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Admin & Oper Park & Rec (W)

by: Shyanne Davis

Admin & Oper Park & Rec (W) PRR 370

Marketplace > Michigan State University > Tourism > PRR 370 > Admin Oper Park Rec W
Shyanne Davis
GPA 3.53


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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Shyanne Davis on Saturday September 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PRR 370 at Michigan State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 48 views. For similar materials see /class/207208/prr-370-michigan-state-university in Tourism at Michigan State University.


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Date Created: 09/19/15
PUBLIC RELATIONS LECTURE Description of the Major distinguishable publics of a Park and Recreation Agency Input Publics Support Publics determine allocation of dollars for the facility They may include legislators city council board of 39 39 39 f A quot 39 quot 39 39 39 or corporate donors volunteer groups quotfriends of the parksquot groups local nancial institutions who may be prepared to support revenue bond issues for particular facilities Bene ts they may seek the satisfaction of contributing to the quality of life in the community by allocating resources to the agency meeting commitments which they made to electorsconstituents when they were placed in this role of resource provider public relations increase their own personal stature in the community through having been prominently associated with the project when it reaches fruition Supplier Publics contractors sales representatives equipment suppliers consultants39 services landowners transportation services concessionaire operators Benefits they may seek 0 opportunities to sell their productsservices o contribute to an improvement in the quality of their community39s life Employee Publics the agency s own employees on whose commitment skill and enthusiasm the agency will ultimately be judged o enhancement of job security 0 increased job satisfaction derived from providing improved client services Figure 167 The possible reaction of different publics to a proposed new recreation or park facility Output Publics Agent Publics people or organizations perceived to be acting on behalf of the recreation and parks agency for example individual commissioners advisory commissions the mass media quotfriends of the parksquot groups Often the agent publics may also serve as part of the Support Group Constituency Bene ts they may seek 0 same as those of Support Publics Consumer Publics those who directly bene t from the services to be delivered They may also be termed client publics Bene ts they may seek o the services which they directly receive Sanctioning Publics General Public consists of nonusers as well as users They provide the taX support base either directly through their vote in bond referendums in which case they should be viewed as a Support Public or through more indirect in uence on their elected representatives development of amenities is evidence of the agency s contribution to the general well being of the community nonusers bene t indirectly from development of facilities such as parks since they are a common good in which all share because they lead to an upgrading in the quality of the community there is psychological bene t from knowing a service is available even if it is never used by an individual Competitor Publics the major competitor publics can be readily identi ed by reference to Figure 33 in chapter 3 At the local level a program may be in direct competition with those at state and federal levels as well as with competitors in the nonpublic home recreation and tourism sectors Emphasis here is likely to be upon securing passive acceptance rather than upon positive support Bene ts they may seek compatibility of the program with their own operation emphasis on the complementary rather than the competitive elements of the project if competitors are seeking only passive acceptance the agency need only emphasize how it will not hurt them rather than what bene ts it will bring to them Special Publics examples would be special interest groups such as conservation organizations handicapped groups minority groups juvenile delinquents impacted landowners or residents Bene ts they may seek for example a handicapped group 0 how it will serve needs of the handicapped o particular features incorporated to accommodate the handicapped


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