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by: Brigitte Wyman


Brigitte Wyman
GPA 3.89


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brigitte Wyman on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHM 1025 at University of Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/207018/chm-1025-university-of-florida in Chemistry at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/18/15
Form Code A 1 Sample Exam 4 11 April 2012 Which of the following is true 1 Nonmetals have low electron affinities 2 Nonmetals only bond covalently 3 Cations have Lewis structures with eight valence electrons 4 Metals have low ionization energies 5 Anions bond the strongest with other anions 2 If the reaction of 15 g of magnesium and 187 mL of liquid bromine density 3103 gcm3 produces 428 g of magnesium bromide determine the percent yield Yield 3 Determine whether each bond below would be pure covalent nonpolar covalent polar covalent or ionic given the following electronegativities P 7 22 H 7 21 K 08 Cl 30 O 35 K70 PiCl HiCl 070 HiP 4 An unknown highly toxic gas is composed of 1820 C 2424 0 and 5756 F The molar mass of this gas is 66 gmol Determine how many total nonbonding electrons exist in the Lewis structure of this molecule not pairs non bonding electrons 5 Arrange the following atoms in order of increasing electronegativity As Sb Pb Fr 0 lt lt lt lt 6 Which of these molecules does not have an expanded octet HC103 Cle39 HCl XeCl4 IClz39 7 How many resonance structures are possible for the nitrate anion 8 Perform the following calculation to the correct number of significant gures 17 x 106 263 x105 733 9 What is the formal charge of the central atom in NFX 10 What are the names of the following compounds TiSO4 and SeO3 1 Use the BomHaber cycle and the following reactions to calculate the lattice energy of LiFs AHLE Li lZcmg gt LiFs AHfa 617kJmol Mg 4 Lip AH 161kJmol Lie 4 Li g 6 AH 520kJm01 12 Fug gt ch AHfa 80kJmol F39g a F 639 AH 328kJmol N LN 4 U ON l 00 O N How many total resonance structures does the following molecule have including the one shown A volume of 700 mL of aqueous potassium hydroxide was titrated against a standard solution of sulfuric acid What was the molarity of the potassium hydroxide solution if 182 mL of 150 M sulfuric acid was needed M Use Hess7 Law and the following data to determine the change in enthalpy AH for the following reaction NZHW 2H202 9 NW 4H20 AHUm NZHW 0 9 NW 2 H20 AHI 6222 k Hm 12 0 9 H20 AH2 2858 k Hm 0 9 H20 AH3 1878 k Arrange the following bonds in order of increasing bond polarity GeiF SiP CiF RbgO NiN lt lt lt lt How many lone pairs of electrons are present in the most stable form of H2 S04 lone pairs When solutions of silver nitrate and calcium chloride are mixed silver chloride precipitates out of solution What mass of silver chloride can be produced from 1690 L of a 02270 M solution of calcium chloride g silver chloride Two moles of liquid hydrogen peroxide H202 decomposes to form water and oxygen The AH of this reaction is 1961 k How much heat is released when 287 g of hydrogen peroxide decomposes kJ released Which of the following is true 1 NaF 923 kJmol has a stronger lattice energy than KBr 682 kJmol 2 Lattice energies measure the energy required to form compounds from elements in their standard state 3 The distance between ions is a more important factor in determining lattice energy trends than charge size 4 Covalent bonding uses an electron sea model of bonding 5 Ionic bonds share electrons between two atoms An unknown metal pellet having a mass of 2647 g at 8998 C was placed in a constantpressure calorimeter of negligible heat capacity containing 1000 mL of water The water temperature rose from 2250 C to 2317 C What is the speci c heat of the metal pellet Jg C Csmetal A scientist takes 396 kg sodium phosphate to make a 2000 L solution How many milliliters of this solution would the scientist need to use to prepare 650 mL of a 0900 M sodium phosphate solution mL 22 What is the formal charge of the central atom of the best resonance structure of P043quot 23 Calculate the standard enthalpy of formation AHf for potassium hydroxide using the following unbalanced equation COW KOHKS 9 HZOQ K2COW AHKn 1489 k unbalanced Balance using lowest whole numbers no fractions For COW AHf 3935 kJmol For COZM AHf 4138 kJmol For H20 1 AHf 2858 kJmol For HZOQ AHf 2418 kJmol For KZCOWS AHf 11510 kJmol AH K0HS kJmol 24 A proton has a radius of approximately 10 x 10396 nm and a mass of 17 x 103927 kg Determine the density of a proton For a sphere V 437Ir3 Dproton gcm3 25 If the surroundings release 42 k of energy during a process what is the change in intemal energy for the system AEsys Is this process endo or exothermic for the surroundings AE 26 Calculate the AHrxn for this reaction using the necessary given average bond energies kJ 2 Hzrg t COKg CHaoHrg Bond Bond Ener Jmol HH C0 360 C30 1072 CH 414 OH 464


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