 LK 24152 no parallel 12 Decision to go to Jerusalem LK 951 174 o How Luke organizes things 0 Arranges the Q material in the format of a Journey Jesus weeps over Jerusalem LK 194144 no parallel 270 0 Luke giving you a clue that he is already aware of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem Resurrection Appearances LK 241343 no parallel 355 356 o All resurrection appearances in Luke happen near Jerusalem Jesus last words and ascension LK 244453 no parallel 365 Book of Acts Acts 118 Ending of Acts Acts 281131 0 We sections of Acts Some people think that the guy who wrote this is an eyewitness Others think he has a diary 0 Universalism theme 0 Ending of Acts He lived there two whole years at his own expense and welcomed all who came to him proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance 5 Innocence of Jesus and Paul o The two thieves LK 233943 346 0 Jesus is once again declared innocent o The Death of Jesus LK 234448 347348 o Paul Acts 2329 Jerusalem 6 Concern for the Outcasts and Women o The Parable of the Great Dinner LK 141524 o Mary and Martha LK 103842 184 o Resurrected Jesus with Disciples Acts 11214 o Tabitha Acts 93643 Lydia Acts 161315 7 Piety and Devotion o Baptism of Jesus LK 32122 18 o Cleansing of the Leper LK 51216 42 84 o Choosing of the Twelve LK 61216 49 99 o Peters Confession LK 91821 158 o The transfiguration LK 92836 161 o Cornelius Acts 101 8 Holy Spirit o See all earlier slides for pericopes where Luke emphasizes Holy Spirit baptism etc o Pentecost Acts 2147 o All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages as the Spirit gave them ability 0 Luke isn39t a fan of speaking in Tongues it isn t useful Jesus is always praying in Luke Gospel of John 342010 100100 AM October 1 2I 2009 Internal Structure Awkward transitions seams in the narrative aporias 1 Extra material likely not original to John o Woman caught in adultery JN 753811 no parallel 242 o Spends most of his time in Jerusalem In most of Jesus public ministry 2 Breaks in the storyline o Teleportation o JN 51 JN 61 0 One minute he s in Jerusalem next he s in Galilee 0 Just a break in the story line 3 Seeming or real contradictions JN 22325 0 Signs Jesus does signs in John one of John s favorite thing JN 322 0 went into the Judean countryside o Transitions are just awkward could be evidence of multiple contributors 4 Awkward narrative transition JN 1431 0 Rise let us be on our way 0 JN 181 0 After Jesus had spoken these words o Kind of stuck in a speech by Jesus because people began to get up but then he speaks for 3 chapters awkward 5 Multiple endings JN 203031 0 Now Jesus did many other signs 0 so that you may come to believe that Jesus is the Messiah o JN 0 his testimony JN 2125 Solutions proposed o Written by an old man the disciple John o Pages were displaced and reassembled incorrectly o Original author died before work was finished and followers tried to put it together o Book was formed through editorial stages several hands over a period of time using different sources 0 Sources signs and sayings 0 Author 0 Redactor 0 Editor Signs source o Wedding at Cana JN 2111 o The Centurion of Capernaum JN 446054 85 o The miraculous draught of fish JN 21214 41 360 o Feeding of the 5000 6114 Raising of Lazarus 11145 Man born blind 91 Healing of man lame for 30 years 5225 o Original ending JN 203031 Chapter 1030 o If you think John is a protoTrinitarian o I and the Father are one o In context of the rest of the book what do you think o Read all of John October 14 2009 Johannine Characteristics 1 Identity of Jesus o Absolutely no Messianic Secret as in Mark o Jesus is the center of the message not the coming kingdom o Jesus comes to reveal himself o Jesus is the incarnation of the quotWordquot o Jesus shares identity with God o quotIn the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God He was in the beginning with God 0 He is referring to the Word o Jesus people were referred to as the Jews 2 AntiGnostic AntiDocetic 3 Dualistic OutsiderInsider contrast o The world is inhospitable to Jesus something to be overcome o quotWorldquot divided into opposing categories lightdarkness blindseeing ascentdescent lifedeath o The quotJewsquot represent religious opposition o Misunderstandings set stage for quotdiscoursesquot double entendre o Irony outsiders unknowingly speak the truth without knowing it 0 They don t mean to say these prophetic statements but it is meant to be October 19I 2009 4 Eternal life possessed in the present o The Healing at the Pool JN 5247 o Less emphasis on futuristic eschatology 0 Eternal life 0 John wants to make it understood that at the very moment of belief you pass from death to eternal life no judgment 0 Making himself equal to God 5 Balance missionary signs with explanations o Five Thousand are Fed JN 6115 0 After this Jesus went to the other side of the Sea of Galilee Textual problem o Walking on the Water JN 61621 0 Darkness 0 Truly truly 6 Competition with followers of John the Baptist o Jesus does not get baptized in John John Situation Date ca 90 CE o Fragment of gospel found in Egypt p52 papyrus 52 dates to ca 135 CE o Dead Sea scrolls provide evidence for kind of thinking present in John esp the dualism to clearly predate 2nd century CE o Conflict with Judaism o Developed andor more sophisticated theology Authorship o Early church tradition John son of Zebedee beloved disciple also supposed author of the Apocalypse Book of Revelation o Other possibilities John the Elder supposed author of Johannine letters stylistic similarities o Anonymous Provenance o Early church tradition Ephesus Asia Minor connection with the Apocalypse o Other possibilities Antioch Syria John and the Synoptics Similarities and Differences o Basic Outline similar and different 0 Characters John the Baptist disciples etc 0 Ministry in Galilee Vast majority of his time is spent in Jerusalem in John Thinking creatively well maybe John knows the synoptics so I ll fill in and do the Jerusalem side of the gospels o Passion Narrative Even if John has a different source that narrative is closer shared with the synoptics Most important thing for the disciples apologetically Scholars thing the passion narrative was set very early You would expect to be close but when you tease out the details they are very different john and synoptics 0 Individual storiespericopes Cleansing of the Temple 25 273 276 Feeding of the 5000 146 Walking on the water 147 Peter s confession 158 o Significant Differences O O O O O O O NO parables NO exorcisms casting out demons NO infancy narratives cp MT and LK NO baptism of John the Baptist NO temptation in the wilderness NO garden agony see JN 122736 NO cry on the cross see JN 192530 Pauline Letters 342010 100100 AM October 30I 2009 12 Thessalonians Situation o Date 4951 CE earliest letters of Paul o Paul s Location 0 Corinth Acts 171186 1 Thessalonians 11211 o Eschatology important in Thess o Lots of talk from Paul about he is honest forthright doesn t live off people 0 Writers bring up things that are in dispute 0 There are other people out there who are preaching a kind of Gospel a different idea of what it means to be Christian 1 Thess 21335 o Paul s motives are to go out and keep moving because he is an evangelist 0 People he is evangelizing to want him to stay to help them along with their spiritual growth 0 This is why he has to write letters back to people he has converted who sometimes feel abandoned by him 0 This leaves them much more susceptible to falling into following other gods Revelation of John 342010 100100 AM Author John the son of Zebedee Date two possibilities o 605 CE Time of Nero o 905 CE Time of Demission Reasons for Writing Christians in the area of Western Asia Minor undergoing persecution Number 7 in Revelation o 7 Churches o 7 Seals 0 Rev 6117 o 7 Angels o 7 Bowls 0 Go and pour out on the earth the 7 bowls of the wrath of God Holy Holy Holy Rampant inflation in the Roman Empire o Supply and demand Wheat crops The Beast The beast IS Nero in this book And I saw a beast rising out of the sea having ten horns and seven heads and on its horns were ten diadems and on its heads were blasphemous names One of its heads seemed to have received a deathblow but its mortal wound had been healed o This calls for wisdom let anyone with understanding calculate the number of the beast for it is the number of a person Its number is six hundred sixtysix


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