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by: Reed Champlin

UnitedStatesHistory HIST206

Marketplace > University of Delaware > History > HIST206 > UnitedStatesHistory
Reed Champlin
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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Reed Champlin on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST206 at University of Delaware taught by JonathanRuss in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see /class/207085/hist206-university-of-delaware in History at University of Delaware.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Watergate O O O O O O O O O O O O 11292010 20000 PM The Crisis of Watergate o Breakin cover up o Congressional Hearings o Nixon s registration Legacies o Gerald Ford o Jimmy Carter Watergate was the greatest constitutional crisis since the civil war 1972 was an election year Nixon was very popular o Even though inflation and unemployment were rising Remained popular with the D tente policy o Disarment of Russia o Relations with china Workers of his broke into the Watergate complex in DC to photocopy documents and put in hearing devices Wanted to respond ahead of time and anticipate Wasn t considered much at first But reporters started investigating o It became clear that this break in was backed up by political powers Nixon wins in a landslide Watergate wasn t a political issue in 1972 o But became one in 1973 1974 a large amount of hearings were held in congress to figure this out It was unclear if the president ordered the break in o But he tried to cover it up The president used the power of his office to quiet any critics about anything o Had the IRS do tax audits of his critics o Used federal agencies to harass anyone who questioned him o Considered an obstruction ofjustice Watergate was blown wide open o Alexander Butterfield was being investigated by the senate O O O O O O O O O O O O O 0 He let slip that there were tapes in the oval office that tapes everything said in the oval office They ask the president to hand them over but he refuses The case went to the supreme court The Nixon administration let out transcripts of the tapes But the supreme court wanted to hear the tapes and ruled that Nixon must turn over the tapes o Nixon does but there is a 17 minute gap in the tapes 1974 Congress is drawing up impeachment papers The president would be charged of thwarting investigations and obstruction ofjustice But the trial never came o Nixon becomes the first president in the US to resign from office His vice president Gerald Ford becomes president Ford wasn t elected the vice president Nixon s chosen VP was Spiro Agnew o Agnew was the governor of Maryland o Agnew had to resign because he was charged with fraudulent behavior while governor Nixon picks Gerald Ford He was fairly moderate and was respected by both sides Ford granted Nixon a pardon Ford said that he wanted to get this nightmare behind America Jimmy Carter ran for president Wanted to be thought that he was like everybody else His brother Billy became somewhat of a liability Bought a brewery and called it Billy Beer and advertised it all across the country The Carter administration was disconnected from congress and wanted a new foreign policy Said that American foreign policy should be based on human rights o Countries with good human rights policies should be allies with the US o Countries with bad human rights policies should be distanced from the US Carter held negotiations with Panama O O O O O O O O O O O o Said that the Panama Canal should be given to the government with Panama The US would be doing the right thing 1977 US signed a treaty with Panama saying that in 1999 the canal would be given back Helped make peace between Israel and Egypt He met with the leaders of both countries in Camp David Met there for 2 weeks in attempt to make a peace treaty All Muslim countries failed to recognize that Israel existed Egypt said that Israel had a reason to exist In exchange Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula to Egypt The treaty remains in effect The US had been committed to contain communism But some of the countries that the US sided with that were against communism and had terrible human rights Conflict with South Africa o The white population was mistreating the blacks o But south Africa was a major supplier in gold and uranium Conflict with the Philippines 0 The government was corrupt Conflict with Iran o Iran could be building a nuclear weapon o Said that they could solve their energy problem by creating electricity through nuclear power 1970 s the US was very close to Iran o One of our closest allies in the region o The CIA overthrew the leader of the Iran government in the 50 s and restore the Shah o The Shah was living in exile and was against communism o The Iranians bought more weapons than any country in the region o Carter visited Iran and said that it was an island of stability in a sea of instability o But shortly thereafter the Iranian revolution begins o People began to protest the Shah o The Shah has people arrested and there is a secret police network o The government cracks down hard and the US looks the other way 11292010 20000 PM 11292010 20000 PM Lyndon B Johnson The Politics of Guns and Butter 11152010 20100 PM o The Great Society 1964 Civil Rights Act EEOC o 24th Amendment office of Economic Opportunity VISTA o 1965 Voting Rights Act 0 Elementary and Secondary Education Act 0 Higher Education Act 0 Water Quality Act 0 Air Quality Act 0 HUD NEA NEH 0 Medical Care Act 0 LBJ was Kennedy s VP and became president after JFK was assassinated o Became president in 1963 o LBJ was very known among the American people 0 He kept the democrat party together and organized 0 Could push people to make votes they were reluctant to make 0 Wanted to fight a war on poverty 0 LBJ pledged to carry on the policy of the new frontier 0 He addressed civil rights first 0 LBJ was most worried about his southern democrats c He had grown up in a segregated south but believed in a civil rights agenda c He had a power of persuasion over his fellow democrats 1964 LBJ signs a new civil rights act and congress accepts it o Bans all types of segregation o Discrimination is illegal in both public life and the private sector o Applies to women people with different religions Equal Employment Opportunity Council o This is where people place complaints against their employers if they feel like they ve been discriminated against o The EEOC will confront that employer in a court of law o A congressman from Virginia had inserted something that he thought would sink the civil rights act 0 O O O O O O O O O O O c He put in that it is illegal to discriminate against sex c He thought that doing this would tank the civil rights act because he thought that they wouldn t go for equality of gender o Now the majority of the EEOC cases are discrimination against gender 1964 is an election year c LBJ has a chance to run on his own LBJ focuses on domestic legislation Signs into law the 24th amendment Addresses a loophole in the 15th amendment the amendment that guarantees one the right to vote despite your race or gender But southern states began to impose restrictions on voting o This amendment makes poll taxes illegal LBJ wants to eliminate poverty Office of Economic Opportunity o Came to local communities to progress how the money was being used c If a town wanted to create jobs they would apply to the OEC LBJ felt overshadowed by JFK and his office He decided that the way the OEC would succeed he hired General Shriver o Shriver was JFK s brotherinlaw o JFK thought politically this was a smart move LBJ also created VISTA This was the domestic branch of the peace corps The peace corps is created to help people help themselves Designed to be oneonone VISTA still exists o Works in education outreach LBJ had a vision that was growing o The government was the solution to America s problems o Wanted to expand FDR s New Deal LBJ won in a landslide He also pledged that the US wouldn t become more involved in the war in Vietnam The US was supporting the French in Vietnam After the French leave the US takes their place O O O O O O O O O o Vietnam had been divided in half and the US was there to help support the government of south Vietnam o By 1963 the US has about 16000 advisors in Vietnam In 1964 LBJ pledged that the US wouldn t be further involved in Vietnam The Voting Rights Act o Enforces the 24th amendment o A very low number of AfricanAmericans were registered to vote in the south but that number increases within 3 years Elementary and secondary education act o Provided resources for schools o More people went to school Higher Education Act o First time the fed government provides aid to universities o Gives aid to students Water Quality Act Air Quality Act Creating emissions restrictions HUD o Created as a part of the war on poverty o Wanted to tear down the ghettos and clear thousands of acres and build public housing projects NEA o Funded museums theatres other things of culture and art NEH o Provides grants to scholars working with humanity o Scientists historians Medical Care Act LBJ signs this act in Missouri in front of president Truman Truman believed that there should be public health care to everyone LBJ moved toward that with this act Creates Medicare and Medicaid Medicaid provides help to people who can t pay for it Medicare provides help to the elderly Projects created by HUD are as dangerous and substandard as the slums they replaced o The government grows enormously o Mysterious shortcomings 11152010 20100 PM 11152010 20100 PM


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