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by: Freeman Brakus


Marketplace > University of Florida > Chinese > CHI 1130 > BEGINNING CHINESE 1
Freeman Brakus
GPA 3.8

I-Chun Peir

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About this Document

I-Chun Peir
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Freeman Brakus on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHI 1130 at University of Florida taught by I-Chun Peir in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see /class/206991/chi-1130-university-of-florida in Chinese at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
CHI 1 130 BEGINNING CHINE SE I Fall 201 1 COURSE OBJECTIVES CHI 1130 is designed for students studying modern Chinese Mandarin as a second or acquired language Students will build vocabulary an ecome familiar with basic sentence patterns Students will also develop skills in listening speaking reading and writing Students are expected to carry out real life communication at an elementary level upon completion of this course two semesters Culture embedded in the language will also be introduced To be more speci c students will attain approximately the NoviceHigh level on the ACTFLETS pro ciency scale Listening Able to understand short learned utterances and some sentencelength utterances particularly where context strongly supports understanding and speech is clearly audible May require repetition rephrasing and or a slowed rate of speech for comprehension Speaking Able to satisfy partially the requirements of basic communicative exchanges by relying heavily on learned utterances but occasionally expanding these through simple recombination of their elements Can ask questions or make statements involving learned material Reading Where vocabulary has been learned can read for instructional and directional purposes standardized messages phrases or expressions such as some items on menu schedules timetables maps and s1gns Writing Able to write simple xed expressions and limited memorized material and some recombinations thereof Can supply information on simple forms and documents TIMEROOM MAT 0010 Shen Cynthia Hsien MAT 0112 Peir IChun MAT 0114 Peir IChun MAT 0107 MAT 0115 TEXTBOOKS Integrated Chinese Level I Part I Yuehua Liu and Taochung Yao et al Boston Cheng amp Tsui Company Vol 1 Textbook Lesson 1 8 will be covered this semester ISBN 0887276392 3rd edition 2009 Vol 2 Character Workbook ISBN 0887276484 3rd edition 2009 Vol 3 Workbook ISBN 0887277337 3rd edition 2009 The books are available at UF Cam pus Bookstore AUDIO FILES Audio les accompanying the textbook and workbook are available online at httpwww clas II 39 quot 39 39 39 t quot 391 shtml USER ID a0 Password cheng RECOMMENDED REFERENCES Concise English Chinese Chinese English Dictionary Oxford University Press 1986 Far East Chinese English Dictionary NY U S International Publishing Inc 1992 Far East English Chinese Pinyin Dictionary NY U S International Publishing Inc 2004 wwwusipusacom COURSE REQUIREMENTS 1 Prerequisite No prerequisite This course is designed for students with no prior Chinese background Anyone who has the abilities in listening speaking reading and or writing Chinese Mandarin will have to take a placement test and be placed into the appropriate class level Please see httpwww lanmmoeq nfl 39 39 39 39 39 html 2 Attendance Since this is an intensive course and language learning is a cumulative process it is essential for students to come to class and practice Chinese everyday You are allowed to have four unexcused absences Each additional unexcused absence after the 439h will result in 1 point deduction from the nal scores You may be excused from the class only if you provide an of cial document such as a note from the doctor accident report school activities etc All other absences will not be excused unless receiving special permission from the instructor Please be punctual Ifyou are late to class you will not be given extra time to complete the exams and quizzes If you are more than 5 minutes late three times without your instructor s consent they will be counted as one absence If you are more than 30 minutes late it will be considered as one absence If you leave 10 minutes earlier before the class is over without your instructor s permission it is counted as one absence as we If you are late or miss class for any reason it is your responsibility to contact your instructor or ask your classmates to nd out what you have missed and what you need to do S43 5 139 9 gt1 Participation Students will be judged by their daily performance in class Students are expected to preview lessons and prepare for classroom activities Since this is a ve credit course students are expected to study for at least 2 hours every day Sleeping talking or doing homework during the class is considered as disengaged from class activities Any absence is considered as no participation on the absent day Grading criteria for class participation will be on an 8 point scale 8 excellent performance including excellent preparation of the Situational Responses high level of uency and accurac 7 very good strong performance including very good preparation of the Situational Responses 39 some minor wea areas memorized most materials no need to refer to textbook 6 good performance including full preparation of the Situational Responses with some weakness memorized some materials occasional need to refer to textbook 5 fair performance including partial preparation of the Situational Responses weak in major area memorized only limited materials frequent need to refer to textboo 4 poor performance including very limited preparation of the Situational Responses weak in most area refer constantly to textbook 3 completely unprepared or disengaged from class activities no preparation of the Situational Responses 0 absent or any interrupts to the lecture 02 points will be taken off from the participation grade for each missed Situational Responses assignment Students are encouraged to participate in Chinese Conversation Hour during the semester 02 points per session will be added to the final score Students can earn up to 100 point for the entire semester Important Classroom Etiquette During class please do not eat or chew gum and also turn off all electronic devicesiCell phones computers PDAs Ipods etc If you use any ofthe above devices you will be asked to leave Homework All homework assignments are due at the beginning of class on the due date Ifhomework is turned in at the end of class it will be checked but not graded No homework will be accepted after the due dates indicated on your assignment sheet Any missing homework assignments will be graded as 0 Any copied homework will also receive a 0 In case you must miss class on the day that an assignment is due turn it in ahead of time Quizzes amp Tests Students are required to take online quizzes on Sakai website There is N o makeup for any online quiz It is the student s responsibility to nd a working computer to take the on line quiz You can do the on line quiz at the language lab M F 1317 Turlington Ir1class quizzes will be given from time to time The instructor will announce quiz date in class in advance Normally there will be a test after every two lessons Sakai E Learning Sakai is an online Course Management System CMS to support study in and outside of class Students are required to check the Sakai for the weekly course schedule class and homework assignments online quizzes and Chinese Hour schedule Makeup Policy A Makeup tests quizzes homework and oral presentations individual and group are given strictly to those with valid proof of illness emergency and approved school activities Official proof must be provided for the exact absent day Prearranged makeups are only for official activities not for personal activities B In addition to an of cial document the instructor must be contacted by email before the class time and a makeup section must be scheduled within three class days after the student s return to class It is important not to miss the group presentations as other members in the group can be affected Also see Attendance There will be no makeups for any quiz test or oral presentation if any of the above requirements is not fulfilled 8 Academic Honesty Cheating will not be tolerated Any students found in violation of the student honor code will be reported to university officials Please refer to the University of Florida Student Honor Code 9 Chinese Speaking Policy in Class You are required to speak only Chinese in class You will be taught how to ask permission to speak English if it becomes absolutely necessary GRADING Letter Grades IMPORTANT NOTE A grade ofC or better is considered a passing grade Students receiving grades below C including C D D D and E will not be permitted to move on to CH1 1131 Beginning Chinese 2 SPECIAL REQUEST Students requesting classroom accommodation must rst register with the Dean of Students Office The Dean of Students Office will provide documentation to the students who must then provide this documentation to the instructor when request accommodation


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