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by: Haylie Satterfield

IntroductiontoComputerScienceII CISC181

Haylie Satterfield
GPA 3.84


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 22 page Class Notes was uploaded by Haylie Satterfield on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CISC181 at University of Delaware taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 49 views. For similar materials see /class/207174/cisc181-university-of-delaware in Computer Information Technology at University of Delaware.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
CISC181 Introduction to Computer Programming and C Spring 2009 Sections 010011 AKA19 Lecture 03 Watch the News Lab00 Notes CC lO C namespaces More team roles 2009 Spring CISC 181 010011 Agenda Course Administrivia LabOO upload glitches Things not covered last time Identifiers Expressions Assignment Orthadonture Pix Still working on it CC console lO Name Spaces Name Mangling related code style Teams tester passer QUGStionS ask them any time but they are solicited now 2009 Spring CISC 181 010011 Course Administrivia Watch the Newsl httpudeleduappersonCISC181OQSCISC181Spring2009Newshtml LabOO see httpwwweecisudeeduappersonCSC181OQSLabsLabOOhtml uploading files method 1 Do work on Strauss Run Firefox from Strauss Upload from your directory to Sakai uploading files method 2 Do work on Strauss Use ssh or fetch to move files to local computer eg your laptop I Run browser Firefox locally Upload from your directory to Sakai 2009 Spring CISC 181 010011 Current Tentative Schedule clSC1B101D011 Spring 20 9Tentalive Schedule As in mmscll a e e ules degree nfdelail times and Arlith Qmuzs Prmecls Samch 01114 112 Week 3 Mon Feb 23 2009 SpnngCISC 181 010011 ReviewPending From Last Lecture 39 Identifiers Variables Assignments Expressions Style C is not orthodonture 2009 Spring CISC 181 010011 Identifiers Identifiers variable Thisisanperlu regular expression specification lAZlazlAZlazl09 for U l U l d using escapes x cost costperunit timeO time1 y0 y1 dromedaryCase ha ha camelCaseVariable NOT 1abc xt apperson NOT identifier with embedded spaces underscore or letter followed by underscore or letter or digit you will pick up a smattering of perl Observations The moregeneric the procedure the shorter the identifiers eg perfectly fine to use A as the name of a matrix when Implementing Matrix Multiply Camel case is becoming the universal crosslanguage default for multIword Identifiers but expect to see In many legacy C programs 2009 Spring CISC 181 010011 Variables 39 Declared int x double y char 0 int numberOfSiblings double milesPerGallon bool isForeclosed not boolean that is java not C Initialized int x 1 int numberOfSiblings 2 double milesPerGallon 297 2009 Spring CISC 181 010011 Expressions Arithmetic x 5 numberOfSiblings range milesPerGallon tankSize Logical bool isForeclosed mortgageDebt gt 60 monthlyPayment 2009 Spring CISC 181 010011 C is not orthodonture Savitch example If someCondition x1 BAD BAD BAD Better If someCondition x 1 Or even If someCondition x 1 What happens when In the future You add another statement here WHY do I say that C is not orthodonture 2009 Spring CISC 181 010011 Brand New Stuff CC console IO Name Spaces Name Mangling related code style Teams tester passer 2009 Spring CISC 181 010011 Console lO 39 Where is the console TEN stra ussud eledu stra ussu el eduaquot 55H Secure Shell le Edit iew mam H m nieelnsleelmt lwgw Quidccomnedt i Pm es 11 fCISC1Blgt ls Lab mp 121 Mammalpr Emnemed m shausauddlxdu l ISSHE mam hmac md nane 35x15 l l2 E 52 2009 Spring CISC 181 010011 Where is the console 39 In windows by running cmdexe with the minGW environment EahiuserprnfileDesktnpClSC 131 4LcturesSnurcesLec 2E gtMin w EahiuserprnfileDesktnpClSC 131 gLecturesSnurcesLec 2e gt cat gt hellnCJ quotinclude ltstdinhgt i e mainltgt lt Frint quothen c unrld EahiuserpynfileDesktnpClSC 131 JecturesSnurcesLec 2e gt ee in hellnc helnCc 39cc39 is not recngnized as an internal or external command 1 y m or at i e Frngra h h r 1 39 jijaaa gee in hellnc hellnCJ 39 jijaaa e 11 r e11e 0 world 39 jijaaa 39 running cygwin and the tcsh shell 97 unix on top of windows s Pc 111 PP is Lianne1 Lu I111n M11 7 muzcne d alulkona ExsunLauu 13 511wa hennaw gm mnlLdunlx A henna he1 o co urid injgknna IS 1nLimns 2009 Spring CISC 131010011 Console lO a little about header files include ltiostreamgt C style include imports an entire include ltstdlibhgt include ltsystimeshgt using namespace std struct tms myitimeito struct tms myitimeitN void stopwatchset timesampmyitimeit0 double stopwatchget timesampmyitimeitN return double myitimeitNtmsiutime 7 myitimeit0tmsiutime CLOCKSiPERisEC int main header file into your code used for declarations system constants etc C style include imports an entire header file into your code ltstdibhgt could also be referred to as ltCStdibgt C style drops and prefixes C headers with the letter c Both versions work for most compilers for now The older version may break some day in the future 2009Sp ngHS3181OIQOII Console lO what are those header files ISO C 14882 273 Standard iostream objects file iostream This is a Standard C Library header You should c include this header in your programs rather than any of the quotstdljhquot implementation files ifndef iGLlBCXXflOSTREAM define iGLlBCXXfIOSTREAM 1 pragma GCC systemiheader include ltbitscconfighgt include ltostreamgt include ltistreamgt namespace std N name Standard Stream Objects J The ampltiostreamampgt header declares the eight ltemgtstandard stream objectsltemgt For other declarations see httpgccgnuorgoniinedocslibstdc277iohowtohtmi10 and the link s27727iosfwd lO fonNard declarations endlink They are required by default to cooperate with the giobal C library39s c FILE streams and to be available during program startup and termination For more information see the HOWTO linked to above extern istream cin lt Linked to standard input extern ostream cout lt Linked to standard output extern ostream cerr lt Linked to standard error unbuffered extern ostream clog lt Linked to standard error buffered ifdef iGLlBCXXfUSEfWCHAR T extern wistream wcin lt Linked to standard input extern wostream wcout lt Linked to standard output extern wostream wcerr lt Linked to standard error unbuffered extern wostream wclog lt Linked to standard error buffered endif For construction of filebuffers for cout cin cerr clog et al staticiosibasexlnit ioini namespace std endif iGLIBCXXfIOSTREAM Actual iostreamh file used by C Comments deleted for clarity in cygwin YMMV What would you guess is going on here Note a simple 5line helloCPPcc becomes 23929 lines of code g E helloCPPcc gt helloCPPccexp we helloCPPcc helloCPPccexp 5 helloCPPcc 23929 helloCPPccexp 2009 Spring CISC 181 010011 Console lO include ltstdiohgt int main printtquothello C worldnquot C Stye IO cout is an object that represents console output C stye lO Most common printf scant entire minilanguages formatted buffered io Less common putsgets stringwise buffered lO putcgetc character really int buffered lO readwrite raw lO ltlt is an OVERLOA DED OPERA TOR directs strings into the console output ltlt normally means bitwiseshift but C likes to reuse tokens in new and interesting ways include ltiostreamgt using namespace std o Qtym l oi quot 33 quothe39lo C worldquot i s3 ndl2 nnnn u I I 2009 Spri endl is a C string meaning end of line n means newline in C and many other languages l J Name spaces C only C introduces the idea of namespace different modules can use the same name to mean different things by referring to different namespaces include ltiostreamgt cout is really stdcout IIIIIIIIIIIII u I I I I n l I 39 n e 0 amusing namespace std Analogy 39 t 39 H When some folks say sick they mean ill In main When others say sick they mean cool cout ltlt quothello C worldquot ltlt endl When some folks say cool they mean temp lt 65 F When others say cool they mean good A cynic might say that namespaces allow for much faster growth of Babel 2009 Spring CISC 181 010011 Name mangling 390 n O o 1 0 0 Sometimes the names you use are not the same ones that wind up in the object files 2 nm helloCPPo 0 0 0 quot uuuuuuuu quotIIquot 000001 b0 t G LOBALDmain 00000194 t G LOBALmain 9900006639139ZSt3miHii39l HkT62r32 5 U ZSt4cout unnnu 39quot I 00000000 b 3939ZSf8t639tnit U ZStlslSt1 1chartraitslcEERSt13basicostreamlcTESSP U main quot39Uquotquot5rl3963939d39 00000100 T main 39 ZSt4end cSt1 39Igt13h 1tslcEERSt13basicostreamlTT0ESG 2009 Spring CISC 181 010011 Team Roles 1 3 draft Tester Responsible for constructing tests that guarantee compliance Activities analyzes the problem performs requirements analysis develops tests that will ensure that the solution is sufficient and correct develops software to run some or all of the tests Passer Responsible for constructing a solution that satisfies the tests Activities analyzes the problem refines the specification so that it can be implemented develops architecture designs and implements solution Noodge Responsible for delivering proiect artifacts Activities Communication among the team the TAs and Instructor get it in writing Maintaining the development plan milestones deliverables Asking early and often 2009 Spring CISC 181 010011 Questions 39 Questions for me What 3 questions could lask you on a test wrt this lecture 2009 Spring CISC 181 010011 SO U 93 to be expanded 2009 Spring CISC 181 010011 more templates STL exceptions


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