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by: Nelda Will

NutritionConcepts NTDT200

Nelda Will
GPA 3.72


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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nelda Will on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to NTDT200 at University of Delaware taught by KelebogileSetiloane in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 293 views. For similar materials see /class/207197/ntdt200-university-of-delaware in Nutritional Science at University of Delaware.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
NTDT 200 Personal Dietary Analysis Assignment Due April 5m2012 Name Section Date Before turning in your project use the following checklist to make sure you have all the necessary parts of the project Please check off the forms you are submitting and attach this form to your project If any of the following parts of the project are missing points will be deducted NOTE This project is worth 50 points The assignment is graded for accuracy and completion The project is NOT graded on how adequate or inadequate your diet may be Points will be deducted for answers left blank Project MUST be 39 quott 39 in a2 Pocket Folder with Student s Name and Section clearly on front The following should be included and placed in the respectiveside ofthe folder Right Side Personal Dietary Analysis Assignment Left Side l Intake vs Goals report 3 day average 72 MyPlate Analysis 73 Daily Food Log report for each day 4 Food Intake logs original Handwritten logs This sheet must be submitted as the first page of the project on the Right side of the folder Personal Dietary Analysis Assignment Name NTDT 200 Section Directions Please read the instructions before you start the assignment Read each question carefully Be sure to answer ALL question SHOW ALL YOUR WORK AND LABEL THE UNITS OF MEASUREMENT on all answers Points will be lost for not doing so MACRONUTRIENTS Use your Intake vs Goals report unless otherwise stated 1 List your average intake of the 3 macronutrients in the chart below The Grams consumed should be your 3day average as indicated on the Intake vs Goals report Then calculate what percent of your total average kcal intake comes from each of the macronutrients Finally list the Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range AMDR for each of the macronutrients MACRONUTRIENT Grams consumed kcal AMDR Carbohydrate Fat Protein 3 day average kcal intake Energy How many kcalories do you require daily according to your personal profile Also known as your Daily Recommended Intake or DRI kcals day Show your work below and write a sentence indicating whether or not you met the AMDR for each of the macronutrients How does your average energy intake compare to your DRI MyPlate Based on the MyPlate 3 day average Did you fail to meet meet or exceed the recommendations for List three bene ts of meeting the guidelines for fruit and vegetable intake 1 2 3 Carbohydrates What was your average consumption of carbohydrates in grams Always include units How many kcals from carbohydrate does this represent Always show calculations 7 kcals from carbohydrate What percent of your total kcal intake came from carbohydrate kcalories from carbohydrate How does this gure above compare with the dietary goal that 4565 of your kcaloric intake should come from carbohydrate Explain the concept that carbohydrates are needed to spare protein in the body List the foods you ate that contained the most carbohydrate Use your own knowledge to place a to indicate if the in the food was starch or De ne the term empty kcalorie and give two examples How much fiber did you consume Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 How much fiber does the American Dietetic Association recommend that you get daily Name the three foods that contributed most over your three days to your ber intake Which type of ber is thought to help maintain desirable blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels List two sources of this type of fiber Which type of ber is thought to help promote the health of the large intestine List two sources of this type of fiber Lipids How much total fat did you consume 3day average How many kcals from fat does this represent kcals from fat What percentage of your total kcal intake is from fat of kcalorie were from fat The 2002 DRIsAcceptableMacronutrientRange for fat in healthy diets is 2035 of total kcalories How did you do appropriate blank gt35 over the guideline 2035 on the guideline lt 20 lower than the guideline you content I Dayl I Fat I Day2 I Fat I Day3 I Fat I Use your spreadsheet to list the total fat saturated fat monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat of each food eaten on the one of the three days you recorded ex only on Day 1 grams grams List some health effects of a diet with excess fat List some health effects of a diet with inadequate fat De ne trans fatty acids By changing to fat free or reduced fat foods you can reduce your total fat and saturated fat intake Suppose you are trying to decide if you should switch from whole to skim milk You normally drink two cups of milk per day How many total fat grams will you save daily if you switch grams Use appendix in book for food composition data How many saturated fat grams will you save daily if you switch grams Based on the information you just provided do you think you would switch Why How much cholesterol did you consume 3day average Experts recommend Americans should consume less than mg of dietary cholesterol per day List three foods which contributed the most to your intake of dietary cholesterol 1 2 3 Other than dietary cholesterol list two components in food which are detrimental to your blood cholesterol levels List two components in food that may help reduce your blood cholesterol levels Proteins How much protein did you consume 3day average How many kcals from protein does this represent kcals from protein What percentage of your kcalorie came from protein kcals from protein Calculate your RDA for protein using the recommendation of 8 grams of proteinkilogram body weight grams per day Is your actual consumption of protein under or over your RDA 7 over RDA 7 under RDA By what percentage do you exceed or fail to meet your RDA Exceeded or failed to meet circle one by When you exceed the RDA for protein what happens in your body to the extra protein you consumed Diets high in protein are associated with the excretion of what mineral Proteins play numerous roles in the body Name four roles they play What is the difference between a high quality protein and an incomplete protein Give a speci c example of complementary proteins ie two speci c foods Water Soluble Vitamins for this section use the 3day average listed in the Intake vs Goals report What was your intake of thiamin This intake represented 100 or more of the RDA 75 99 ofthe RDA lt 75 of the RDA What was your intake of ribo avin This intake represented 100 or more of the RDA 75 99 ofthe RDA lt 75 of the RDA What was your intake of niacin This intake represented 100 or more of the RDA 75 99 ofthe RDA lt 75 of the RDA Niacin can be made from the amino acid For each ofthe vitamins listed belowprovide the following a What percentage of the recommendation RDA did you consume b If you consumed 3 75 of the RDA for that nutrient check yes Check no if not c If you checked yes list your top three food sources of that nutrient If you checked no list three food sources that you like that contain that nutrient Vitamin B6 RDA Yes No 1 2 3 Vitamin B12 RDA Yes No l 2 3 State a function of Vitamin B12 in the body F oldie RDA Yes No l 2 3 All women of childbearing years age 15 7 44 should consume of synthetic folate daily in addition to naturally occurring folate in food This is to help prevent certain types of preventable birth defects known as Men should consume folate too Folate has been shown to reduce levels of in the blood High levels of this substance has been associated with heart disease Vitamin C 0 Yes No WP Do you take a Vitamin C supplement Yes daily Yes Sometimes No If yes how much do you take Why do tobacco smokers have a higher requirement for Vitamin C List three functions of Vitamin C in the body 1 2 3 As you know watersoluble vitamins can be destroyed with improper cooking and storage Explain ways to maximize vitamin retention in foods while Storing them 1 2 Cooking them 1 2 Fat Soluble Vitamins continue to use the 3day average values listed in the Intake vs Goals report Vitamin D What was your intake of Vitamin D This represents what percentage of your recommendation or AI Adequate Intake Do you think you obtain enough Vitamin D Explain Hint Think about where else we get Vitamin D besides food Vitamin E may be listed as alphaT What is your intake of Vitamin E What percentage of the recommendationRDA does this represent Is this amount adequate gt75 yes no List three food sources of Vitamin E 1 2 3 What food from your diet on any day supplied the majority of Vitamin E Vitamin A use the Vitamin A with a unit ofRAE notIU What is your intake of Vitamin A What percenng of the recommendationRDA did this represent Do you think you could develop toxicity of Vitamin A from your present level of intake Explain brie y State three functions of Vitamin A in the body 1 2 3 Minerals Calcium What is your intake of calcium This represented of the recommendation AI for calcium Did any single food contribute to more than half of your intake of calcium yes no If yes which food If you drank one more 8 oz glass of skim fatfree milk daily your calcium intake would increase to to give you of the AI use food composition tables in textbook If your calcium intake was lt80 of the AI what foods could you add to your diet to increase your calcium intake Food mg calcium per servinguse food composition tables 1 2 3 Peak bone mass is formed by what age Iron What is your intake of iron What percentage of the recommendationRDA did this represent Iron from food is best absorbed when iron comes from an source This vitamin enhances the absorption of iron from foods Three beverages which impair iron absorption include 1 2 3 Sodium What is your intake of sodium The American Heart Association recommends limiting sodium to 2300 mg daily Were you under or over this gure circle one A teaspoon of salt added at the table would add of sodium to your intake bringing your total intake sodium to Sodium in food can be visible seen on pretzels or crackers or hidden not seen in lunch meat pickles or frozen entrees The top ve foods in your diet highest in sodium were list under appropriate visible or hidden header Visible mg NA Hidden mg NA Supplements Based on your diet analysis project do you think you would bene t from a vitaminmineral supplement Why Ifyou already take a vitaminmineral supplement will you continue it based on the results of your diet analysis project Review your three day average List all vitamins and minerals in which you obtained 3 75 of your RDA or AI For each nutrient listed name three foods you could eat to boost your intake 1 0 Write a paragraph summarizing what you learned from this project and any changes you will make in your diet as a result


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