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General Computer Science for Engineers

by: Haylie Satterfield

General Computer Science for Engineers CISC 106

Marketplace > University of Delaware > Computer Information Technology > CISC 106 > General Computer Science for Engineers
Haylie Satterfield
GPA 3.84


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 23 page Class Notes was uploaded by Haylie Satterfield on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CISC 106 at University of Delaware taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 71 views. For similar materials see /class/207080/cisc-106-university-of-delaware in Computer Information Technology at University of Delaware.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
0 General Computer Science for Engineers CISC l06 Lecture I 5 DrJohn Cavazos Computer and Information Sciences 03 62009 Lecture Overview 0 Unix commands o if statements 0 arrays or matrices oloops scripts functions Midterm and Review 0 Midterm review session Gore 3 l8 0 March I7 430pm600pm o httpwwwudeleduCIS i 06cavazosO9S lectures09 midterm reviewpdf Midterm 0 March l8 Class Time Wednesday Important Notes on Exam 0 Write code from memory 0 Study labs 0 Write code for labs Study Midterm review 0 Attend review session Unix Commands When you log into a UNIX terminal 0 You are in your home directory 0 To see the les in your directory Is 0 To make an new folderdirectory 39 mkdir exampledir 0 To change directories 39 cd exampledir 0 To go back one directory 39 cd 0 To go back to your home directory 39 cd Basic if statements 0 IF statements allow program to make choices whether a condition is met or not if expression I statements end if expression2 statementsZ end IFElseif Statements if expression I statements elseif expression2 statementsZ else statements3 end Major Relational Operators oAltB oAgtB oAltB oAgtB OA oAB A is less than B A is greater than B A is less than or equal to B A is greater than or equal to B A is equal to B A not equal B If statements 0 print blue if N lt 5 o print red if N gt 5 and N lt IO 0 print green if N gt IO If statements cont d if N lt 5 fprintf 39bluen39 end ifNgt5ampNlt IO fprintf 39redn39 end if N gt IO fprintf 39greenn39 end Arrays aka matrices All variables in matlab are arrays An array of one element is called a scalar A one dimension array is called a vector x3 l4 6 scalar a 2345 6 vector Arrays aka matrices ox O55 Now x is an array of numbers x I 0 5 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 Arrays aka matrices A 23456 o Creates a 3X2 array 3 rows 2 columns 0 semicolon creates a new row A12 34 56 For Loops Used when you know how many times code is to be executed 0 Syntax for ltvariablegt ltstartgtltincrementgtltendgt 0 Variable is initially the start value 0 At end of iteration variable changes by increment 0 If value is not greater than end the loop runs again Example Problem 0 I want to nd the average of widgets sold in 4 days Day of widgets sold 5 oWidgetl l5 2 22 0 Widget2 22 3 20 0 Widget3 20 4 l8 0 Widget4 l8 Avg Widgetl Widget2 Widget3 Widget4 4 O This is easy for a small number of days 0 What if we had a IOOO days 0 We can use a for loop Example Problem 0 total O fori OOO loop starts at total totalwidget i loop increments by end loop ends at IOOO avg total IOOO A Loop Analogy The mail manwoman executes a loop 0 If they know the number of deliveries For loop for delivery start nextdelivery end delivermaildelivery end Scripts les 0 Store commands in 0 Variables are global available after you call script le Scripts les sumt0 for current I finish if modcurrent2 I sumltsumltcurrent end end Functions 0 Special type of m le 0 Function name same as le name 0 Contains a function name arguments output and implementation 0 All variables in function are local 0 They are not visible outside call Example Function function sumltsumOddnt nish sumlt0 for current I nish if modcurrent2 sumltsumltcurrent end end end sumlt current and nish are local When you call a function Push l gt Pop function bar2 executing function f002 calls bar2 function bar1 calls f002 function fool calls bar1 function main calls fool In recursion these would be same functionll Another Recursion Example 0 Classic Example 0 Function output numbersSuminput if inpu I output I else output inputnumbersSuminput I end end


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