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by: Dr. Penelope Bradtke


Dr. Penelope Bradtke
GPA 3.75

Ricky Telg

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About this Document

Ricky Telg
Class Notes
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This 13 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Penelope Bradtke on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AEE 4031 at University of Florida taught by Ricky Telg in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/207020/aee-4031-university-of-florida in Agricultural & Resource Econ at University of Florida.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
What a news release does 0 Provides reporters with the basics they need to develop a news story 0 Influences a publication to write favorably about the material discussed News releases should answer 0 Who Organization name or individual 0 What What39s going on 0 When When is the event 0 Where Where is the event taking place Writing formats 0 Tip sheet answers six basic questions in an easy to read format Who Organization39s name What What s going on When When is the event Where Where is the event taking place Why Why is the event taking place How How is the event significantimportant Sometimes this is not included Problems of news releases 0 Information isn t localized 0 Information isn t newsworthy 0 Release is too long 0 Release arrived too late to be useful 0 Release was poorly written News releases should answer 0 Why Why is the event taking place 0 How How is the event important 0 Include phone number and name of contact person Writing formats 0 News story written just like a reporter would write a news story Provides more details than the tip sheet format Use news writing style News writing style o Lead 0 5 W39s and H o Short paragraphs o Quotatlons o Inverted pyramld style o Contact name and phone number News release structure o Spaclng a Typed doubleaspaced 85x11quot paper NOTHING handwrltten o Identlflcatlon a Name address and phone nu ber of the release wnter Also name an phone number of persons lntervlewed e If known News rel ease structure 0 Release date a Dated for lmmedlate releasequot or held untll a certaln later release It th flrst h f release and tells where the story orlglnated News release structure 0 Length a One to Wtwo pages o Headllnes a Optlonal o Proofreadlng 7 Grammar spelllng and punctuatlon m be perfect Example news release format Communication 0 Communicating well or poorly success or failure in every kind of human relationship 0 Today s work requires well developed communications skills 0 Information society How is communication communicated 0 Language verbal 5000 words just to get by 15000 educated people 30000 skilled communicator uni Meaning triangle 0 Meaning symbol and referent constitute a system Each element is linked by a convention 0 Meaning Subjective responses that indiv duals learn to make either to things they directly experience in reality referents or to part cular symbols used to label that reality 0 Referent whatever object 5 tuat on thing or even makebelieve ideas to wh ch we have assigned some meaning 0 Symbol the word gesture object or behavior we use as a cue to arouse the meaning in another or in ourselves Meaning triangle 0 Meaning symbol and referent constitute a system Each element is linked by a convention Meaning 00 0 lt2 Lg rs 6 0 367 a 0 o o 639 J 7 O Q Cultural Convention gt9 Symbol labels referent Referent h Symbol Meaning triangle Meaning Word ALLIGATOR Symbol or label Refe rent How is communication communicated 0 Language verbal 0 Symbols 0 Nonverbal body languagequot actions gestures facial expressions 0 Communication is a process Defining communication 0 Webster Communication is a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols signs or behaviors Linear communication model 0 Process is a straight line through specific stages 0 Limitation Communication doesn t simply start and turn off sender Interactive communication 0 Responding to the sender 0 Get feedback Roletaking taking role of other Interactive 0 Sending and receiving messages simultaneously Rol eTaki n Sender Receiver Message 7 Feedback Communication model Message Ch Signal annel Receiver Sender encodedgt decoded A Feedback dwellquot WWW m Mememwemwmn um Unmmalxlmmsme 9 a p 95 Frame of reference 0 The point at which frames of reference overlap is where true understanding occurs Same frame of REFERENCE Frame of reference Differing frames of reference Types of communication 0 Dyadic two person communication 0 Small group communication 0 Public communication 0 Mass communication Sharing ideas across a large audience either at a given point or through an extended time frame Mass communication process 0 Messages disseminated rapidly over distance using pointtomultipoin 0 Messages available to large and diverse populations who attend to them selectively 0 Individuals construct interpretations meanings somewhat parallel to the communicators 0 Medium Device that moves information through distance or time so that people who are apart can communicate Feedback 0 Fairly linear process 0 Some feedback Ratings chat sessions calls on talk radio 0 Delayed feedback 0 Build in interactivity American Idol New technologies 0 Each new medium imposes special requirements on the ways messages are formulated o Governs the speed and convenience with which message transmission takes place 0 Influences the ways in which receivers reconstruct meaning from what is sent to them Convergence 0 Electronic media converging on the Web TV reporters writing print stories for the Web Videographers shoot still photos for the Web Radio reporters streaming news reports Print reporters learning to shoot video and photos for the Web Newspapers have Web presence and linking to TV stations Effective Media Relations Why Communicate V th the Media Or How to work with the industr everybody loves to hate 1 and live to tell about it What media relations can do 0 Enhance knowledge and understanding 0 Extend the reach and increase the frequency of your message What do YOU get 0 Local exposure for yourself and for your program 0 Possible exposure on statewide or national level 0 New membersclients Who are the media 0 Media pass information to target audiences 0 Media act as filters They decide what s important 0 Media are in business for profit 0 You must build credibility and trust with media Serving as a source of information for media is the number one goal How editors determine news value 0 Is the information significant 0 How many readers viewers could benefit from it o Is the story timely o Is it local or does it have local impact 0 Is the information accurate Develop a strategy 0 Decide who is responsible for media contacts 0 Set goals and decide on v your approach 0 Become a reputable and 1quot 39 I dependable expert source 0 Develop an office source book 0 Provide photos andor photo opportunities 0 Send a letter to the editor Where do you start Differences in media o Get m know the reporters in your 0 Newspapers ea smries that 3 geographic area readable 0 Know the beat assignments of repormrs Quotes Facts information o Contact them personall We a H h h M f Deadiine of iate afternoon tor Fo owaup Wit p one ca s axes etters next mommgis paper personal viSiB W t m t I 0 Know what me Si is N o s ones a are wsua Us a mew quotemu Soundbites moving video action A f Mldrmomlng rearw afternoon shoots for noon or 56 p rn newscasts Live for earw rnorning shows Differences in media Understanding reporters o Radio ea smries that are hearable o Schedulin Other events are happening Make YOUR Count nam Recordable all da Last newscastusr iiv arvound 6 p m o Deadlines Is it news TODAY ews ea stories thatare all of 0 Generalist nut a speCIaIIst 0 Only call news conferences when 0 n e n the prewous Maw newspapers and TV stations putting news on the Web Pictures shortened stories some audio and video c ips ABSOLUTELY N ECESSARY Understanding reporters Helping the reporter o Seth39n Su estions for a r riate shots oThink like a repormr mse 9 99 pp op 0 Media like to personalize a Avuld nDiSV chines Find anurapriate hackuraunds stor o Directionstravel Assist with camera gear 0 Reporters are not educators o Sever sourcesresources Like to have han e p son to H ltel vieW Make sure Ynu are thEM DErSDn tn be interviewed If vnu39re nut find the has Dersnn o Understandable terms Noiargon untarniliar words o Tip sheetnews release Quick accurate phone numbers o Follow trends Keep up with the events in your own field So the story s done 0 Don t ask for a preview 0 Leave a number where you or another person can be reached for follow up 0 No guarantees on when or IF the story will be aired or run If they make a mistake 0 Approach the situation thoughtfully 0 Don t make a fuss over a small error 0 Big error call reporter after you ve calmed down No satisfaction Call the editor or news director Persuasive writing formats Columns Editorials Letters to the editor Persuasive letteyrs 7172008 Columns Writing stories from your perspective Personal style is important Can be entertaining Topics Politics Entertainment Sports Everyday life Advice columns Editorials Different than columns Column a particular person s point of view Editorial the magazinepaper s official stance Why editorials Make people think altruistic Call attention to a problem Publication wants to be seen as a leader in the topic areacommunity Agendasetting Setting the agenda for things to be dealt with Form of editorials I Body Make argumentsAvoid generalizations and clic es Don t straddle the fence Take a position Acknowledge the other39s point of view Anticipate arguments from the other side and develop arguments against them Letter to the editor Opinion piece found in most newspapers Subscribersreaders voice their likesdislikes 7172008 Purpose of letter to the editor Commendation or condemnationpraise someone Slap someone s hand Persuasiontry to get people to think or do something specific Often pose problems and solutions Impact of letters to the editor I Lets people know that you have an opinion about something I Become a leader I May influence someone to change a belief quotI agree with thatquot I May cause someone to perform an action quotLet s do itquot Writing the letter to the editor Address it to the editor Should be brief three to six paragraphs Include facts Sign your name Include phone number and address Writing letter to the editor I Lead The first sentence or two should be explicit State the topic and why it39s important to the audience I Body Present pertinent facts persuasive language logical arguments Avoid clich s Be specific concrete I ConclusionShould be logically drawn from the body What is your recommendation Final statement Claim or complaint letters Explain what is wrong with details the reader can use to recheck State the inconvenience or loss that has resulted Claim or complaint letters I Try to motivate action with appeal to professionalism sense of fairness honesty I Seekfair settlement or prompt investigation 7172008 Principles on complaints No complaint is trivial Each deserves prompt handling Answers should be factual courteous fair Avoid argument criticism Strong points of the response Avoid arguing with customer Offer sympathy but firmly maintain company39s position Treat the complaint seriously Avoid criticism Detail company policy The Associated Press Stylebook Entries to Know You must know the ENTIRE Punctuation chapter A Man Abbreviations and acronyms Academic degrees Academic departments Academic titles Addresses Adjectives Adverbs Adviser Affecteffect Alumnus alumni alumna alumnae ampm Amongbetween Animals Annual Anti Apposition Arabic numerals ATM B Bachelor of Arts Science Because since Boy Brand names Capitalization Children Citi zenresiden subj chnationalnative City council Collective nouns Committee Company companies Complement compliment Composition titles Contractions Corporation County Courtesy titles Dangling modi ers Datelines Dates Days of the week Day to daydaytoday Decades Decimal units De nitely Department of Agriculture Dimensions Directions and regions Doctor Dollars E Email Essential clausesnonessential clauses Essential phrasesnonessential phrases Every day everyday Except accept E Face to face Fartherfurther Florida Food Footandmouth disease Fractions Fundraising Q Geographic names Girl Governmental bodies Governor E Handsoffhands off Hand to hand etc Highway destinations Historical periods and events Holidays and holy days Hurricane I Incorporated Initials Internet It s its 1 Jargon Judge K L Legislative titles Legislature 1y M Manager Master of Arts Science Med y Middle initials Millionsbillions Months Music E Names National FFA Organization No Numerals Oralverbal written Organizations institutions P Part timeparttime Peoplepersons Percent Ph D Plurals p m a m Possessives President Pricipalprinciple Punctuation see punctuation chapter Pupilstudent Quotations in the news 3 Reference Works Secondrate Second reference Sentences Service mark South Spelling State names 1 Teen Telephone numbers TeleVision program titles Temperatures That conjunction Thatwhich Time element Time of day Times Titles Todaytonight Tomorrow Tonight Trademark Tshirt TV E United States X Verbs Versus Vice Vice President Web site Whowhom Wide wide World Wide Web XYZ Yesterday Youth ZIP code Style Tests 1 AC DH 3 LP 4 QZ 5 All letters 6 All letters Plus anything with grammar and AP punctuation is game


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