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by: Keven Johnston

AdvancedEngineeringElectromagnetics ELEG648

Marketplace > University of Delaware > Electrical Engineering > ELEG648 > AdvancedEngineeringElectromagnetics
Keven Johnston
GPA 3.85


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Keven Johnston on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ELEG648 at University of Delaware taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 41 views. For similar materials see /class/207134/eleg648-university-of-delaware in Electrical Engineering at University of Delaware.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
LECf ure 3 3 5 2 0V Cons m 39w Paramem M Ma nals Enheren j cgnmm Charges J Hms when The are Subjec d is 5 981039s 77kg as t mod5 777a elds M mciquot n Such acu a 7 The opposite is misc Wae We pr lds can Serve 13gt modt r The Mamrs a Proper 39es C U 79 7 aCCoum For Jmasejm39emch ans on a maCf0560PlgC we n n oduC e Conshruive rela ons D 5 E L y elem39n r Field infens y J m m A Y a w 2 g gjgids x i E dL 5 3 D a M 395quot 4 6L J day WXH if l w J gtk iv 01V Qf PSC SDka 3 qt ale 39 elecfn c Permf 39vf hj e iecfn c F ax dens 39j g a La L 18 have Perm h39v j 6t S x io iz Fm 3gt B M 7 r Lgt MagmaHr Am Inmsiwj Mm mo 5 we 39c perm ca 192 Hj L a magne c Tow dens j Why er T Ws aMr I L 477x110 H A T lt1 L9 elec 39n39c pfeld Wm A x 7 Condach v g 0 We Medv um gt elem1C curremf densffj m2 cw mesa eqwa ons mM39 PM aw Cases 3 1m m j ch h cl p01quot a mecii39um wf Hquot Spam 49 fr ldepcn denquot mam1M prayer 113 11 1 0N No a punch39on a Pos 39ion Such medium 5 am of 3 0mm quotp 31410 are Fu dfo s a xiii 9Medr2m 5 Ma am39sofg 3 Man useFuL cram5 are am smnpfc as are ionized gases 60nd Rm s wh h W390 majpeh c elds m El 55 Coda M v End 9quot m vacuum Wofn Faradalj s Lam WXES 5 B9 233 33 5 21 3 52 32 5 3 kK E0 smut K E 7 3 gx K goCoiwf K Ler r Ala awe Boundavj Can df hbns Manen39s egua 39ons Mpresenr a 61quot rp Coupleci JI FFWJ J eyua o as Suck 193 N79in We Specz rafrbn 0p Boundary Cond x ons n Order Proung a waf e Soiwh on to agiben problem 1 Magm h39c 15er4 Boundary Condx h a j m9 j gt 393 From Ampems Law Cu d5 S Consfder a bow dag befwfen l mo I Sompt tf homogeneous linear 39 mafern ms CO M gtDt Boundam Condz on For fange aL COMM g Since 5 8 ijkm n e thm 839 fevb nge bemaw 7100 10mm Marm s equa m V medfa mm no charge i v of Scum 393 39 ifhe o mciwo media dL 015 S 515 n16 g 5 B 13 Pefped fmdudwp c f 5 o 03 7100 Bu 2quot lVl39 2 IO Q5 Save Maj e b ux Crossfnj39mfs am 80 0 gt gt a O E34290 C A A rn A axAx EaxAX 0 9 5 9 399 tquot It 0 21 f a 4quot 0555 5 V Tangenrim Cempone B 0 ve dec n c Halal across an x ni eeYme 19am quotEgon mech q mm m imfwgaa mggne cy Ceaer dwsf CI0r boarng O P 39hffdaa 9quotquot 4 Con 3 no 0 s V PEC Li 25230 quot9 csquot Oo Ego 9 Diemm 2 a v 5 D a f Z gt a a A E Z 73 52 D 8 39l i r v 39 e L 393 5 d39 3 7 j C 5 5 C38 7776 Surface S gto 75 displacmm 39 iu2 Clansquot wart A MM 239 ak 39 aggmik 2 a r 13 339 CA5 P ziucw i6 SurQa Came 8L 5 J This jl s 75 swan cmm owing nme to me ne 9 A V 0 3 90 L kHVRZX ay Jg39o z 0 gt gt gt gt gt 9 53 gaafag r 53 quot L 397quot S 2 dquot 3 5 3 C abuaiayidfyww D 6 lg L 4 a g c mg fa 1 quot i cm MWS a 0 439 5quot 7 3341 as HR Ha z J M mwww The mngenfr aL Compom 0P L J I I 7 ayeth 39eia acrross 7 Wt faa Adamn le We I 6 FE Feds EC Mtg393 WE 5D saw gije a 39ao cw P C C C C hi C o I 4 are 360an 1445 19 H 2 gm Vuo j r amaun equaj it The sume C33 Win17W Condm hj surfm awem Amway a 7391 4 A gt gt39 a y Ht 503 39 f F m Ry The normal refecfn cXmajnc c pieJ Comparewa Gamay aw 3 4 E 3 DZ cw M52 A M o 34 ng W l 5 V gt f Dm39BAo an2 Ao zi Ao W 6n23 F f 3 any Paink We baundary The Componeni 33 and D2 manna t We bounda are 39dfscmhhuwu 5 mama ow TEL sulfate d1ng Sin5Mij We maggnaq39c vacc4 s j H i 804mm 0 BC 25 gt Eh J gt f h f Paw aw In EM Fields 39 EM WW5 C5975 emfj j r as mg pm gaw jarc tm 0 9 WW5 Watding Magi1 E H V s s Y I L W i W 44139 MM whm L 39 7 23LEgt 3d 15635 T lp39 M 3 w 6 5 4qu Es 3233 m7 by a W magma ngw J 2 39 Ied39o 30Q j 145 quotW39WH MN JJcaa W113 FMMaEro7 JEJB 0 mV39 3 dquot iMsMaEJJcyd3511 f My 7quot 39 7 5 EgtHA73CS Uf 74 d EX39O SH 739MquotMAJ f J 3c321 clvzoi J S v 07 31 Power 41733 gt f in A ml 77 FM a 39 Jgt Mil m2 m 1 5 7quot quotquot i 2 3 5 H 5 2 M33 I ELM H2 magne dens j gt I 9 99 r r 7 J 59 35 E Wquot E 3931 529W 5E2 E39a a We we 12 C 2 QAEQ hfc ms j sfwggg gaf lt Lgt 53393an Obww danst 251 657 W gt Po wer dens j Dag tfng Lg VGIUme 3 Su cy ec Power clans j W Z A 5 3 m3 5 4w 3 39 f M i 0 w 071 3411 k k W y a Ha14m ASH 14xch gan mag 6 392 V V L J a 4m W V 3 rz i m d dv3Jgf EdVjgwe v 6 I 39 magneh39t 9an 3 Wet dec rn c mg I 3 r13 1 gQPW M Pom WA Qt axi na POM w Pd d ssfya c5 80W 39V 39 BME44T 13 P 7 PM WthjA b Co 7Qa o Po W Law Pe thAs Powef ow f crflolume 5 2 a A Ain t o xix I 5 1 I if G d f gthbn y 2gi g r ult i 3


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