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Career Development Week 1

by: Anna Shaw

Career Development Week 1 COMM 1500-005

Marketplace > Clemson University > COMM 1500-005 > Career Development Week 1
Anna Shaw
GPA 3.5

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About this Document

Career Development Week 1
Introduction to Human Communication
Marianne H. Glaser
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Anna Shaw on Sunday March 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 1500-005 at Clemson University taught by Marianne H. Glaser in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views.


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Date Created: 03/13/16
Career Development / Interviewing  College isn’t just about the scholarly/degree side. It’s a stepping stone to grad school. Workplace  Appendix on final exam à cumulative (half from previous, half on new) What qualities do you think employers are seeking in applicants?  Sincerity, professional, critical thinking skills, qualified, eagerness, team player, confident, articulate, adaptable, communicators, honest/integrity  Work in team structure  Verbally comm. With ppl in and outside organization (audience analysis)  Make decisions and solve problems  Plan organize and prioritize  Analyze data  Profiecncy (they can test you on it) w/ computer software  Written comm.  Persuasive skills Conducting a Job Search  Networking o Who to network with?  Professors (in your field)  Summer employers/employers now (doesn’t have to be specific to your field)  Parents, parents friends  People in “networking realm” probably aren’t your same age  Career Fairs o Go as soon as possible à you have nothing to improve (just getting a feel for it; send thank you notes if you get a business card)  Internet o Job search engines, LinkdIn Interviewing • A __planned____ __structured___ conversation in which one person asks questions and another person answers them. • Glaser: if you have a planner structured interview à not awesome bc you want to build relationships • You need to interview them as well • Research company, have questions for them, understand the environment, know the position youre applying for, bring in resume and be able to talk about it, be honest, prepare for common questions • Resume • Blog or website (only if you need to) • Research organization • Go to their website and know the company (view it like a big test à study for it), if they don’t ask a question, drop little tidbits • Develop questions to ask • Mock interviews • Clemson has this • Consider your dress Before the Interview (way before)  Consider your __online____ image  Own the first page of google  Putting your name out there in a good way à get involved  Social media  __research_____  __cover letter_______  Identify the job and how you learned about position  Brief summary of qualifications  Indicate desire for interview  Contact information  Closure  They are still prevalent enough to want to do them  1 Paragraph: What job are you applying for and how dindyou here about job (drop name)  2 Paragraph: Dive into the qualifications of why you’re best for this job  3 Paragraph: indicate the next step you want; personal info  ___resume____  (see pages 453-455 and Career Center)  Contact Information  Career Objective  Education - GPA  Employment History  Professional Affiliations  Special Skills  Community Service  References  Consider Visual Elements  File Format  Passion is more important than money à michelin center can help lead you to the passion  Micheline Center Link à career development à our hand outs à resume guidelines


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