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by: Dr. Penelope Bradtke


Dr. Penelope Bradtke
GPA 3.75


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Penelope Bradtke on Friday September 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AEE 4031 at University of Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/207023/aee-4031-university-of-florida in Agricultural & Resource Econ at University of Florida.

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Date Created: 09/18/15
Why be concerned with public perceptionopinion 0 It39s the prime mover of public nolicy in our democracy it To consider when shaping public opinion 0 Attitude 0 Opinion 0 Beliefs o Publics o Shaping issues 0 Persuasion o Perception Attitude o Describes a disposition tendency consistent social behavior Predisposition ofan individual to valuate some symbol or object or aspect of his world in a favorable or unfavorable manner That rose is pretty Attitude o Presumed to be long lasting part of a person s cognitive structure 0 Plays a significant part in shaping or determining actions toward whatever is the object Provides basis for influencing ways we act consistent with our beliefs Attitudes and behaviors 0 Little relationship between attitudes and behaviors o 1 Topic importance Change attitudes when topic is not important to us Difficult to change behavior when a topic 15 important abortion capital punishment 0 2 Social pressure The more the social pressure the more likely a person will conform Attitudes and behaviors 0 Little relationship between attitudes and behaviors o 3 Nonsocial constraints physical difficulty of the act potential financial loss The more the nonsocial constraints the less likely the behavior will occur Opinion 0 Short run topical specific partisan controversial An expression of a judgment on a topic a reflection ofan attitude or deeper belief or a shortrun topical and specific judgment about public affairs based upon personal beliefs and feelings Can change Presidential approval ratings Beliefs 0 Statement of truth that an individual accepts about some object situation or event Belief is at the basis of attitudes and opinions cognitive 0 Values The way the world should be 0 Want the end result to be a change in behavior Public 0 Loosely structured system whose members detect the same problem or issue interact either face to face or through mediated channels and behave as though they were one body The publicquot 0 Confronted by an issue 0 Divided on their ideas as to how to meet the issue 0 Engage in discussion over the issue 0 As issues vary so do the corresponding public 0 Develops a collective opinion never a unanimous one Types of publics o Latent public propaganda likes this public group hasn39t detected the problem 0 Aware publlc recognizes the problem 0 Active public organizes to discuss and do something about problem Setting issues 0 The issue that creates the public is usually set by W m 0 groups have an immediate private concern in the way the issue is met 0 They endeavor to win to their posi on the support and allegiance of the outside disinterested groups Setting issues 0 The disinterested group is put in the position of arbiter and ju ge o The interest groups try to shape and set the opinions of those relatively disinterested people 0 THEREFORE the concerns of interest groups lead them to efforts to manipulate public opinion Persuasion o Influencing others 0 Central to many social institutions Government politicians Religion Education Persuasion theories 0 Magic Bullet aim the persuasion message at someone and it would have an effect r35 Persuasion theories 0 Communication transaction receiver of message plays as active a role in achieving whatever changes take place as does the sender Is a twoway not oneway transaction Want to sway attitudes arouse emotions change actions Persuasive messages 0 To reinforce a belief attitude or value 0 To refute an idea or belief 0 To change the listener s beliefs actions or values 0 To move the listener to action Persuasion in action 0 Advertisements o Sermons 0 Political speeches 0 Union functions 0 Doctor s advice 0 Parent s warning Perception 0 Making sense of some aspect of reality 0 Can t process it all Only so much the Drain can process that the eye can see 0 Perception is selective Role of research 0 Want to know what you re talking about 0 Support your view while opposing the other point of view Shaping or altering beliefs 0 Some beliefs are factual Others are affective emotional 0 Focus on those that are affective o Persuasive messages can be designed to alter beliefs which will then modify behavior sometimes Creating or modifying attitudes 0 Most persuasion research focuses on attitudes 0 Thought of as a broad topic rather than a narrow concern policies practices issues animal rights 0 Presumed to be longlasting part of person s cognitive structure 0 Play a significant part in shaping or determining actions toward whatever is the object Provide basis for influencing the ways we act consistent with our beliefs Message sideness 0 Whether to use messages that present only one side both sides or both sides and refute the opposing arguments 0 Most use two sided that refutes the other s position Message ordering o Is it more persuasive to place persuasive point early or at the end 0 NO universal Iaw Credibility of source 0 How believable a communication source is o Credibility is perceived eye of the beholder 0 Source must be believable Preparing your persuasive message 0 Avoid subjects that can be determined immediately by available material Dr Telg is 6 1 tall Preparing your persuasive message 0 Avoid quot personal judgments those for which no conclusion can be reached Usually tied to Blue is a prettier color than green Use tactics of logical reasoning o to the interests and intelligence of the rea er 0 reputable authority 0 Persuade reader to accept your conclusion by bringing into play factual evidence a genuine belief in your proposition and the ability to argue convincingly Appeal of logic 0 Logical structure offer both sides Raise opposing point of view and strike 0 supportlng eVIdence Statistical historical made relevant to the public Appeal of emotion o Dramatization detailing the experiences of a person 0 Labeling generates emotional stereotypes fascist plain folks 0 Power words attract and hold the reader s attention Free now special offer save preapproved Fear appeals produce yieldin 0 Too much fear causes people to disregard or avoid the message 0 Strong fear appeals do work to g Appeals based on Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs Hunllr me from others Snual laveJriendshiDy social acceptance Safety p acecnan from danger Physlnlnqmal food water health Appeals based on Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs I o Maslow tle point g in using higher level persuasive EPPEIS ego self actualization when readers are concerned with X ragmatic issus at v m lower le el calm thllwlaglcll u Hunnli mm


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