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by: Camren Romaguera

GeneralChemistry CHEM101

Camren Romaguera
GPA 3.8


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Camren Romaguera on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CHEM101 at University of Delaware taught by DanaChatellier in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 123 views. For similar materials see /class/207121/chem101-university-of-delaware in Chemistry and Biochemistry at University of Delaware.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
CHEM101 7 General Chemistry Spring 2008 08S Instructor D S Chatellier Office BRL 233 If I m in my office please feel free to drop in If I m not in my office you can either wait for me to return the signs on my door should tell you when I expect to be back or leave me a message include your name and phone number and slide message under my door Office phone with voice mail 8318152 email address danacudeledu Course Supplies available at the University Bookstore REQUIRED Textbook Brown LeMay amp Bursten CHEMISTRY The Central Science 10th ed Lab Manual Laboratog Manual for General Chemist Eye Protection Safety goggles are REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES in the lab OPTIONAL but STRONGLY RECOMMENDED Lecture Notes D S Chatellier Chemist 101 Lecture Notes Study Guide Hill Student s Guide Solutions Manual Wilson Solutions to Black Exercises Other Resources Which May Help You in CHEM101 a Old CHEM101 Exams files on reserve in Morris Library Reserve Room b Tutors for more information see Mrs Staib in BRL 102 c Bookstore Items Chemistry Flash Cards Schaum Outlines Chemistry Problem Solvers etc PLEASE SEE ME WHEN YOU NEED HELP The best way to prepare for the examinations is to do as many of the problems and exercises in the textbook as you can The sooner you come to my of ce the sooner I can help GOOD LUCK Best wishes for a successful semester PLEASE BOTHER ME D S Chatellier CHEM101 7 General Chemistry Spring 2008 7 08S GRADING POLICIES The minimum requirements for obtaining a passing grade in CHEM101 are a Successful completion of at least ten laboratory experiments b Successful completion of the nal examination c Obtaining a total of at least 400 points on the grading scheme outlined below There are at least 800 points that can be scored in CHEM 101 a Examinations 400 points 50 Four 100point examinations will be given You are expected to be present for all of them If you miss an examination see your instructor If the absence is excusable illness death in the family jury duty etc your final exam score will be prorated If the absence is not excusable your score for that examination will be a ZERO No quotmakeupquot examinations will be given for m reason b Laboratory Experiments 200 points 25 Twelve laboratory experiments are scheduled Your ten best laboratory scores will be counted toward your laboratory grade For more information about your laboratory grade consult your TA c Final Examination 200 points 25 Details forthcoming Your score on the final exam will be prorated to account for any excused absences from the other examinations see a The following grading scheme will be used to assign letter grades Total Points Scored Grade Total Points Scored Grade 800 730 913 A 559 530 663 C 729 700 875 A 529 500 625 C 699 660 825 B 499 460 575 D 659 630 788 B 459 430 538 D 629 600 750 B 429 400 500 D 599 560 700 C 399 0 00 F Feel free to consult me at any time if you have any questions about your grade in CHEM101 D S Chatellier CHEM101 7 General Chemistry SCHEDULE OF READING ASSIGNME Spring 2008 7 08S NTS EXAMINATIONS AND LAB EXPERIMENTS Week Of Reading Assignments Examinations Laboratory Experiments 211 BLB Chapter 1 None None DSC pages 111 2 18 BLB Chapter 2 None CheckIn Safety Training DSC pages 1221 EXpt 2 Density 225 BLB Chapter 3 None EXpt 3 Physical amp Chemical DSC pages 2225 108109 Properties 33 BLB Chapter 3 EXAM 1 EXpt 5 Hydrates DSC pages 2630 Tues 34 3 10 BLB Chapter 4 None EXpt 6 Limiting Reactants DSC pages 3138 3 17 BLB Chapter 5 None EXpt 30 Titration DSC pages 3947 3 24 BLB Chapter 5 EXAM 2 EXpt 15 Calorimetry DSC pages 4850 Thurs 327 331 SPRING BREAK No classes or labs Enjoy 47 BLB Chapter 7 None EXpt 9 Trends in the Periodic DSC pages 5163 Table 4 14 BLB Chapter 6 None EXpt 10 Spectroscopy DSC pages 6476 421 BLB Chapter 8 EXAM 3 EXpt 11 Lewis Structures DSC pages 7781 Thurs 424 4 28 BLB Chapter 9 None EXpt 12 Using Lewis Structures DSC pages 8295 55 BLB Chapter 10 None EXpt 8 Gas Law amp Volatile Liquids DSC pages 96105 512 BLB Chapter 11 EXAM 4 EXpt 7 Molar Volume DSC pages 106107 Tues 513 Clean Up and Check Out 5 19 Review None None 5 FINAL EXAMINATION Date time and place to be announced later BLB read this chapter in Brown LeMay and Bursten DSC read these pages in D S Chatellier Chemist 101 Lecture Notes Any changes in this schedule will be announced in class D S Chatellier CHEM 101 7 General Chemistry Mathematics Skills Quiz Place all answers in the spaces provided below using the back only if needed 1 A gallon of milk weighs 8 pounds How many gallons are there in a milk can which contains 140 pounds of milk 2 E What is X X 4 3 i X 25 E Whatisk 10 8 4 When roller skating there must be two girls and one boy in each trio If there are 20 boys and 32 girls how many trios can they make 5 The cargo from three trucks ts into two train cars with each loaded train car weighing 105 tons What is the total weight of loaded train cars if 18 trucks were unloaded 6 Yand2105YZ IfX21whatisZ 7 Three oranges and two apples are required for each fruit basket How many complete fruit baskets can be made if we have nine dozen oranges and eight dozen apples 00 Dunkin Donuts sells 200 dozen doughnuts every day How many individual doughnuts do they sell each hour 0 1 Initially there 1s 5 cup sugar 1n 1 quart of applesauce but then 2 quarts of unsweetened applesauce are added What is the nal concentration of sugar per quart of applesauce 10 i E IfY4whatisX 4Y Y Source Keith Ver Beek and Larry Louters quotChemical Language Skills Investigating the Deficitquot Journal of Chemical Education Volume 68 May 1991 pages 389392 CHEMlOl102213321322 Spring 2008 08 REGRADING POLICIES In large multisection classes much of the grading of examinations is done by the teaching assistants This is a common practice and is o en supervised by the professor of the course Nonetheless errors in grading sometimes occur There may be cases in the course of this semester where you may believe that an error has been made in grading your work and the correction of the error would result in a higher grade for you The purpose of my regrading policy is to address this situation If you believe that an error has been made in grading your examination you may submit the examination to me for regrading To do so simply circle the numbers of the questions that you would like to have me reconsider and return the entire examination to me at the next class meeting I will reconsider the grading of the circled questions make any necessary adjustments to your grade and return the examination to you in class at some future time It is strongly recommended that you consult the posted answer keys before you submit your exams for regrading IT IS A VIOLATION OF BOTH THIS POLICY AND THE UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE HONOR CODE TO CHANGE ANSWERS ON YOUR EXAMINATION BEFORE SUBMITTING THE EXAMINATION FOR REGRADING Resubmitted examinations may be r39 r39 J and r A with r39 r39 of examinations that were made prior to your receiving your graded examinations in an attempt to circumvent this practice Students who commit academic dishonesty in this way will be prosecuted through the University of Delaware Student Judiciary System It is strongly recommended that any notes you wish to make to yourself on your graded examination be made in a different color of ink or pencil than the color you used while taking the examination Should you later decide to submit your examination for regrading the use of a different color will allow me to focus on your original answer for regrading and will avoid the possibility of an accidental violation of this policy Please let me know if you have any questions at any time about the regrading policies in my classes 7 DS Chatellier


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