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Intro to Social Psych Notes

by: Lauren Notetaker

Intro to Social Psych Notes PSYC 3430 - 03

Marketplace > Tulane University > Psychlogy > PSYC 3430 - 03 > Intro to Social Psych Notes
Lauren Notetaker
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
GPA 4.0

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About this Document

These notes cover chapter 10
Intro To Social Psych
O'Brien, Laurie
Class Notes
social psych, notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lauren Notetaker on Sunday March 13, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PSYC 3430 - 03 at Tulane University taught by O'Brien, Laurie in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see Intro To Social Psych in Psychlogy at Tulane University.


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Date Created: 03/13/16
Chapter 10 Defining aggression • aggression ◦ Physical or verbal behavior intended to hurt someone • Hostile aggression ◦ Lash out bc you're angry; primary goal to hurt • Instrumental aggression ◦ Intend to hurt someone in the service of another goal ◦ Ex: terrorism   Aggression as nature • Instinct theories ◦ Aggression is instinct ◦ Circular reasoning • Why is everyone aggressive? Bc it's instinctual • Genetics ◦ Personality and temperament ◦ Twin studies support a role of genetics • Biological factors ◦ Testosterone plays role ◦ But, testosterone influenced by situation ◦ Bidirectional relationship bt test and agg   Violence around the world • Pp chart • Honor culture agrees aggression is justified in response to an insult   Cultural differences • Aggression varies by culture ◦ Type of aggression ◦ Frequency ◦ Attitudes • Aggression varies by subculture ◦ Northern and southern us ◦ Culture honor • Pp   Culture of honor (cohen) • Responding to insults ◦ Northern vs southern white men ◦ Pass confederate in hallway • Blocking most of aisle and bumped into participant and called them an asshole • Results ◦ Greater effect on southern ◦ Threatened masculinity ◦ Testosterone rises • Pp chart • Wanted to see how assertive the p's would act ◦ Walk down narrow hallway ◦ Had another man who was huge and walked straight down • Pp chart •   Situational aggression • Pain t a e•H ◦ Pp chart • Provocation • Situational cues ◦ Weapons effect: the tendency of weapons to increase the likelihood of aggression by their mere presence • Frustration ◦ Blocking of expected goal ◦ Produces anger ◦ Sometimes aggression is displaced   Is aggression learned? • The role of pos and neg reinforcement • When will punishment reduce aggressive behavior? ◦ Pun has to immediately follow agg behavior ◦ When it is strong enough to deter the aggressor ◦ When it is consistently applied and perceived as fair and legitimate   When punishment backfires • When perceived as unfair, can provoke retaliation • Angry, hostile punishment provides a model of aggressive behavior • Corporal punishment ◦ Physical force intended to cause pain for the purpose of controlling a child's behavior   Social learning theory • Behavior is learned through the observation of others as well as through direct experience of rewards and punishments • Bobo doll study (bandura)   How media influences • Violent media increases aggression ◦ Affect size ◦ Children and adults ◦ Immediate and longterm • Mechanisms of influences ◦ Changes ppl's values and attitude ◦ Imitaiton ◦ Desensitization ◦ Cultiavtion   Pornography • Nonaggressive vs aggressive pornography • Aggression and pornography study ◦ Male ss were provoked or not by female confederate ◦ Asked to watch one of 4 films: • Neutral • Erotic e p a•R • Rape + sexually aroused female victim ◦ Male ss given opportunity to shock female confederate • Pp chart • Depicting sexual violence amongst women increases aggression of men   Video games and aggresison • Meta analysis of 381 video games studies (130296 participants • As opposed to nonviolent video games, violent games: ◦ Increase arousal ◦ Increasse aggressive thinking ◦ Increase aggressive feelings ◦ Increase aggressive behaviors ◦ Decrease prosocial behaviors   What should be done? • Violent tv, porn, movies, video games • All cause increase in aggression • What is the oslution     Reducing aggression • Idea that venting will reduce future aggression is false; actually increase ◦ Catharsis hypothesis purposed by freud "let it out" • Punish aggression ◦ Negative consequences   Effectively reducing aggresion • Cooperationi - reward it ◦ Rewards non aggressive behavior • Model peaceful behavior • Discourage excessive drinking • Apologize and encourage apologies • Reduce weapon access • Empathy     On aggression • Intent is key ◦ Defining aggression ◦ Determining reaction  to aggression • Nature or nurture? ◦ Influenced by biology ◦ Taught ◦ Pp


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