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by: Jefferey Miller


Jefferey Miller
GPA 3.84

Beth Rosenson

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About this Document

Beth Rosenson
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jefferey Miller on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POS 2041 at University of Florida taught by Beth Rosenson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/207055/pos-2041-university-of-florida in Political Science at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/19/15
Chapter 4 Citizenship Status held by someone entitled to all the rights and privileges of a full edged member of a political community Civic republicanism A political philosophy that emphasizes the obligation of citizens to act virtuously in pursuit of the common good Clericalism Communism Diversity Eguality of condition The notion that individuals should have an equal chance to advance economically through individual talent and hard work Eguality of opportunity The notion that all individuals have a right to a more or less equal part of the material goods that society produces Fascism Immigration in American politic 7 what legislation has been enacted to address immigration Why is immigration a political issue Liberalism classical liberalism not the term liberalism as commonly used in 2003 to denote a preference for government spending Political culture 7 is American political culture homogeneous or heterogeneous Political socialization Socialism 7 how does it differ from clericalism communism fascism and liberalism Chapter 16 Balancing doctrin 7 how does it differ from other doctrines below such as the clear and present danger and fundamental freedoms doctrine Civil liberties vs civil right 7 What is the difference Civil liberties is the fundamental freedoms that together preserve the rights of a free people Civil rights is Clear and present danger doctrine the principle that people should have complete freedom of speech unless their language endangers the nation Commercial speech advertising or other speech made for business purposes may be regulated Double jeopardy fifth amendment provision that prohibits prosecution for the same offense twice Due process clause found in the fifth and fourteenth amendments to the constitution forbids deprivation of life liberty or property without due process of law Establishment clause Fighting words doctrine the principle endorsed by the supreme court in chaplinsky v New Hampshire 1942 that some words constitute violent acts and are therefore not protected under the first amendment Free exercise of religion clause protects the right of individuals to practice their religion without government interference Fundamental freedoms doctrine Laws impinging on the freedoms that are fundamental to the preservation of democratic practice 7 the freedoms of speech press assembly and religion 7 are to be scrutinized by the courts more closely than other legislation These are also termed the preferred freedoms M false statement defaming another Miranda warning 7 what does it mean to be 1 r 139 177 Obscenity 7 what has the Supreme Court said about it Prior restraint doctrine legal doctrine that gives individuals the right to publish without prior restraint 7 that is without first submitting material to a government censor Public defender attorney whose fulltime responsibilities are to provide for the legal defense of indigent criminal suspects Right of privacy right to be free of government interference in those aspects of one s personal life that do not affect others Selective incorporation the casebycase process through which the courts apply the Bill of Rights to the states by invoking the due process clause of the fourteenth amendment Separation of church and state doctrine the principle that a wall should separate the government from religious activity Segueste to house jurors privately away from any information other than that presented in the courtroom Trial venue place where a trial is held Tyranny of the majority sti ing of dissent by those voted into power by the majority Warren Court Writ of habeas corpus a judicial order that a prisoner be brought before a judge to determine the legality of his or her imprisonment Chapter 17 Affirmative action 7 what has the Supreme Court said about it Programs designed to enhance opportunities for groups that have suffered discrimination in the past Black codes restrictive laws that applied to newly freed slaves but not to whites Brown v Board of Education 7 what did the Supreme Court rule here 1954 Supreme Court decision declaring racial segregation in schools unconstitutional Civil disobedience a peaceful wellpublicized violation of a law designed to dramatize that law s injustice Civil rights specific rights that embody the general right to equal treatment under the law De facto segregation segregation that occurs as the result of decision by private individuals De jure segregation racial segregation that is legally sanctioned Egual protection clause fourteenth amendment clause specifying that no state can deny any of its people equal protection under the law Egual rigl1ts amendment ERA proposed amendment to the Constitution that banned gender discrimination Gender discrimination 7 what has the Court said about it Grandfather clause racially restrictive provision of certain southern laws after Reconstruction permitting a man to vote if his father or grandfather could have voted before the Civil War Jim Crow laws laws passed by southern states after Reconstruction enforcing segregation NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People civil rights organization dating from 1909 that relied heavily on a legal strategy to pursue its objectives Plessv V Ferguson 7 what did the Supreme Court rule here Court decision declaring separate but equal public facilities constitutional Poll taX fee that one must pay in order to be allowed to vote Racial guotas speci c number of positions set aside for a speci c group said by the Supreme Court to be unconstitutional Reconstruction period after the civil war when southern states were subject to a federal military presence Restrictive housing covenan legal promise by home buyers that they would not resell to an African American enforcement declared unconstitutional by Supreme Court Separate but egual doctrine rule stating that the equal protection clause was not violated by the fact of state mandated racial segregation alone provided that the separated facilities were equal Sexual harassment 7 what has the Court said about it State action doctrine rule stating that only the actions of state and local governments not those of private individuals must conform to the equal protection clause Suspect classification categorization of a particular group that will be closely scrutinized by the courts to see whether its use is unconstitutional White primary primary elections held by the Democratic Party after Reconstruction that excluded nonwhites from participating in many southern states


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