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by: Etha Shanahan

IntroductiontoProgrammingBusinessApplications MISY225

Marketplace > University of Delaware > Management Information Systems > MISY225 > IntroductiontoProgrammingBusinessApplications
Etha Shanahan
GPA 3.5


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Etha Shanahan on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MISY225 at University of Delaware taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 40 views. For similar materials see /class/207144/misy225-university-of-delaware in Management Information Systems at University of Delaware.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
MISY 225 ACCESS EXAM HELP OCTOBER 6 2008 Nutesz Get intu Access via the Applicatinns Fuider Then ann the iiiewithin Access Diriee Biittun 7 Open Du nut get intu the Access iiie by duiihie clicking the starter iiie icnn in My Cunipiiter1ryuii dn the latter yuiir prugr niay riin v 13 sluwiy Use the aeedh file un the ash drive that yuiir instriietur pruvides Du nut niahe yuiir uwn aeedh iiie Du nut print anything in the Pirrneu lab The printer can hang yuiir prugrani When dune eiuse yuiir lE and then ExitAccesspranrly Then pruperiy Eieet the ash drive Du nut set any relatinnships between tables Qiiery inining will he A Winery uses an Access database to keep traek ofsales shiprnerits to eiistorner and other aetivrty The eornpany needs help setting up some queries andreports You have been eanediri to help in that regard A eopy othe company s database is on your ash drive All the reeords thatyoii Add no fields to any tables change no values in the tables The database tables are described below Customer The table desi nis shown beiowfouowedb thereeords j CusIamcl FIEITNamE DataType t CustamerNuniber ext Address Text CumpanyName Text Phone Text Amtowed Currency cusiaiiie cunumermhmtr Address r CumpanyNam r Ph r mtowed ankS ozssamn 40nnnn quuurs C1002 3 nuee st Jonessplrlts 302 m 3344 1000000 11103 99 Elm St Blue Hen Euaze 3028317744 5 ID ID AmtOWed That 39e the value of Em l ee quot L L L helnw he records 1 Elnvhyee Fr Name DataTypE u EmployeeNumber Tex EmployeeName Text Juhmle Text 3 Employee EmployeeNumb v EmployeeNamA v JobTIUe v 101 JDeJak Iesperson EIDZ Sue DUKES Salesverson E103 1mm ppmg Clerk E104 Kare Harax thpplngclerk 2105 Jason Hendrlx Accountlng Clerk E105 Floyd cramer Accaummg Clerk Invento dardcastPerBame sellingpncePerEonle WelghtPerBD la The nature of the elds should be selfexplanatory h records I 1mm PrudunNum v Descnpum v sue 10 Relslmg qr W102 Relslmw GAL W103 Marla qr W104 Merlat GAL W105 Shiraz qr W105 Shir GAL 1 WelghtPErEo v A The nature of most of the elds should be selfexplanatory Possible exceptions StandardCostPerBottle 7 this is the cost to make a bottle of that type of wine SellingPricePerBottle 7 this is what the winery sells a bottle of the wine for Note the profitper bottle would be the sellingpriee less the standard east WeightPerBottle 7 this is the weight of a bottle in pounds Sales Order The table design is shown below followed by he records l 1 Sasesomu Field Name Data Type V SalesOrderNumber Text CustomerNumber Text CustomerPurchaseOrderNo Text DateOfOrder DateTime SalespersonNumber Text Tax Currency TotalValue Currency Numberofcases Number TotalBottles Number DateRequired DateTime Saksomzl SaleSDrdem v CustamerNA v CustamerPu v DateOfUn v SalesPersnn v Tax v Tatalvall v NumberDK v Tatalsu lt v Date equlv v 510m K8000 ierebros E101 53254 153200 12 144 zzrrebros 51002 21002 Lassa 1sesas E102 51mm 572 2 a 5 ma 22 Feb as 51003 C100 H3330 15 Feb as Em 5500 3 355 aa 15 mo 22 Feb as 51004 cram mam 2a Feb as E101 13950 59 559 so 2a 24a 23 Feb as 51005 cma2 Lanna ZELFebros E102 smaa 1953400 4a 450 23 Feb as 51005 c1003 H3340 2aesas E101 sasma 1372720 so 720 awapas The meaning ofthe elds is discussed below SalesOrderNumber 7 Invoice number for order CustomerNumber 7 Denotes the customer that is placing the order CustomerPurcha eOrderNum er 7 Before an order is actually placed the customer sen 39 a urchase order to see if the wine would be available for shipment when needed If it would be a sales order is submitted DateOfOrder 7 The date ofthe sales order SalesPersonNumber 7 The employee number of the person who handled the sale ax 7 T e tax on the total value of the wine in the order TotalValue 7 Total value of the wine in the order plus the tax NumberOfCases 7Number of cases of wine in the order TotalBottles 7 Number of bottles in the cases for all items DateRequired 7 Date that the customer wants to receive the shipment Sales Order Line Items The table design is shown below followed by the records j sammeuumnmx Ield Name DataType SalesOrderNumber e t 7 Sammclumkas SalesDrderNumt v PrmdunNumbE v Quantity v A mo w1 43 51001 W103 43 31 01 W105 AK 31002 W102 so 31002 W104 so 51002 was so 31003 W101 120 31003 W102 so 31004 W102 120 31004 W104 120 31 05 W103 450 31003 W101 120 31005 W102 120 31003 W103 120 31005 W104 120 31003 W105 120 31 05 W103 120 Lme xtemsquot refers to the lmes m the mvoxce mans senthth the shxpmeme alme for each kmd ofwme thgm em is m Field Name DaiaType x ShlpmentNumber Text rm 2 i SerIaINumber Text Dateofsmpmem DateTime Shipment smpmenmumhe ShippelNumher TrailErNumby SenalNumbEI DaKEOfShipme A erFeerS smouz sHioz 17550 a 3 1 2710005 smuua 91101 T6565 123455 2312005 i Ti together Fields 39 39 39 39 I Each gets its own unique number mat denotes die event shippeiNumbei7 The winery uses several shipping companies Each is denoted by a unique number TrailerNumber 7 The number on me side omie shipper s traileris recorded Oi each shipment SerialNumber 7 The vm umber omie suck is also recorded DateOfShipment 7 The date in the goods weie shipped is recorded ShipmentL eItems TL LI i 391 records j Shipmznnjn lm Field Name Date Type Ip mNumb r Text Billonadmgwumbsr TExt 1 SalesOrderNumber exi 7 gm Number ShlppingCXErkNumbEv Text TruckLuadedBy szt j smmmimeiiem i ShlpmemNum v EIIIOfLadIngNun v SalesOrderNur v Drderweu v shippingcle v Truckmeuee v 4 01 mm 51001 203 E103 Driver SHPJD 51401001 31102 51002 1440 E103 Driver 5000001 3L103 51003 720 E103 Shlpplngcu 51401002 31104 51004 1920 E104 Driver 5000002 Buns 51005 3340 E104 Shlpplngcu 51401003 31105 51005 3500 E104 Driver Fields are explained below mined in die shipment quot 39 v y iu ii i M 1 z z n i i i i 1quot e i SalesorderNumber eIhrs table relates orders handledln the shrpment orderWerght e The total werght of the order m pounds ls shown not the total E re 53 a men n3 3 mpany shlpplng elerk oyersees takmg the order rom the warehouse and bnnglng the eases to the loadlng doek The employee number ofthat person ls shown ekLo e y eWas the order put on the truek by the dnyer who works for the shlpper or by th Wlnery the eompany shlpplng the goods shl er 1 sutuw Field Name DataType t7 ShlpperNumber Text ShipperName Text 55 Ten Text strum ShlpperNunv shlpp Nme or Address v Phone paemonetght llaclenaga 4445319933 sHmz Longhorn Trucking 3 Craswell 444331 5543 thewrnery selfrexplanatory Masseuse assesses assesses aaaaaaaaaa Masseuse ltltlt SNIP gtgtgt Masseuse assesses assesses aaaaaaaaaa Masseuse Test Proeedures and Regurrements Here are test proeedures and re qulrem ents or eourse matenals exeept old dskettes o rnstruetor o n s any ma enals wth a elassma e Take the test wth your asslgned seetron unless o er arrangements have been made Your rnstruetorreseryes the nghtto asslgn a late penalty lfyou show up at a dlfferenttlme Thls ls a test of what you know when you walk rnto the room not a test ofwhat the me allowed Kyou do not you probably wlll notflmsh on trme Use the Access 2007 le that is on the ash drive given to you Do not make your own file Use only the Access 2007 program before during and after this test Stay out of email IM FTP Netscape IE and so on Turn off cell phones when you enter the room Do not use your phone during the exam You will hand in no prints Do not print anything in the lab during the test If you hang the printer you may not be able to close your le properly Do not set any quotRelationshipsquot between tables Making joins in the query generator will set all the relationships that you need behind the scenes Access sometimes makes it hard to un set a relationship if you err on it And that makes it hard to make progress in Access You have been warned Make reports following instructions given in class and in the tutorial Ie make a query then base the report on the query Using this procedure will matter for grade Asking for Hints During the test your instructor may answer your questions but you may be charged points for this If all you need is a clari cation of wording you will not be charged If your instructor must teach you about Windows or Access however you probably will be charged when the test is graded this will be so even if you later claim that what you were told did not help Thus be sure you need the help before asking if you think you do you probably do Your instructor reserves the right to not answer a question Your instructor reserves the right to tell you that your question is the last one that will be answered Whether or not you will be charged points is your instructor s call when the test is graded Your instructor will not argue about this during or after the test You should not leave the room without permission You should not leave the room with the test statement or the ash drive You return the test and the ash drive to your instructor at the end When you are done save properly This is discussed below With the ash drive in the dongle Of ce Button 7 Close Database Do not close with the diskette out of the dongle 2 Of ce Button 7 Exit back to Windows 3 Put the ash drive and the test statement into the envelope 4 Return envelope to your instructor


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