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by: Kellie Johnson Sr.


Marketplace > University of Florida > Religion > REL 2121 > AMERICAN RELIG HIST
Kellie Johnson Sr.
GPA 3.87

David Hackett

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About this Document

David Hackett
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kellie Johnson Sr. on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to REL 2121 at University of Florida taught by David Hackett in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/206926/rel-2121-university-of-florida in Religion at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
Butler Chapter 21 Religion in the New Frontier 1949 Paul Blanshard ministerturned atheist American Freedom and Catholic Power Catholics represent a threat to American Democracy because of their loyalty to a quotforeign power the Vatican The book reminded Catholics that many protestants still remained deeply suspicious Kennedy was a Catholic He said he was dedicated to the separation of church and state The future was called quotthe New Frontier It included an enthusiastic embrace of science and technology The Scopes trial back in 1925 left Americans wary of science The launching ofSputnik played an important role in changing American s views of science especially science education National Defense Education Act provided federal funding for education in the sciences Time Magazine 1966 cover quotIs God dead It represented a new embrace ofselfsufficiency People no longer needed the quotcrutchquot of religion After Auschwitz argued that religion was no longer possible after the Holocaust Pope John XXIII said the leaders of the church were not meant to be quotexam keepers Second Vatican Council 1962 Mass was no longer said in Latin the Jews were no longer seen as responsible for the death ofesus Catholics should reach out to quotseparated brethren noncatholics Catholics no longer had to observe meatless Fridays nuns and priests took on more conventional dress laity assumed a larger role in the church 1964 Catholic Traditionalist movement Insisted on the use of Latin in the mass Dogmatic constitution on the Ch urch spiritual gifts are to be received with thanksgiving and consolation Dennis I Bennet announced to his Episcopal congregation that he had been baptized by the Holy Spirit and spoken in tongues It eventually led to Bennet s resignation Led to the quotCharismatic Renewal movement within the Episcopal church quotCatholic Charismatics Those who claimed the gifts of the Holy Spirit The Roman Catholic hierarchy saw that it revitalized many parishes but was also very unpredictable Iohn XXIII s successor Pop Paul VI Humane Vitae on human sexuality No using artificial birth control The pope allowed only the rhythm method also known as quotVatican roulette The result was that many Americans began to view it as ok to disagree with the Pope on certain things and still be considered quotgood Catholics Abraham Ioshua Heschel Iewish sent a telegram to Kennedy calling for a moral effort to liberate America from the scourge of racism Bull Conner chief ofpolice in Burmingham Alabama Nation of Islam was built upon things such as Moorish Science temple the Iehovah s witnesses and the Universal Negro Improvement association Wallace D Fard Farad Muhammad told blacks of their quottruequot heritage as Moors or Arabs and said that the Qur an was the proper book for the black nation Elijah Poole took over NOI neXt Elijah Muhammad The original man was black White people came from an experiment thousands ofyears ago that produced a pale race physically mentally and morally inferior N01 is NOT standard Islam quotmagnolia myth of black inferiority Malcolm X emerged as one of the black muslim s leading evangelists Held contempt for quotnegro preachersquot black Christian ministers Placed him at odds with MLKjr because of his nonviolence Malcolm X took a hajj and converted to mainstream Islam changing his racial viewpoints He was assassinated for this conversion


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