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by: Jefferey Miller


Jefferey Miller
GPA 3.84

Daniel Smith

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About this Document

Daniel Smith
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jefferey Miller on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to POS 2112 at University of Florida taught by Daniel Smith in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/207057/pos-2112-university-of-florida in Political Science at University of Florida.




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Date Created: 09/19/15
Chapter 5 Qahttdayy ct bit nu mm s 439 pm Chapters PoliticalParties Political Parties hapedbyotherpoliticalinstitutions Function orpolitioel parties Aggregatingenomobilizingtheinterestsoryestnumbersoroitizens Enhancevoterscapacitytoholopublioorrioielsaccountable Organizethedecisionmakinginstitutionsorgoyernment 39 39 39 39 39 mu eLuIvuiume Provideadurablelinkbtwncitizensandgovernment o Whyparties Pol eelpertiesessentielrortheexeroiseoroemooretiogovernance Parties increasethe chances oreoenoioete winningorrioe Partieshelpcandidatesgainsupportofvoters o Supportersorpolitioelparties Shattschneider u Democraticgovernmentsshouldbegovernedbyparties u Politicalpartiescreateddemocracy u o Historicalopinionsorpolitioelparties I Fed Paperstil Madison considered parties evil and to be avoided Responsible Party Model 0 Theory byEdmund Burke in ThoughtsonthePresentDtscontentst177D heldresponsiblerorimplementingtheperty39sprogremsenopolicies mum m r rm i t n quotloyalopposition 39 quotbigtentsquot 39 39 quot 39 FunctinnalPartyModel O Partiessometimesbroadentheircoalitionstogetmorevotes 0 Functional Party Modelr Leon Epstein Lt 39 39 quot rmm 39 39 39 39 quot o Coherentandconsistentidealsarenotprerequisites o Goalorthismooelistowielopolitioelpower Primaryandcaucuses DirectPrimaryElection u u Types closedsemiclosedopensemiopenblanket Caucus u ClosedandOpenF rimaries u 9 u 7 tate ha ethi ToptwoblanketprimaryWashingtonandLouisianadoit o ulitumia a 39 PresidentialPartyNominations u H SoDNC m M were restored Pertyrusion I Used morein western and Midwestern Statesinthe late 19th century Mostly used by minorparties I t 39 39 A quotrinrgpvernment Partyintheelectorate u u Partisamdentification o Societioentiryerreoteobysooiopsyohotogioelin uences POS 2112 Amer State and Local Gov39t Page 1 Formsinearlyadulthood conditioned byone39sfamily o Senseofbelongingandalle ianee Adjusts continuallyinresponsetopoliticalandeconomicchange O 39 39 lam 39 becomes morealigned withthe sow u Politicalideology O Iilmral nnmi rt mm o Southeonservative u u Political Participation 0 Frame PiEperspective panisanstendtovote morethan nonpartisans Us 9 Turnout has been decliningsmce the 7 O o o PamOrganization u u Roleofpartiesismelectcandidates u Partiesaredesignatedprimarilyasquotpartyrinrservicequottocandidates u Levelofpartyorganizationvaries o o Collectiveaction o Adasagentsofpoliticalsocialization o Vehiclesforambitiouspoliticians Allowcitizenstoholdof cialsaccountable o Organizedecisionmakinginstitut39ons o Mobilizeinterestsofcitizens u Organizationalmodelcanbetightorloose u u u EbbandFlowofpanyorganizationalstrength 3 er State and local parties were more powerfulthan national parties I em gt Offeringjobsinthepublicsectorinexchangeforvotes Requiredmonthly quotassessments asameansofraisingmoneyforthepany Helpeointegrateoitizensintothe poiitieaisystem o urbanparty machines 0 Panybossesworkedbehindthescenesatthelocallevel ltgt Unprincipledselfservingandcorrupt gt BossT A 39 o Weakeningandrebirthofparties o Reformerintentionallyweakenedparties o ltgt p ltgt Relevance of parties came into question 0 gt Transformedfrompartymachinestoservicevendors e BUM A ltgt Bannedpartiesfromusingso moneyforfederalelectionactivity gt Somestatepartiesweredependentonsoftmoneybeforetheact gt Didntreallyimpactstateandlocalparties eiectioneeringactivities Partyrinrgovernment Officeblockballot u Weakensmajor parties POS 2112 Amer State and Local Gov39t Page 2


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