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by: Pat Wintheiser

PersonalHealthManagementAnApproachforaLifetime HESC155

Marketplace > University of Delaware > Health Sciences > HESC155 > PersonalHealthManagementAnApproachforaLifetime
Pat Wintheiser
GPA 3.66


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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by Pat Wintheiser on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HESC155 at University of Delaware taught by StephenGoodwin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/207100/hesc155-university-of-delaware in Health Sciences at University of Delaware.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
Personal Health Exam 1 Wellness 9232010 25400 AM c an approach to health that emphasizes individual responsibility for wellbeing through the practice of healthpromoting life behaviors o having good balance between 0 1 Social Health The ability to interact with people and the environment 2 Intellectual Health The ability to learn and use acquired knowledge 3 Environmental Health An appreciation for the external environment and recognizing that we play a role in improving it 4 Emotional Health The ability to control emotions appropriately 5 Spiritual Health Commitment to values and ethical behavior 6 Physical Health The ability to perform daily tasks without undue fatigue Decision Making o Steps 0 O O O O 0 Self Esteem 1 Identify the problem 2 Identify options 3 Evaluate outcomes of each option 4 Weigh against values 5 Make choice 6 Evaluate your choice o One s reputation with self o How one evaluates self o How it is developed 0 O O O 0 Through one s actions True accomplishment Acceptance of self Accept responsibility for actions Being true to values Branden s 6 Pillars Stress Practice of Living Consciousy 0 To be aware that everything bears on our actions values goals Practice of SelfAcceptance 0 Accept mistakes as our own and as an important part of learning Practice of SelfResponsibility 0 We accept responsibility for both our happiness and unhappiness Practice of SelfAssertiveness o Willingness to stand up for self willing to accept challenges to treat self with respect Practice of Living Purposefuly 0 Setting productive goals within our abilities being self disciplined Practice of Personal Integrity 0 Words beliefs and actions match reflection is practiced An involuntary reaction to a stimulus eliciting a fight or flight response It is solely a reaction based on perception Types of stress Eustress and Distress o Eustress positive stress elicits positive response in the body 0 Distress negative stress General Adaption Syndrome GAS 0 Alarm aware of change prepares for fight or flight 0 Resistance attempts to return to equilibrium Exhaustion if stressor continues or repeated exposure occurs the body s ability to resist diminishes and immune system is compromised Segal s 5 Causes of Stress o 1 Demandedness O When one expects others to respond as they would expectations are not spoken but the individual becomes upset o 2 Judgementaness When a person takes one characteristic about someone else and makes it that person 0 3 AwfulZing Being a pessimist always thinking the worst is going to happen to them 0 4 Vulnerability Emotional instead of intellectual reaction not being able to deal with emotions o 5 Fears allowing one s fears to control their life o Symptoms of Stress 0 Acute Increased heart rate Perspiration Increased blood pressure Increased metabolism 02 consumption 0 Chronic Heart Disease Cardiovascular Disease Back problems Hypertension Lowered immunity o Relaxation Response 0 Induces the parasympathetic system 0 Lowers heart rate breathing rate 02 consumption and blood lactate levels Personal Health Exam 2 9232010 25400 AM Drug Use and Abuse Drug any substance that when introduced to the body causes one or more of the functions to be altered Drug Use using a drug for its medically intended purpose and at the appropriate dosage Drug Misuse use of a drug for its medically intended purpose but at the wrong dose Drug Abuse deliberate use of a drug for nonmedical reasons Caffeine O O O 0 Is a stimulant May cause a number of health problems when abused Can lead to caffeinism is excessive amounts are consumed Addiction can result in insomnia anxiety headaches muscle tics Is a problem is a headache occurs within 4 hours of the last caffeine dose Routes of Drug Administration Oral ingestion through the mouth Inhalation respiratory tract smoking snorting sniffing Injection hypodermic needles Inunction absorbed through skin nicotine patch OTC Preparations Pain Relievers 1 Aspirin Indicators Antiinflammatory reduces fever reduces pain Contraindicators allergies children under 12 hypertensive bleeding disorders anemia kidney or liver disease Side Effects upset stomach GI bleeding heartburn nausea decreased clotting 2 Ibuprofen Advil Motrin Nuprin Indicators Antiinflammatory reduces fever reduces pain Contraindicators allergies hypertensive bleeding disorders anemia kidney or liver disease Side Effects drowsiness lightheadedness ABDOMINAL STRESS may reduce incidence of Alzheimer s Disease 3 Naproxen Aleve Indicators Antiinflammatory reduces fever reduces pain Stronger lower doses are used Contraindicators allergies hypertensive bleeding disorders anemia kidney or liver disease dosage concerns in people over 65 Side Effects drowsiness lightheadedness nausea decreased clotting 4 Ketoprofen Orudis Indicators Antiinflammatory reduces fever reduces pain Stronger lower doses are used Contraindicators allergies hypertensive bleeding disorders anemia kidney or liver disease dosage concerns in people over 65 Side Effects drowsiness lightheadedness nausea decreased clotting LESS ABDOMINAL STRESS 5 Acetaminophen Tylenol Actamin Valadol Indicators reduces pain reduces fever not anti inflammatory Contraindicators people with kidney or liver problems alcoholics Side Effects RARE potentially lethal with overdose and when mixed with alcohol may increase bleeding SAFER FOR CHILDREN o Antacids 0 Can lead to nutritional deficiency in Vitamin D and phosphate depletion How to Take OTC s o Follow directions o Many taken with food or water while others are with milk or an empty stomach Generics o Must be biologically eguivalent same active ingredient at the same amount and released at the same rate Prescription Drug Use c Perceived as safer o Often easier to obtain o 1 in 5 people have abused prescription drugs Tobacco o Smoking 0 Why Start Role Models Peers Look coolerolder Lose weight Stress Rebellion 0 Impact on Health Pregnant women harm developing fetus increased risk for spontaneous abortions mental retardation low birth weight premature birth SIDS Responsible for 87 of all lung cancers Effects quality of milk in lactating mother Suppresses immune system Increases dental problems Increases abnormal sperm cell production Decreases likelihood of pregnancy Linked to hearing loss Increased risk of impotence o Chewing Dipping 0 Just as addictive as smoking because nicotine is still present Increase in oraldental problems 4060 of all users develop leukoplakia within a few months Contains 100X the nitrosamines carcinogens as cigarettes o 1 pinch nicotine in 2 cigarettes o Snus 0 Used in Scandinavia to reduce smoking rates 0 Does not help in US 9 develops two tobacco needs 0 Less damaging form of tobacco but not risk free o Hookahs 0 Lower nicotine concentrations 9 more smoke is inhaled with greater exposure to carcinogens and nicotine 30 tobacco 70 other ingredients One hour smoking session 9 100200X more smoke than a single cigarette O O O O 0 Alcohol o Is a Central Nervous System depressant o Impairs judgment o Decreases inhibitions o Heat loss increases o Reaction time is effected o Decreased sensitivity to pain o Long Term Effects 0 Increased risk of many diseases Lowered immunity Impotence Increased need to some vitamins BlZ Liver problems Increased risk for breast cancer o Congeners o Substances created during fermentation process 0 Influence flavor 0 May cause allergic reactions o Possible Positive Effects 0 Decreased risk of heart disease Women no more than 23 drinks per week 0 O O O O Men no more than 1 drink per day FASFASD 0 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders is a leading cause of birth defects 0 Causes mental retardation and other physical abnormalitiesproblems BAC of fetus equals that of the mother NEW STUDY 12 drinks per week while pregnant is not harmful development of the child increases does NOT account for socioeconomic status was self reported 0 March of Dimes HAVE NOT changed recommendations 9 no alcohol during pregnancy o Alcohol Use During Breastfeeding 0 Alcohol avoided during breastfeeding it does get into breast milk 0 Wait 2 hours prior to breastfeeding if the mother has an occasional drink o General Facts 0 Body metabolizes 13 oz of pure alcohol 0 Yields 7kcal per gram 0 1 drink 1202 beer 1002 wine cooler 4502 wine 125 1502 hard liquor o How Classified 0 Small Amount9 1 drink per occasion 0 Medium Amount9 24 drinks per occasion 0 Large Amount9 5 or more drinks per occasion o Classifications Abstainere drinks once a year or less Infrequent9 drinks small amounts no more than once a month We drinks in medium amounts no more than once a month OR no more than 34X per month in small amounts 0 Moderate drinks at least once a week in small amounts OR no more than once a month in large amounts 0 Moderate Heavier drinks at least once a week in medium amounts OR 34X per month in large amounts 0 O O O O o Heavye drinks at least once a week in large amounts 5 o Alcoholism o Is it learned In cultures where drunk behavior is frowned upon the incidence is low No family history in many alcoholics Children of alcoholics are more likely to become abstainers just as they are alcoholics o Is it genetic Biological sons raised in different environments are 4X more likely to become alcoholics Brain functioning is different in children exposed to alcoholics than those from nonalcoholic parents 0 Does it matter In order to recover one must take responsibility for their behavior and work at not drinking every day o Responsible Drinking 0 Drink less than one alcoholic beverage per hour Eat before and during the time you are drinking Do NOT gulp or drink quickly NEVER mix with other drugs Serve alternative beverages when hosting Never mix with driving or other skills that have a safety factor 0 O O O O Marijuana o Facts 0 THC is the active ingredient 0 Physiological and psychological effects occur within 510min o Stays on body for up to 30 days in urine tests for 1 week o ShortTerm Effects 0 Dry mouth 0 Blood shot eyes 0 Mellow 0 Increased sense of funny 0 Munchies 0 Hearing touch taste and smell are effects Perceptions of time and space are effected Short term memory effects Judgment impaired Inhibitions lessened Reaction time lengthened o LongTerm Effects 0 Similar to tobacco in levels of tar CO and nitrosamines 0 Lower birth weight and shorter babies to mothers who smoke 0 Increased risk of developing lung cancer and other pulmonary disease 0 Diminished sperm counts and greater numbers of abnormal sperm cells o Medical Uses 0 May help in treatment of glaucoma 0 May reduce nausea associated with chemotherapy 0 May help with treatment of MS 0 Many physicians believe it is no more beneficial than current drugs others disagree o Dependence 0 Appears to be largely psychological although some researches believe physical dependence may develop in some heavy users 0 Tolerance does develop and there is some withdrawal symptoms 0 Tolerance leads to more usage 9 increases lung cancer risks o Prevention of Substance Abuse 0 Educate youth Establish values Supervise youth Develop positive selfimage Model appropriate behaviors O O O O 0 Stress Reduction Techniques o Exercise o Meditation Deep Breathing Yoga o Biofeedback Hypnosis Progressive Relaxation Laugh Reading a book 9232010 25400 AM


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