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by: Nelda Will

NutritionConcepts NTDT200

Nelda Will
GPA 3.72


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nelda Will on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to NTDT200 at University of Delaware taught by JamesDiDomenico in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/207198/ntdt200-university-of-delaware in Nutritional Science at University of Delaware.

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Date Created: 09/19/15
NTDT 20050 Exam 1 Study Guide 75 multiple choice questions Scantron bring a 2 pencil Calculations bring a calculator cell phone calculators not allowed 0 Energy content of food given amounts of nutrients o ofa meal or a whole diet from each energy nutrient of kcal from fat for example Questions will test both your knowledge of material presented and application of that knowledge eg Which food is highest in energy content A 10g oil B10g sugar C 10g vodka D 10g tofu Chapter 1 Foundations of Nutrition Why do we choose the foods we eat Definition of Energy Calorie Diet The Six Nutrients o EssentialNonessentialMacronutrientMicronutrient OrganicInorganic 0 Energy Content of each nutrient Science basis of Nutrition What makes a good research study RD vs Nutritionist How to identify good sources of nutrition info vs nutrition misinformation Note The Dietary Reference Intakes pp 1623 will be covered on Exam 2 but not on this exam Chapter 2 Diet Planning ABCDMV Diet Planning principles Nutrient Dense vs Energy Dense foods Rank foods based on nutrient density energy density MyPyramid group recommendations Make halfyour grains whole etc Discretionary Calories What are they Whole Grains What are they Which foods What nutrients do they carry that refined grains don t Label reading 0 Daily Values how many calories do the DVs represent 0 What has to go on a nutrition label which nutrients do they have to provide amounts for ingredient list 0 Health claims vs Structurefunction claims Vegetarian Diets 0 Different types of vegetarians 0 Health benefits ofveg diets Chapter 3 Digestion Sequence of organs that make up digestive tract Mouth gt Esophagus etc What happens in each organ VilliAbsorption o What happens to fatsoluble nutrients Watersoluble Where do they 0 Probiotics What foods Effects Chapter 4 Carbohydrates Types of carbs Sugar vs Starch vs Fiber Which are simple Which are complex 0 Starch digestion Where What are the enzymes Monosaccharides know all three Diasaccharides know what monosaccharides make up each diasaccharide glucoseglucose maltose etc How do condensation and hydrolysis reactions differ High Fructose Corn Syrup Glycogen What s its role How long do our glycogen stores last for Blood sugar homeostasis incl effects ofhormones normal blood glucose level Carb amp fiber recommendations of calories from carbs grams per day of fiber Artificial sugars amp sugar alcohols how do they differ from sugar as a group won t need to identify each one individually NTDT 20050 Exam 2 Study Guide 75 multiple choice questions Scantron bring a 2 pencil Calculations bring a calculator cell phone calculators not allowed 0 Energy content of food given amounts of fat 0 RDA for protein Chapter 1 Foundations of Nutrition Dietary Reference Intakes what are they RDAAI vs UL Chapter 5 Lipids HDL LDL VLDL chylomicrons functions of each Functions of fats cholesterol Essential Fatty Acids o Omega3 omega6 gt Which one is linoleic acid linolenic acid EPA DHA o What foods Lecithin Unsaturated vs Saturated vs Trans fats o How do they differ 0 Health effects 0 Foods Chart p 144 Blood lipid levels normal cholesterol HDL LDL levels 0 How to control 0 Health effects AMDR recommendation for fats Fat on food labels Chapter 6 Protein Protein Quality 0 Complete vs Incomplete o Complementary proteins Essential vs Nonessential vs Conditionally essential PEM o Kwarshiorkor vs Marasmus Homocysteine Denaturation of proteins Functions ofproteins Calculate RDA Amino acid supplements Nitrogen balance positive vs negative Hemoglobin Protein digestion Health effects of high protein intake Chapter 7 MetabolismAlcohol Anabolic vs Catabolic Reactions Urea production what organs involved Metabolism chart I handed out in class 0 O O 0 What can be made from carbs fats proteins What can be made from carbs fats proteins Cori Cycle Glycolysis Sequence of reactions in breaking down glucose KetosisStarvation 0 Alcohol 0000 Fuel use during starvation What gets broken down Men vs Women Effects of drinking alcohol Sequence ofliver disease What s in a drink


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