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by: Vicky Spinka

HistoryofAfrica BAMS134

Vicky Spinka
GPA 3.89


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vicky Spinka on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BAMS134 at University of Delaware taught by WunyabariMaloba in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/207147/bams134-university-of-delaware in Humanities at University of Delaware.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
November 3 2011 Goree Senegal Last place slaves were before they were transported red tile roofs palm trees sun dried streets Slave warehouse for over 200 years The door of no return cells were captives were held are still intact West Africa ancient highly structured civilizations with history art and music Powerful monarchs controlling the great wealth Native Americans died by the thousands in the elds during labor small number of Africans proved to be skilled farmers and held up under the climate slave trade was now set in motion African men women and children were kidnapped and pulled on slave ships from shore Method proved inefficient Africans clans were encouraged to take war on some African villages and take and sell them to Europeans Set up trading markets across coasts since they did not want to venture into Africa Goree international trading center Location near heart of African slave trade Slave markets blossomed Port for slave ships Goree growth pop Over 5000 Desire for Europens to possess it Wanted control Flag changed 19 times Slaves were kept in dark damp cramped cells Now turned into a museum Transition from free to slave Lose dominance Offer little help as possible to slave Steal his talisman His identity Many Africans had not seen the ocean before Goree today is victory over slavery Today is a joyful place Balance history with everyday life Important for all people of all backgrounds Symbol of dark past Past is a common history that ties us all together No one become a slave willingly Stripped of your freedom physically and mentally converted Starts in Africa brutality Sonhores Portugese mixed usually women Extensions of white society Conditions underneath the buildings Slave trade is uncomfortable concept to talk about WHY AFRICAN starts in Europe Middle ages Italy Florence and others after the Black Death Plague in 1300s Enslavement of serfs Importation of slavs People of Slavic decent Modern day term of slave Black Sea Mediterranean Sea important progress l453 Constantinople was conquered by the Adman Turks Most important year for black people Cut off trade with Balkan Peninsula Muslims Reroute to present day Egypt morocco Tunisia Lebanon etc Europeans sold to Europe Christopher Columbus is sailing Establishment of plantation colony Plantation complex African labor Minerals to be mined houses to be constructed Constant supply of labor If turkey had waited 50 years there would be no slave trade Conquest of Eastern Europe by turkey would have been impossible because supply route was closed Few slaves going out Importation of African slaves in spain Portugal African slaves not taken to Americas taken to Europe Already new plantation economy would work if you had a lot of slaves Tragic coincidence Leading financers Almost all European countries have participated in one way or another in slave trade Spain Portugal Britain France Germany Denmark Dutch Sweden Norway continued on notes November 15 2011 African participation kidnapping 5070yrs Resistance kongo Angola queen nzinga Joseph Miller slave trade was a slow process warfare some European participation Through warfare is how a lot of slave got sold to white corruption of institutions African rulers are corrupt Instead of punishment African would get sold to Europeans slave trade not talking about trade in traditional sense but expansion of social violence not like buying and selling cotton violence on a large scale Impact on Africa How many census question How many Africans lost in slave trade How u define the numbers was connected to impact Numbers become political Higher the numbers greater the impact Ranged from 10100 million over 400 years Phillip Curtin African Slave Trade the census 1960s 10milllion slave ships archives looked at people who landed in Americans and Caribbean problems with contesting numbers Variations and calculations The rubric he used Doesn t include point of capture slave workhouses guesswork educated guess How many died in middle passage Reparations GET AN ARTICLE ON REPARATIONS AND PRINT


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