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by: Misael Dooley

AdvancedEngineeringElectromagnetics ELEG648

Marketplace > University of Delaware > Electrical Engineering > ELEG648 > AdvancedEngineeringElectromagnetics
Misael Dooley
GPA 3.72


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Misael Dooley on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ELEG648 at University of Delaware taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/207134/eleg648-university-of-delaware in Electrical Engineering at University of Delaware.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
w a 7 EM wave rowH39ng Pane wai in an on bounded CgtsS WJ medam 9 CW DI39 cx paj 01x 5 E X H E f fan H 777058 5 group V6470quot Powef X W3 dawns sw 7 I Urn30m Plane mm unbounded 055355 Nadia Z Xquot i quot 55 V Oblvue avge Z 239 Y y7 Sty I Aaw We electric X magvent fcld has bom 2 and 5 Comp Since if d003 00 have 0 3 Componen if is W 9 39 A A J 39r 0 a C05 9139 02 5739 9138 3 3183 gt E EZE E 6 C059 a 5M E as T AXK 53 23 32 En h 63119552 z C a 5mg azos 39 A u g a 62 I62 gt SMG 03 C05 Q1 gt f a I JMX81091f ZCOSQII E Ea ax C05 9 a a Si 6 A j Ksm 6quotZC gt amp Eo a C0561 OZ Sm E P I m VJ J39f5Xsh91 ZCo59f f4HH E y I in h l SOY E1 Jp sxh mZCDSQJ We 6 quotK 3quot w A M w5fgt f XE agave imgecfana j ZZZ 5 s 1 C05 9 j 771659 are cikvchbnaj MMQ 1 ZzT 1 1 Si gf U x f If 7718 LS No amfgmf mnswm Magma Wave W43 If X i g I A we repea v We Same proceduve Fox a TM5 Mode g6 RX r 1 41 5 Q r A g2 Z 39ngm H 5 1qu Mfr 5 WW dM 01 I Phase mad group velocij j MCM Mar fa mammz n a 010an Phase m W dr39rec an I M 2 7 i 85 354 aconsfaw WWW 0PM waw V j L33 quot g 3 w 397 2 L 095 ev WE c0562 0 gtC 4 7 A f g 2 C6186 W Co lt C g ampMquot W2 3 in L VwiOQB TDOWSW averaga 39owequot dwsi r 3w e H k39 ELzegfifj x WJ 2 7 15 5 593 Sin 6 e 5 WW 6 X g ggfc M fx 52M 20mm WW5 f A 39 l A EX2 54 X 53n63 2 C036 2 A A 3 x Sawx a w z v 239 9a x Sin 2 7 05 6139 Z 7 H C5a V g TEM Modes in L091 media in 7775 Cak The elecm c 22ch mud SW 961799 7 775 wax6 egg 777w 9 quot 32 Q 50 65 5 ZEJ W a Z NJF 17 J39z z f gfe39dfe 5 5 eageJ t 4 CW Y jgo 3325 39 JaeN 1W 9M 0 3 o4j wGwme W azw39FZ oolug 20 auxI02 NZQWZEJ m zjj NPM We gmEL 31 M 0lt 55 am eramama mgnml 3 MW 37W 4 lt13 m 3 20 03 g 6 5 eomzxmsca f dMm 86g Z 30 f m 363 Cot d5 20 910 603 7Ee mgne 39c F5810 J s O bms rlfd jcrom m 7 5 2171 THE JunM 252 212 29 quot3958 1 am 39 W A 3 I 2E C58 33 159 7 JwM A quot XZ 5 5 022 zit3 9 9 392 5 j ZN 1 MM 3 C I39nmhgfc weearm no cj 39wa quotadmin 1 Amgg gym dam131 W Sh 1 36ng HAM S iJEOrz 2 Z P we ajam Supera39mpok EXEI W13 36 2 V ampz ze 2 2 0 ZNE ZEEJFEJC os 2152 239 4 6 58 E0 9 z 6 J gredga oa 2 1 3 The Sandfn wave paan 139s 31W 777a amPmde fem w 8 K g M 339 5929 2x Way Z L J a Coifz gb We dfsfanCe 7773 wav mus WGWZ m a 555 medam to MdUCe 11 um 65 v 5 e edge q We d39is znre 8 which H e WW2 Cmph fu de decreasw to Q radio GA V 377 0 9 ovisl39na WW S M V swn death 0 W menfarm A 60 go 65 I az wa zG 7746 SW S C meaSure 0P The 79 716 which an EM wave C dn Metaate a mealum I V 4372 quotU z e 0 Vt quot 2 1 Mose m 001 5 0 wave cam WMZI quotquot 3 L3 VWXIJ V lt M x83 r Q Ag WW quot F0 0 30am free BM VXH 397 01 5 D 55 Jwae 02442005 Lgtigts pmmmr w55ltlt 03gtgtJ2 w gt7i J3ltltJE V 112 M i z 397 x o WNW V gt 33 0 L j lz w 5 iL 2m E WNEME iiif339iz39 5 gtquot wif J for21 ltlt 0 we 62wme Kmp 13 mo mm 2 4 X Wv7 la1 4 N


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