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by: Cade Harvey


Cade Harvey
GPA 3.74


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Cade Harvey on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ALS 3133 at University of Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/206998/als-3133-university-of-florida in Agriculture and Forestry at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
Nonpoint Source Pollution Common Nonpoint Source Pollutants gt Femhzers and Pesticides gt Hydrucarbuns and etner tEIXiE chemicais gt Metais gt Sediments suii Erusiun gt F39 tn utnents a ugens a tram iivestuck and septic systems gt Emerging Cuntaminants gt Etci Outline gt What is it gt Where does it come from gt What problems does it cause gt How big ofa problem is it gt What is being done about it gt What can be done about it Common Nonpoint Sources of Pollution gt Agriculture gt Urban and residential Crap Femhzatiun runoff Antrnai rnanures septic systems 39 5 5mm gt Construction sites gt Forestry Nnnvaml Salutes srntrmwrn There are many seurees er NPS ui How do Point and Nonpoint sources differ Po NonBoint Sources gt Cerne rrern a readiiy gt Cerne rrern diffuse identifiabie singie seuree seureestnatare difficuit Can 9 n tn identity cuiiected and treated gt Cuiiectiun and treatment gt Cuntruiied by reguiatiun S generai v M teaStbie tnruugn permits gt Cuntruiied thruugh Best M anagement Practices BMF s NPS is not just an issue with agriculture gt Nunpuintsuume NPS puiiutiun is aisu an residentiai iandscape gt Severai ertne puiiutants are tne sarne e g nutnents gt As thn agricuiture must ertne issue is due tn huvvvve design and Problems caused by NPS pollutants Pollutant Threat o g sed gt Pestlcluesuthertuxl gt hemahWllelre health e puunds gt Metals gt HumanWildlle health gt Baeteha gt Human health gt Seelmeht gt Habltat degradatlun gt Often a vector er other pullutahts smEAwlmEs ewmmx ms Manson PALAYKA quotYhe Phones ellhe St Johns RlyerWater Dlstrl began llnehe m midrAugu 5 i E lrlthelr ver to understand Where nutrlems are eehlne hem plane statt have leemmee m y suuroes lneleelne lornmtzrrmm 39mm um um s m the angle melee euree Mnmnmlslolhelowa 51 em from Indulnl ne walewnlerlrell m Films 0 81rd has recummended reducing speeme Pullmamsthat may pvevem the hat t e current pollutan loads are h he an e vwr el ehpe s h av llvelrhe sate s eeel ta achleye 3U Percent less nnmeen and phesphems m the quotseawater pemen el the well and 22 Percent less nmeeen lrlthe sweeter reaches Why are only N and P of concern gt One orthe other is often the Li 39ting Nutrient in a water body Limiting biological growth gt Eutroghication process by which a water body becomes rich in dissolved nutrients often Eutrophication occurs naturally but can be accelerated by human activities that increase nutrient inputs to the water body Problems caused by Nutrients in Water gt Cultural eutrophication gt Hypoxia low oxygen content gt P esteria piscicida toxic dino agellate gt Ammonia Nitrogen form toxic to sh gt Methemoglobinemia Blue Baby disease Caused by the nitrogen form nitrate Drinking water limit of 10 mgL of nitrateN Primarily a problem in rural areas lerjainEnillr 1ul W 3977 H L M mnelmemwmm MID llmwlnneehnl sulledunewsvlvus Gllne lnlle cnmlhzn39hznwumznIlm v Hypoxia Low Oxygen Content Two causes l DayNl ht ehahgesm Dlssulveu Oxygen DO Plants and algae pruduce uxygen eelhelhe day phutusynthesls ahe curlsurne uxygen at mehl lespllalleh 2 Deeempesmeh er urgahle materlal eehsemes oxygen DdeatlDH Mississippi River Watershed and the Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone How important is Nonpoint Source Pollution in NanaMlqu mnnlvwm gt National WaterOuality everyZyears y e t Verl imel ital Protection Agency P httg WWW ega gov305w 3 Mississippi River Watershed Landuse 1A mam 2002 Report Impairment of water bodies estimated by type Causes and sources of pollution estimated mummy mu Sm Alnnnm 131 Ann R n 169153quot 1 aim W a imllwu llwnnmmummm wwunmwws Esmavnwnmmm mm mavva Irmmmrmmmux Imlluwlmtmbsm we Mulwpl mrcmks hesmwlwmlrlm mauvmzmkhzmd mmmummtmlu mummmnuwu mammalan mnmumwnmm amnimimuwmm mm YWWAWINV mnilumhvmmmr mmmm Imin39mimumrM umwmninmm mmmaamamny mum mm mswnmm mu m mm the Mk um 2002 Report hm munu alumall mm in Aurunl um um mum Nitrogen N and phosphorus P are the Mo major nutrients that degrade water quality gt Nutrients come from a variety of sources Commercial fertilizer Animal manures Municipal sludge lbiosolids Municipal ef uent reclaimed water Irrigation water Compost Atmospheric deposition US corn biofuels will expand Gulf of Mexico 39dead zone39 scientists Mar 10 mos VANCOUVER Canada AFP A planned increase in US ethanol production from corn would spell environmental quotdisasterquot for marine species in the Gulf of Mexico said a coauthor of a science study published Monday A boost in corn production will worsen the Gulfs so called quotdead zonequot an area Mth so little oxygen that sealife suffocates said Simon Donner a geographer at the University of British Columbia in Western Canada httpil afpgooglecomlarticlelALegMS UEgltle GYNPBnHUUZyOEgngag WuMnehuu mmnrim Source New York Times April 30 2008


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