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by: Cade Harvey


Cade Harvey
GPA 3.74

Michael Kane

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About this Document

Michael Kane
Class Notes
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This 30 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cade Harvey on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ALS 5934 at University of Florida taught by Michael Kane in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/206993/als-5934-university-of-florida in Agriculture and Forestry at University of Florida.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
The bees pillage the owers here and there but they make honey of them which is all their own it is no longer thyme or marjolaine so the pieces borrowed from others he will transform and mix up into a work all his own Michael Eyquem de Montaigne from Essays book 1 chapter XXV Avoiding Plagiarism in your Scienti c Writing O VALRIE DAVIS OUTREACH LIBRARIAN FOR AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES VDAVISUFLEDU Today A Overview of plagiarism Types of plagiarism 0 Citing With APA Citing made easy with Re Vorks EndNote or Zotero RefWorks plagiarism n rx V 1 The action or practice of taking someone else39s Work idea etc and passing it off as one39s own literary theft If an author is once detected in borrowing he will be suspected of plagiarism ever after 7 Hazlitt 1820 m U WM HMWMm 11 mm v ur Blln mck dawn on plagiarism rslllu alchlng hun rd o chm Types of Plagiarism n U Stealing verbatim Miquuoting Paraphrasing without quoting Summarizing without quoting o T Iquot 39 Opubiieatiuu aka 1f1 ism Inaccurate citation Plagiarism Sarahas a paper due for her class and found some information on Google She isn t sure about the author or Where the information came from She copies and pastes the text into her paper Plagiarism Amy has apaper due in a class where she is almost failing Her friend has taken this class With another professor and has offered to give her a paper to submit She changes the name on the paper and turns it in Plagiarism Q Carrie calls her dad about a paper she is having dif culty writing Her father suggests he write an introductory paragraph for her to get started Carrie uses this exact paragraph in her nal paper Plagiarism Vernon also reads the Davis 1982 article on child welfare Studies suggest that chemical dependence is present in at least onethird of the families who come to the attention of child welfare authorities In his paper he writes Chemical dependency is a serious issue for many families who come to the attention of child welfare authorities Plagiarism Q Tara finds the following information in an article written by Davis 1982 Studies suggest that chemical dependence is present in at least onethird of the families who come to the attention of child welfare authorities In her paper she writes Chemical dependency is an issue in at least one third of the families who Come to the attention of child welfare authorities Davis 1982 Paraphrasing 0 Give credit c Reinterpret the author s ideas Substantially change the wording Accurately convey the meaning Plagiarism Q Vanessa also reads the Davis 1982 article on child welfare Studies suggest that chemical dependence is present in at least onethird of the families who come to the attention of child welfare authorities In her paper she writes Davis in her 1982 article says Studies say that chemical dependency is an issue in at least onethird of the families who come to the attention of child welfare services Common Knowledge 0 Can be found in multiple sources 3 c Is it in a general reference book Common knowledge in one discipline might not be cOmmon knowledge to another When in doubt cite the source c Information isn t always factual in nature tips n U 0 Immediately document your citation Always go back to the original citation don t trust others to cite or quote properly a Document page numbers U39RLs dates visited 0 Use bibliographic management software Citing with APA n Citations vary 0 What you are citing 0 Format o Authors7 reprints etc 0 Output 0 Works Cited 0 Intext citations What type of resource 5 33 U 0 Book A A W a aim mum may also 0 subtitle Lacaman Pubhshex Print Journal Article T 12 a amcie has of Pezlodlc l Value nmbezllssue numbexlr Pages Electronic Resource Example InText Citing m M 0 Example Havid 1999 from Johns Hopkins University found that patient contentment rose with doctor involvement 0 Example In Havid39s 1999 study he found the rise of patient contentment rose with more doctor involvement 0 Example It has been noted that quotpatient satisfaction increases with increased doctorpatient interactionquot Havid 1999 p 5 Ref Works Works Cited Pla arism Oxford English Dictionary Retrieved online on September 19 2008 m dictionaIyoedcom APAformatn39njq and sgle guide the OWL at Purdue Retrieved 9 19 2008 2008 omhttn marl m an mam A 4 Fluker Claire UF plans crack down on plagiarism Gainesville Sun Retrieved online on SePtember 17 2008 from mm n 4 1 n n varInn o a quotPllalg39rarism Investigation Ends at Vi 39 39a NewYork Times NewYork Y 26 Nov 2002 Late Edition East Coast A24 NewYork A Timgs Pro uest University of Florida libraries 8 ug Am Argetsinger quotU Va Scandal Taxes System39 Honor Panel Stru es With 145 heating Cases FINAL Edition quotThe Washin on P0st Was ngon DC 3 Oct 2001B01 Washington Post ProQuest University of orida Libraries 8 Aug 2008 r s Selwyn N 2008 October quotNot necessarily abad thing 39 a study ofonline 39la arism amongs un ergraduate students Assessment ampEualuan390n in Higher P 9 Education 3 5 465479 Retrieved September 19 2008 dorm Any Questions Valrie Davis 0 vdavisu edu 0 273 2880 A brief discussion about land grant universities September 18 2008 3pm 7 350pm Guest Lecture Graduate Professional Development Seminar Dept of Environmental Horticulture ALS 5934 Section 1588 Presenter James A Stems Associate Professor Dept of Food amp Resource Economics UF 392 1826 ext 222 jastemsu edu A few opening questions 1 What is the role of a university And in particular a publiclyfunded university a Corollary Question Why should society spend money on the public provision of higher education 2 How should access to a university education by limited and or rationed 3 Which individuals should personally pro t from the University of Florida s endeavors as a Flagship of Discovery ie President Machen s phrase from his inaugural speech a Corollary Question Who couldshoulddoes pro t when UF becomes a nationally recognized top ten University b Are there costs associated with achieving top ten recognition 4 Quoting from wwwu eduaboutUF UF is a major public comprehensive land grant research university What does that mean Moving on to our discussion of the land grant idea and university Some informative quotes The original Morrill Act 1862 mandated that colleges of agriculture be established in all US states and territories and the District of Columbia totaling 59 colleges known as quot1862squot including three land grant campuses as part of the University of California system The second Morrill Act 1890 mandated a second set of land grant colleges in that it conditioned receipt of federal funds to land grant colleges on access to AfricanAmericans Thus southern states initiated separate colleges for AfricanAmerican students Today there are 17 historically Black land grant colleges known as quot1890squot which serve an increasingly diverse student population Christy and Williamson 1992 National Research Council 1995a Over the years 1890 institutions have become recipients of federal funding for land grant institutions however federal law does not require that states match federal funds to 1890s whereas it does require that states match federal funds for 1862s In 1994 the Elementary and Secondary Education Reauthorization Act conferred land grant status on the 29 Native American Colleges that comprise the American Indian Higher Education Consortium An endowment was authorized to fund these colleges as well as funds for the colleges39 education and extension programs in agricultural and natural resources Thus were born the quot1994squot Today the 1862s 1890s and 1994s constitute the 105 institutions that compose the land grant colleges of agriculture system Colleges ongriculture at the Land Grant Universities Public Service and Public Policy Chapter 1 textbox Committee on the Future of Land Grant Colleges of Agriculture Board on Agriculture National Research Council 1996 httpwww nap J 139 books 39 39 39 I1html The LGCA the Land Grant Colleges of Agriculture system is a unique component of higher education in the United States Initiated in 1862 with the passage of the first Morrill Act the LGCAs were mandated to bring higher education of a practical nature to citizens of ordinary means The LGCA commitment to higher education in service to the public was in sharp contrast to the orientation of most of the nation39s academic institutions of the time Meyer 1993 which emphasized the study of philosophy theology law medicine and the classics In 1862 almost 50 percent of all US residents lived on farms and almost 60 percent of the labor force worked on them National Research Council 1995a The business of the day was agriculture and so the quotleading obj ectquot of the new land grant colleges was quotto teach such branches of learning as are related to agriculture and the mechanical arts in order to promote the liberal and practical education of the industrial classes in the several pursuits and professions in lifequot 1862 Morrill Act Throughout their history the land grant colleges of agriculture have had a unique relationship with the federal government and a special responsibility to the public Three pieces of federal legislationithe first Morrill Act 1862 the Hatch Act 1887 and the SmithLever Act 19147endowed the colleges with a threepart mission of teaching research and extension The third component of the missioniextensionilinks the LGCAs programs to the needs of society at large through a service function that includes extending education and technology transfer to the public ibid Arnold Toynbee the British historian once observed that the landgrant idea is the one original contribution of American higher education The Land Grant Idea and the Evolving Outreach University James Bonnen Staff Paper 9679 Dept of Agricultural Economics Michigan State University p 6 The landgrant tradition was forged in America s Jacksonian age the era of the common man to serve what would soon be called the industrial classes that did not have access to higher education For roughly 120 years following the Morrill Act of 1862 land grants were largely true to their mandate and focused on providing educational value for ordinary people Through their teaching research and outreach services they played a significant role in advancing social justice enhancing economic development and therefore in securing American democracy A Drift Toward Elitism by the People s Universities Michael Martin The Chronicle of Higher Education Issue dated February 25 2005 One of the greatest innovative ideas that the USA ever had was the landgrant college concept I am convinced that along with the Constitution of the United States and its Bill of Rights with their guarantees of religious tolerance and of the rule of the majority while safeguarding the rights of all minority groups the landgrant concept was one of the main reasons that our country became such a great nation and world power in the 20Lh century Where are Land Grant Colleges Headed Henry Fribourg Journal of Natural Resources and Life Science Education Vol 34 2005 p 40 At the very same time that America refused to give the Negro any land through an act of Congress our government was giving away millions of acres of land in the West and the Midwest which meant that it was willing to undergrid its white peasants from Europe with an economic oor But not only did they give the land they built land grant colleges with government money to teach them how to farm Not only that they provided county agents to further their expertise in farming Not only that they provided low interest rates in order that they could mechanize their farms Not only that today many of these people are receiving millions of dollars in federal subsidies not to farm and they are the very people telling the black man that he ought to lift himself by his own bootstraps And this is what we are faced with and this is the reality Now when we come to Washington in this campaign we are coming to get our check Dr Martin Luther King in a speech shortly before his death in April 1968 exact citation could not be found at this time So what is the landgrant idea It is indeed an idea It is a set ofbeliefs about the social role of the university James Bonnen ibial see above A few more thoughts and questions Many consider the landgrant system to be the great democratization of American education and lea1ningthe very apex of the 1800s agrarian populism movement If true then what relevance does the landgrant system have in the USA in the year 2008 Are Land Grant institutions the exclusive domain of agriculture Why or why not There is considerable debate about the scope and breadth of the mission of Land Grant institutions Do Landgrants serve their home states Specific economic sectors within those states Or perhaps the needs of all of humanity including people living outside of the United States What is the scope and breadth of the Land Grant mission The historic conceptualization institutional structure and financing of the Land Grant System is increasingly mismatched to the current trends in today s American political economic and social context Given this mismatch what should change Alter its mission Alter its structure Alter its financing Or possibly even dismantle and eliminate it Should the Land Grant system be preserved Or has its time come and gone ELE um v Rmmm mmm Vitae Development mmmmmmmmc Mmmmmmmmm WWWW Resume or CV mmmmmmme mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmw l WWMM E WWW WMMH mMW mmw nmmmwmmm L MWWMMWM m mmmmm m What is the purpose Yourresume orCVshou d serve to wmmwmwmmm WMWWWW n memw wmmmMWMWW YourresumeorCVwinot mmwmm ww TypesoiResumeseets Ietronotogtoat D Jobs organized by date reverse chronological order IStabeem torment reoord putim best perspective I Fonottone D Erper39emoes grouped by memo skill areas Iii rei rible doreatiretormat o e on D Deemphasizes employment gaps mmm n ICombinestheteaturesotehromologioaltimotomat Rules of ResumesteCVs I Be RELEVANT I Be CONCtSE I Be CONSBTENT I BS Co tdertteEmotorer39sPersoeottre otttoatsttlsaotttesinteresteexpeienoes andpersonatotaraotertstostorouharethat mittmeettheemotoretsneets CVrs Resume Format Resume CV I ttatn Heattmg I ttatn HeatingContaottnto Contatttiti Itntroduotto 39 OBBBBB o0bjelotire I Education Qtaiitat Expen39ence IEd oatom I Activities or ttttttatons I tetence rSummaryot 0 OHS ISttttsamdtor retro I Personar oiesearoh and Prbtoatroms Reteremoes BBB I 39 39 I to tronat Seotrons mmmmmmmm I Name Marge as or argerthan anythinge se on thepage Wm WMMWW ammmm amuslbecheckeddany uprofessiona website and emai address ony wmmmmmwwwmwm mmwmmmmma MMWMMMm Objective Statements The Objective islhe foca point around which aHolhereemenls in the resume orCV reale I should beworkoremployer centered ralherlhan selfcentered Problem solving Research Writing Public Speaking Foreign Language Customer Services Communication teamwork tiling etc CV Objective Statements 0039 etc memmmmmmmme Resume Career Objectives Resume Objective Statements emmmmmmmb Examples mwmmmm e tat t 0 g t H in v 0 i out e Dit Pt m W n d tl tn 0 m H u I I all IIII m I H e m 0 a M S p P t e VII m S e i t n n 0 e Alvn e m Wt LLO LLO n e ieN m Du m t mm M 0 n bu f uni 0m mu LLU d r 0 C C m w u 0 F a a S 0 AIV 0 e Hm r e v H pm AIV a 0 r A V t 1U HH Pt 0 a n AIV n n d Inlet Ft t C 0 w I l a At n m H V e m a n M out e New on e m m Ath a u d w m S ttnl mu 0 w h S g e e In e t w i 0 tg tn ninlv e S I l 0 A A Attati n IIII m i e Ihu a S D D t i ag g d g S V e tl e P i n A0 tinn P Fe D n i 0 0n e a thw D n til H St t p W n t ab Act 1 t m Fig B N Am m e 8 ll WIIU A v i am W elm Di W do i C m W a e s i t m S m on LLU m g AIV S 0 e n u J Y s U a n u m DI h A v d h i n xv 9 Die na IaUlr lull w r ant Te m aui t m m gt Mu he 0 n 0 0 e t it e em Iulu a w e e d A v M w Univ d 05v a 9 iii A v e w e P D I e P P nu E so AIV l NIIV m T E 0 CV Career Objectives Examples AMWW e WWWWWWWWW mmmmmmm WWWMWM dMWWMWMW WMMWmmMWa WWNWWWWWWW WWWWMMWEWWMM mmmmMmm S mmmm Education Section mm wmmmmmmmwmm dWWWm WMWWM mmwmmmmm wwmmmmmm N mmmmmwmmm mmWWMMmemm HWMWWMMM I Resume Education Section Examples EDUCATION MasterofScienceinEnvironmentalHorticulture ManyUS mw e PA wiryofHonda GameSNHe FL W40 U G EDUCATION Bachelor ofScience in BiologyMinor in Marketing UnweSimofForida Gameste FL DecemberfUOf BusinessGPA W40 man d 50 or coHege expenses through pant e oyment ce 7 u m emp CV Education Section EDUCATION PhDin Physical Chemistry NayNN U NersNNFNIda CaNeNIIe FI I N 1CNsIaIsINcNesNseIeraINermeIaN NCNNNNNCNNNNSNOSNNNIII I N O EDUCATION DoctorofPhilosophIinSociologIDecNIN IINNNSINNIININNGINESNIIE II NsseNaIN Ne INN NANNN N Campus SNNIN aNFraIerNNNazNg ININNPNISNNPNNSSN MasterofEducNion in CounselorEducNion NNNNN SpeNaIzaNNNSINNNPNNNNSNINS UNNNNIIFININCaNesNNFI BachelorNScienceinAnthropologIDecemberNNN NINN INNIN Nan SNNes sI BINNN IN III NNaNUNI CVResume Experience Section IN IN IWWWWW Location Dates mmm npasNense nuseaNonIeNs usenlenceIagmenlsNIhorNIhoNbuIeIs nNgNigNsNIsIhaIreIaIeIoONeNIe Resume Experience Section EXPERIENCE NaitressRedIobsIer IuneNNNNNN GainesvilleFL PrimarilyresponsibleNrserIing customers in fastpacedrestaurantenNronmenICained skills in customerserviceespeciallyindealing wilhangryorupselpalrons EXPERIENCE WaitressRedI0bsIerIuneNNIulyNN GainesvilleFL Nainlained superi r eNce to customers in fastpacedcollegeorientedrestaurant Operated cash regNer DeaIwi angryorupsel customers memmmma LL Law 5 NLU a V e U U Av U U 0 e U a L LU L U Om au UU U U Av AU 0 U LU U a A v U A a A U U0 LLLL S C UU a p LLHLL n LLL e U U a L U U m C L e L S a a L U L L S U U LU LL C U L U M LU L LUL L MW W p Lm U Lnld S m 3 A L A U La eAv U U A Unv U U0 UU UU UL AC e S Le LLLUL N MW UU me QvL LU n UU Unlv UU U U3 SH U A m LS m p S p U U 0 e m n a U e A C U L an LLLL U LLLL U e U e L U 0 m U e 0 U a Alv CV L0 0 U U 5 UL U F U MW W U 0 LL e U U LL nLv 0 U nLv U L U U U u U a U U U nLv U L R U 0 LL U U U U U U LU S U U G LUL a U L U U I LL 0 U U U A u U U U L L S LL nLv m l lv 0 Le L LU U La 0 LLL L 8 UL e S LU e U LL U e 0 t L L U U LL S U U U L p U U U U a U U L U L L n L U D L L m e LLLL e U e e e U S U U L e L LL L U U m m NU e L U L U 9 e Lu Le e U L S LL 3 S U UL U em LL LLUL LU LLdv U ULL e Um L LLUL e LU LOU Ue 50 ee eL S UU L U L m e G aU nU ULnL e v S S e 5 MI e v m U Alve e LU AUG Mm Us Ue U v U qu L ab p L S U U e e U U U a LU e U L LL La e U U U e a a LL LLLLL a 0 9 LL L e a m LLLLLL LLL G LL e Lnle eU LS Ln GAG U v LLa S S e D GAG ALUV e CL G UL LUL LU L Le e L ULU ks UU U U ad L LL LLL L eL LL L LL UU UL U U e L mquot p La 3A v U L0 L0 a LU U LLL 0 e LLLL c an 50 UL LLLL S U eLLLL L m S L L LLU Um UL LLL LU UUHLUULL LSLULULLU n IOLUU PU dwu a SLdUa d II U W LLLLL LU 0 LU e U U 55 e 55 F U e e F U NLVL U m L w 0 3 LL G a a eU U AIV L N N m m A L mu ALV e e L a U In LL U U U m d a w p e s LCLLLv Um ALU LU nLv I U LLLL a U Anldv LLLLL Mm UL L U U c LLLL e U pe U en aU UU 8 5e La La DL m LL 8 nL LSL U LN L m U m UU nlv eL UU LU U UL UL H U I I s S I I I I e Inc eL nlv LU Ln LALWL LAv e L eAU s LU LSL 3 LL U p a LLLLL U m e LU UL U Mm L e U e U e U AnlUV e U Le L U U U U R U LaLL a L V A L U LU L U S S W 0 u L L L L AIVN E E E E R N EN L EN AIV EN E L L A L R L P H R AIV R A R X AIV E L E E E Mm P N P W P LUUUUUUUUUUUU CVPublicationsLPresentations mem UmemeULUmUL mmmUUUm LUUUULUWUUUU memmmmmwmw cwmmMs u o E lt gt 9 3 lt E lt 9 Q 2 9 9 3 lt m x g 9 3 lt MMMMWWWMMW CWM Ms PubHcations n D Swenson 9E Mohney and Y9 Chang Thennodynamics Kinetics andthe 999999 9 Contacts to 99 VSemiconductors99999999909InvitedRe9ewPaperfor Meters i Engin Rmanuscripl in progress 1999 n D Swenson 9H JanCP Chen and YAChang The Fonnation of Ohmic and So 0999 Enhanced Contacts to 99 Compound Sem39conductors via an Exc ange Mechanism 9990999 Themodynami and Kinetic Model AppPhyssubmi9ed 1999 wenson199ennal999able swsExch nge Mechanism CV Presentations9Addresses mm 9m9m9 n de WMWWWWWWMWWW m DWMWmemmmmmw HWWMWMMWWMMWW IWWMMWMMWWWW IMWmmmMmMmmm WWMWMWMMW wmmMmMmm 9 CVPresentationsdhddresses MAJOR ADDRESSES Copresenter The Changing Role in Counseling Centers 00minute0r Presentation hner39oan rsonnelandGuidan tlssodation National nuention Chicago llprrl 200i at so I P 0 Sole Presenter tdeuieu Behaviorand Client 0utoome Poste Presentat39onllesternttssooiatonlor r Counselor Education and Supervision 0onlerenoe 0etroithan2005 CopresenterTherapyandthelloteoltheFam O 0 Poster Presentation Changr gFanihConlerenoe The University olloua loua Cih February 2004 X CVSerrice Fotnelude uSenioetoyour mmunity uSenioetoyourdepadment uSenioetonouruninersity uSenioetoyourprolession CVSerrice I University and Community Service uVidd President Graduate Student Council Uniuersih ol Florida Gainesuille Florida 200ipresent uStudent Member Graduate Coundl Uniuersth of Florida Gainesulle Florida 2004present erSearohConn39teeGraduate niuersiholFlortda0ainesuille uhdrisoryBoard Member Peaoelul Paths Domestic Violence Shelter Gainesulle Florida 20022000 wmmmmm 0m WWWMWW wwwmwmmm WWW memm mm WWWW AsademisAwards I Financial Awards Scholarships Fellowships e0 0 wise Awards wmmmmm mmwmmmm IAWAMAAMAAAWA Ammmm AWMMWMW WMWA nwmmmmmmm AMAAWAAAAW Amwmmmmm W CVResumeAdditionalSections COMPUTER 0s0000s00000es PSS DAAAAAA AAAAA SKILLS AdobePAvosAopAAmA LANGUAGE FAeASpaAsAAstesmedAAereAcA ACTIAATIES PresidentAAAoAAesAA00000000000 DormitoryRepresentativetoStudentGovernments 00000000 CareerShowsaseHost 0000 0 e LEADERSHIP President Z F 00 A 0 I009 Azed 39AAO0AAO0A 000esa0e00 0 A AFFILIATIONS StudentMember AmeAca Assoc aAoA0000psese00 e A 000 Ased 9e000005 000 0000 00 s0a0e000a0s t 04 3 2 p a g A A A A A APSAC 0090A Additional Information EMW 0mm mmm IWMW Nmr MWMW mm emmmm WWW mmmm wmms emmm umm Ammm IWh mwm MWe JMW Additional Information AWN IWM mmme emmm W MWMW Mm emmm WWW ewe emmm mmmm anm mmmm mm emwme WWW UWWM wMW References ListoneSeperateSheet 35Reeerenees Wm mmme meWw Use Combination of References mmmmm Be Sure to Ask Permission Format Basics l Resume One page in iengin 85x ii ICiis is ipng as needed don t pad I Conservative epipr paper I iaser printed ICenieredandbaianped I 75 in in iron margins don t crowd I PROOF READ CVIResume Checklist r able es Skills lopeerrnsediaeademiesenperieneeieadersirp diingCareerResourceCenieriidnisingCiC i39brarpseelibrarianprnnnnrrnieduiprihis semester shpnrs


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